“What are you thinking now?” Yu Youzhi calmly withdrew his hand as he finished playing with the hair in front of him and stepped back as if it was just an extremely ordinary action.
But as he did so, he found that the little fan in front of him was frowning.

The fan gritted his teeth and glared at him resentfully as he replied with a voice laced with meaning, “It’s nothing, just some unimportant things.”

“Then…shall we add each other on WeChat?” Before he even finished speaking, Yu Youzhi had already taken out his phone in preparation and handed it over, “Come on, scan it.”

“Ah…” The other party’s pace was too fast and Yu Le was caught off guard.

Although he was thrown off guard, he still wanted to keep a close eye on Yu Youzhi and didn’t have time to think, so he could only take out his phone and obediently add him as a friend.

Luckily, he was still aware enough to make sure it was the correct account and added him with Yu Beiman’s account.

At this time, a notification popped up on the mobile phones WeChat interface.

[The other party has passed your friend verification request, you may now start chatting.]

He seemed to recognise this profile?

Wasn’t this the account of the scammer, the one he’d turned down before?

Yu Youzhi’s eyes were deep, “See, didn’t I tell you? I’ve been paying attention to you for a long time.” He even showed an aggrieved expression, “I tried every means I could to add your WeChat, but you ruthlessly rejected me each time.”

“Why…” Yu Le was confused, “You even pretended to be a studio to add me?”


He tilted his head with sparkling eyes, “Because, it’s fun.”

“…” Sure enough, this character was a green tea through and through.

Under the scorching gaze of the man opposite of him, Yu Le felt extremely uncomfortable, but with no way to escape he could only grin and bear it as a fan.

“Yu Youzhi!” A voice sounded from outside the corridor, “Did you fall into the latrine? You were already running late and now you’ve decided to get lost in the restroom! Get out here quickly, we have an interview with Mimiha Sparkling Water at three!!”

Yu Youzhi looked outside, “Aww, I have to go, it’s too bad I can’t let Brother Song see you.” Turning, he shouted back at his assistant, “Coming Brother Song, don’t rush me!” He looked at Yu Le one more time before leaving, “Remember to contact me!” As he reached the end of the hall, his voice came intermittently from outside, “Sorry Brother Song, I was delayed a little just now, let’s go quickly!”

“Why did you stay in the toilet for so long…”

“Oh, there are always some special circumstances when a man is in the toilet, you wouldn’t understand…”

“…Yu Youzhi, you wouldn’t!”


“No, no…Brother Song, why are you…thinking wildly….”

Yu Le stood still in a daze, why couldn’t Brother Song see him?

After thinking for a while, there were many guesses that came to his mind, but he threw them all out on the grounds of being unrealistic.

Turning back into the restroom to collect himself a bit more, he saw himself in the mirror.
His wig was still drooping slightly, his eyes were hazy from the close contact just now, and even his cheeks were flushed with heat.

With a sense of crisis, he cleaned himself up and reapplied some make up before leaving.

Walking around the mall slowly, Yu Le finally reconciled with An An and the others.

Xiao Lingdang looked at him adoringly, “Manman, you’re so fierce! There were so many people at the event, I couldn’t squeeze in at all, I didn’t expect you to rush to the front!”

An An laughed as she heard her, “I told you that Manman isn’t shy!”

Maomao handed him a bottle of sparkling water from a brand that Yu Youzhi had endorsed and said, “It’s a pity that we were separated in the crowd, you didn’t see Manman.
When Yu Bao got out of his car, he specifically told us to be careful not to get knocked over by everyone, he was too gentle and pampering! He even told me I was cute!!”

Yu Le nodded numbly, “Yes, what a pity.”


Xiao Lingdang piped in again, “I heard that he even went out of his way to pick up a bracelet for a fan and return it to her!!”

“That fan is so lucky!”

Yu Le looked at them with a guilty conscience, “You guys didn’t see who it was?”

Xiao Lingdang almost cried out, “No! I was pushed to the back by the crowd, I was on the opposite side of everything!”

Yu Le took a deep breath and confessed, “…That lucky fan is actually me.”


The girls turned their heads towards him sharply and looked at him like hungry wolves.

“It’s you! Why didn’t you say it just now!?”

