Yu Le decided to ignore Yu Youzhi.

He didn’t matter as much; after all, his part in the novel was much later on.

Huo Annong, on the other hand made him a little worried.

There was no reason to care if Yu Youzhi misunderstood his personality, but the relationship between Huo Annong and Zhu Luo was critical for his future.
He absolutely had to ensure they got together for his happy ending.

[vice-president is dead: Sorry, I got caught up with something just now…]

[vice-president is dead: Before anything else, though, I have to solemnly declare that I am not a scumbag with multiple walls.
Zhu Luo and Yu Youzhi both have different aspects that attract me, namely their respective violin skills and face.
It’s completely their fault for being so good that I follow them simultaneously!]

[overbearing president: …]

[vice-president is dead: Especially Zhu Luo! How could anyone not like him after he steps onto the stage?!]

[vice-president is dead: If I ever have a chance, I have to invite you to his concert with me, he’s really amazing!]

[overbearing president: Okay, that sounds wonderful.]

[overbearing president: When are you free to go?]

Yu Le stopped in his tracks.
He might have gone too far; if Huo Annong really took him up on this offer, he wasn’t sure how he’d get out of it.


[vice-president is dead: …]

[vice-president is dead: Come on, please pay attention to the key points I’m making.
I’ll give you a hint; that wasn’t it!]

Spending a bit more time with Huo Annong, Yu Le barely managed to wriggle his way out of meeting up with him for a concert.

He really had cold sweat afterwards!

Going to a concert together with him would be horrible.

It would have been fine if only their first meeting had been a bit more pleasant.
As it was, though, he would surely be exposed as the so-called slut in Huo Annong’s words.

And with his character set up of a domineering president, he would be skinned at the very least as punishment for deceiving him.

Slumped in his chair, his mind was running through the multiple scenarios in which he could die.


As for Yu Youzhi, within these few minutes, the star had already sent him several messages.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Hey! Hey! What happened? Why are you ignoring me all of a sudden?]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Sure enough, now that you have another man, you don’t love me anymore, do you?]

Another man?

Sorry to disappoint, but even if that was true, he had never loved him in the first place.

Resisting the urge to reply, Yu Le continued to read.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Poke!]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Poke!]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: …Hey, I’m going to cry.
For real, you’re making me so sad right now.]

Reaching the bottom of the messages, it seemed he had given up here.


Yu Le breathed a sigh of relief.

On the other side, Yu Youzhi was sitting lazily on the sofa centred at the top floor of the building.

Holding a mobile phone in his hand, his fingers nimbly danced across the screen.

The male fan who liked to dress up was still ignoring him.

So he could only start to read the other party’s Weibo again.

No matter how he looked at it, [Fully Automatic Green Tea Machine] should be his fanatic.

It was strange.

Putting down his phone, Yu Youzhi tilted his head back as he tapped his temple with his slender index finger and looked back at the man who was busy cleaning for him in the kitchen, “Brother Song, you tell me.
If a fanatic who attends all of my events, edits pictures for me, fights my black fans, and screams at my photos on the internet gets my WeChat, what will he do? Ignore me?” He was truly puzzled, “Why isn’t he jumping at the chance to chat with me?”

Hearing this, the busy Song Fangba poked his head out furiously, “Yu Beiman?!”

Yu Youzhi nodded.

“Why are you still thinking about her?” Assistant Song was incredibly unhappy but analysed the scenario as he was told, “She must be ignoring you on purpose to get your attention.
Don’t take the bait; with your kind of status, you can’t fall in love with fans!”

“Well…” Yu Youzhi still wasn’t sure, “That makes sense, but…it still feels a bit strange.”

“Huh? Why?”

“He’s very cautious towards me?”



He shook his head, “It just feels like he’s hiding something.”

Song Fangba stared at him before reacting late, “You! You went to see her behind my back, didn’t you?!”

Yu Youzhi finally couldn’t help but roll his eyes in exasperation.