“I…I can’t believe it either, I still think I’m dreaming…”

“Ahhhhh!! Manman, you’re so lucky! What was it like? You were so close, you must have smelled Yu Bao, right? He must have been fragrant, extremely fragrant! Ahhhhh! I wish I was you!”

“…” Yu Le didn’t know what to say, these girls were too far deep for him to understand.
“Umm…his voice was nice, very calming.
I didn’t have time to pay attention to if there was a fragrance or not…he is very tall, at least five centimetres taller than me.” Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but feel a little resentful, but being watched so closely, he couldn’t express it for fear of death.
With an awkward expression on his face, he asked, “By the way…can you all back up a little? You’re a little close.”

An An took a sip of her water, “By the way Manman, where did you go after the event? We searched everywhere but didn’t see you at all.”

“This…” He felt a little guilty for leaving them without a word.
“I went to the restroom,” he smiled shyly, “I stayed in there a little longer.” The reason of course being that he was talking with Yu Youzhi but he didn’t need to mention that at all.

After the event ended, Yu Le returned to Z City.
He edited the pictures he’d taken overnight and released a brand new set of Yu Youzhi’s shopping mall activities the next day, garnering another round of screams from fans.

This time, his heart was a little heavy.


In fact, Yu Le didn’t feel very good as he met Yu Youzhi this time, he was far too perceptive.

Not only did he see through his crossdressing at a glance, but he also seemed to have some insight into his thoughts, he felt naked in front of him.

If that “Brother Song” hadn’t appeared in time and drawn Yu Youzhi away, he would have had to flee.

Fortunately, Yu Youzhi didn’t know the original owner.

If he knew the original owner, he would be able to tell right away that he wasn’t right.

It was only when he returned to Z City that the fear really hit him.
In the future, it would be best to monitor him through the camera.

As for WeChat?

After adding him as a friend, Yu Le closed off all the authority of Yu Youzhi from his circle of friends.

At first he felt a little guilty, but once he saw that Yu Youzhi had added him with a trumpet account, his confidence was gained back easily.

He just hoped that Yu Youzhi would forget about him soon.

He didn’t want this type of attention at all.

Early the next morning, Yu Le returned to his job at the convenience store.

Qi Dongyi exclaimed when he saw him, “What happened to you Yu Le?! You look horrible!”

His eyelids drooped as he stared down into his morning cup of coffee, a large pair of panda eyes stared back at him.
Yawning, Yu Le replied, “I was up late editing pictures.”

“Editing pictures? What kind of pictures?”

Realising that he was talking too much, Yu Le immediately found a reason, “It’s nothing, I just do it casually as a hobby.
I had a rare three day break so I had some spare time to get some old photos out and retouch them.”

Qi Dongyi looked at him slyly, showing an expression of understanding, “Yu Le, don’t let the boss know you asked for leave to go play.”

“Ah, I…” He had misunderstood the photo editing, Yu Le wanted to explain, but closed his mouth before he even started.

It was true after all, he had gone out to play.

“I know, I’ll be more careful.
Thanks Brother Qi.” He answered sincerely, but didn’t take this matter to heart.

Back at home, Yu Le was thinking about going over to Weibo to read some of the fans’ comments.

Before he actually got on though, the Jiali icon that had been silent for so long suddenly trembled.

It was Huo Annong sending him a message!

[overbearing president: What have you been doing lately? I haven’t seen you online.]

Huo Annong’s words made Yu Le realise just how much attention he’d been paying to Yu Youzhi.

The time to edit pictures, take pictures, and even mix with other fans was really eating into his own personal time.
Time that could probably be better spent elsewhere.

He hadn’t even thought about Zhu Luo recently.

Feeling regret, Yu Le felt like a true scumbag for a second.

Thinking of the friendship between Huo Annong and Yu Youzhi in the original book, he decided to pull him in with him.

[vice-president is dead: I’ve been a little busy, I’ve fallen in love with a new starlet.]

[overbearing president: A starlet?]

[vice-president is dead: Yeah! Yu Youzhi! He’s so good looking and sings wonderfully! I had some free time earlier so I even went to see him live a few times!]

Yu Le pretended to ask.

[vice-president is dead: Do you know him?]

On the opposite side, Huo Annong was silent for a while, of course he knew him.