Turning back to his phone, he continued to scroll through Yu Le’s old posts, waiting for him to reply.

Catching sight of the username, his eyes narrowed as a thought struck him.

[Fully Automatic Green Tea Machine]…green tea?

“Brother Song, I have another question for you.
I hope you can…answer it truthfully while still regarding things of importance to you.”

“Things of importance, what do you mean?”

He smiled evilly, “Things like your bonus and my reaction to your so-called truth.”

“Hahaha…” Song Fangba waved his hands nervously, “Alright, what’s the question?”

Yu Youzhi was rarely as serious as he seemed at this moment, “Brother Song, do you think…I am a green tea?”

“What?” The question was so unexpected that Song Fangba wasn’t sure he had heard correctly the first time, “Do you really want me to answer that?”

Yu Youzhi smiled, “Don’t worry Brother Song, I won’t mind.”

“Youzhi, whether you are or not, I think you should know best.
Rather, you are even the kind of person who knows exactly what you are and still asks me to try and gain the upperhand.”

Nodding, Yu Youzhi agreed, “Very good.
I understand.”

Song Fangba stared at him, “I risked my life and told you the truth as requested, you can’t take away my bonus this time!”

Slapping a fake smile on his face, Yu Youzhi met his eyes, “Don’t worry Brother Song, I would never do that.”

Song Fangba’s mouth twitched.

He had definitely gone crazy just now to have said that.

Secretly observing Yu Youzhi’s expression, he found that the other party was back to playing with his phone and retreated to the safety of the kitchen once more.

Yu Le was quite satisfied these days.

Because, other than the first time, Yu Youzhi had not sent him any more messages.

However, life still moved on, and he was back to working in the store.

He never thought he’d be bothered by him there, at least.

On Wednesday night, Yu Le, who had just started his shift and was replenishing the shelves with Qi Dongyi, noticed that the water he was stocking seemed different from the last time.

Instead of the plain blue and white packaging he was used to, on the middle of the bottle, Yu Youzhi’s face was smiling brightly at him.
It was neatly arranged in boxes, and if Yu Le was being honest, the aesthetic was more appealing than he would care to admit.

But that didn’t mean he liked it.
Rather, his face quickly turned bad as he felt the other’s presence invading into his life.

At this time, the TV hanging behind him began to broadcast the convenience store’s newest breakfast advertisement.

Coming out of his thoughts, Yu Le began to mechanically put the bottles on the shelves.

After the breakfast ad came an ad for the sparkling water.

Yu Le was taken aback as he heard the painfully familiar voice coming from behind him.

The reporter spoke first, “As the full time spokesperson of Mimiha Sparkling Water, what do you think of their products?”

And then, a close-up of Yu Youzhi showed his reply, “Of course, they are ‘good to drink and increase weight loss’, just as advertised.
It is a delicious, and healthy, product that I use in daily life.
Personally, I like the peach flavour best!”

“What a coincidence,” the reporter smiled in mock surprise, “I like the peach flavour too! Actually, after learning that you were planning to accept this exclusive interview with Mimiha Sparkling Water, fans have left many enthusiastic messages full of questions for you.
The most frequently asked question is also one that I am quite curious about, so I’m going to have to ask you.
What’s the plan for your next work? Do you have something set up yet?”

Yu Youzhi accepted the jump in subject well as he skillfully avoided saying anything of importance, “The next plan of action is of course to promote Mimiha Sparkling Water, but I doubt that is really what anyone wants to hear me say.
In fact, I am currently in contact with some new scripts, and new songs are also being prepared.”

“I don’t know when official news will be released, but I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Hopefully, it will be soon.
My staff and I have all been working very hard and our efforts will definitely pay off!”

This was an interview from a few days ago, a very ordinary interview.

Both the interviewer and the interviewee knew that these questions would not yield any new information; it was purely fan service.