Remembering that person’s angelic face paired with a demonic heart, he unconsciously frowned at the thought of his innocent friend getting close to him.

[overbearing president: Why do you like him?]

[vice-president is dead: You don’t like him?]

[overbearing president: I hate him!]

[vice-president is dead: What?! Why?]

Huo Annong didn’t reply to this message for a long time, and Yu Le gave up on waiting, sure that he wasn’t planning to.

In the original book, this character hated cheating and rarely lied to anyone.

Seeing that he didn’t plan to reply, it was likely that he didn’t want to sugarcoat Yu Youzhi’s character.
Realising this, Yu Le’s heart panged a little as so many lies he had told weighed down on him.

He tried changing the subject.

[vice-president is dead: What about you? I haven’t seen you online recently either, have you been busy?]

[overbearing president: I encountered some minor troubles at work, but nothing too big of a problem.]

Minor troubles?

In the original plot, it seemed that there really weren’t any major events happening to him during this period.

So he was relieved.

[overbearing president: Why did you suddenly start chasing stars again? What about the violinist from before? Didn’t you like him very much?]


This one word startled him.

Could Huo Annong still not remember Zhu Luo’s name?

They hadn’t made any progress yet?

Blaming himself for being too distracted on Weibo, Yu Le hit himself over the head before replying casually.

[vice-president is dead: I like him! I like them both!]

[overbearing president: How can you have the time to pay attention to them both?]

[overbearing president: This is why you haven’t been available to talk with me, because you’ve found too many idols.]

Yu Le was struck with shock, was Huo Annong really asking for more attention?

When did they get this close?

He was about to ask for clarification on what exactly he meant, when Yu Youzhi suddenly sent him a message.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Manman, didn’t you promise to contact me? Why are you still quiet after so many days?]

Yu Le was taken aback, and didn’t want to reply.

But Yu Youzhi had called him Manman, so it seemed part of his disguise was still in use!

[Yu Beiman: Didn’t you end up contacting me?]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: But I’m so busy…]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: I was waiting and waiting for your news, I was almost ready to grow mushrooms in the corner when I reached out.]

Yu Le shuddered as goosebumps rose all over his body.

[Yu Beiman: What growing mushrooms?! You’re a public figure! Don’t talk nonsense, okay?!]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: I heard Brother Song say that you’re my girlfriend fan, don’t you like this?]

[Yu Beiman: I don’t like it! I don’t like it at all!]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Nooo! You’re going to make me sad if you act so bluntly.
Could it be that everything you’ve shown on Weibo is fake?]

…This person actually monitors his Weibo?

Yu Le could only send a headache expression.

[Yu Beiman: Can’t you fulfil the basic obligations of being a star and stay further away from your fans? You’ll lose your appeal once I know the truth.]

The other party seemed to be blind.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Are you free right now?]

As soon as this message popped up, Huo Annong’s profile also lit up.

[overbearing president: What’s wrong? Are you busy?]

[overbearing president: Why did you suddenly stop talking? You can still follow your stars, I don’t care.]

Reading these messages, he still hadn’t figured out how to reply when Yu Youzhi sent him a video call through WeChat.

A! Video! Call!

What exactly did he want to do with him?!

He was startled and in a panic, hung up the call.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: What’s wrong with you?]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Why didn’t you pick up my call?]

Yu Le was a little angry.

[Yu Beiman: Did I say I was free right now?]

[Yu Youzhii Himself: …But, you didn’t say you weren’t free either? And we were chatting, so I assumed you were free by default?]

Realising that he and Yu Youzhi couldn’t get along, he could only force himself to type calmly.

[Yu Beiman: Then, I’ll tell you now, I’m sorry, but I have something I have to do.
I’m not free now, and I won’t be free in the future.
Please don’t make video calls so casually!]

[Yu Beiman: Besides, aren’t you busy too?]

Catching on to something, Yu Youzhi asked keenly.

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Are you chatting with other men?]

[Yu Beiman: !!!]

How did he figure it out this time?!

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Damn…you really are chatting with other men.]

[Yu Youzhi Himself: Manman, I thought you only liked me, I didn’t expect you to have a foot in so many boats.]

Yu Le really felt wronged right now.

Of the two people he was chatting with, one said he was loving multiple men at the same time, and the other that he was paddling multiple boats.

Just what did he do wrong?!


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