As Yu Le listened halfheartedly, he recalled that this was actually the second event from the day he was caught by Yu Youzhi.
He had to sigh; just why was this man so busy? He was even feeling worn out from monitoring him.

The host’s laughter came from the speakers once more as she asked the last routine question, “Well, Yu Youzhi, is there anything you’ve been interested in recently? The fans are hoping you could share your usual mood or thoughts with them.”

“Hmmm…” Yu Youzhi seemed to be thinking, “There is indeed something that I am more concerned about recently.”

Yu Le immediately pricked up his ears as his heart beat harder in his chest.

In the original book, when Yu Youzhi appeared on the stage, Huo Annong and Zhu Luo had already confirmed their relationship, and Yu Youzhi was well on his way to start breaking them apart.

He had also accepted an interview at that time, and the reporter had asked this very question.

At that time, he had said, “I’ve found myself caring about someone recently.
He’s a violinist I heard play, and as my work schedule has been a bit loose, I’ve found myself wanting to listen to him more in my free time.
In fact, it would be even better if I could convince him to teach me how to play.”

Of course, Yu Youzhi had said this purely to provoke Huo Annong; he’d had no intention of spending any of his own time to get close to Zhu Luo.

Yu Le slowed down his work as he listened, would Yu Youzhi still say the same lines?

In the next second, Yu Youzhi smiled as he replied, “I’ve discovered that my fans are really talented.
One fan in particular has caught my attention, a little cutie who likes to wear skirts.
He’s been posting emoji packages of me and I have to say that they are quite easy to use—and easy on the eyes.”

Startled, Yu Le almost jumped into the air.

Why did it sound like he was talking about him?!

He couldn’t control it at all, and the bottle in his hands fell with a slap to the ground, causing Qi Dongyi to look over in shock, “Yu Le, what happened?!”

Unfortunately, the bottle cap burst open, and the carbonated drink flowed out as a peachy smell spread through the store.

Turning around blankly, Yu Le walked to the back of the store to take out the cleaning supplies.

Qi Dongyi also headed over to help him collect the items.
Looking at his coworker, he asked, “Were you very concerned about Yu Youzhi’s interview just now?”

Reflexively wanting to deny it, Yu Le opened his mouth, but as his eyes fell on the mess he’d created, he retracted the words on the top of his tongue, replacing them quickly, “…A little bit.” He frowned deliberately, showing a disgusted expression, “He’s even calling a random fan cute and pointing out their style of dressing.
The entertainment industry is so chaotic, who knows what those big stars are doing behind their fans backs.”

“Hahaha, Yu Le, you really hate Yu Youzhi, huh?”

“No,” Yu Le sighed, “Not really, I’m just a bit tired today.”

Qi Dongyi smiled, “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think I know the fan that Yu Youzhi was praising.”

Said fan looked at him with wide eyes.

Qi Dongyi scratched his head, “My sister is also his fan, so I pay a bit more attention to him online.
I think he’s talking about a blogger named [Fully Automatic Green Tea Machine] who was involved in a large fan war online because of him.”

“Oh, that’s it.”

“So,” Qi Dongyi explained very seriously, “I don’t think Yu Youzhi said that in the interview because he has delusions about his fans, but rather because he appreciated them and wants to show that he cares.”

Not sure what expression to make in response to this, Yu Le could only respond with a generic, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

It’s such a small world.

Not only is it small, but it is full of coincidences.

Even until the end of his shift, he still felt that this matter was incredible.

He changed out of his work clothes with a strange mood overshadowing him and was reluctantly relieved at the thought that this world was still within a novel.

As he walked out of the convenience store door, his phone vibrated in his pocket.

Pulling it out, Zhu Luo, who hadn’t contacted him in some time, had sent him a message.

[Azhu: A Yu, my concert is over.]

[Azhu: We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and it would be nice to talk and catch up.
Are you free tomorrow night?]



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If I am, then I definitely will, but if I don’t please enjoy this week’s updates instead~

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