After the fans calmed down, Yu Le’s popularity skyrocketed.
He looked at the numbers cheerfully, secretly happy for several days.

Not long after, Yu Youzhi’s offline activities began to pick up again.

An An sent him a message a week in advance.

[the finest old lady in the world: Manman, next week brother will be attending a shopping mall event for luxury clothing in H City! It’s so close, we have to go!!]

If they wanted to go, they would have to arrive in H City a day in advance, so he’d have to ask for leave or change shifts at the convenience store.

Yu Le hesitated but decided to go.

In order to ensure that Yu Youzhi won’t cause any trouble for Zhu Luo and Huo Annong, he had to monitor Yu Youzhi closely.
Slacking off would not be permitted!

This time, he scanned the women’s dresses and wigs in his closet before choosing a short bob to pair with some green lace pleated culottes.

If nothing else, they’d be easier to move around in than a tutu when he was squeezing to the front.

The day of the event was coming soon.

This time, Yu Le lied that he was sick and needed some time off to ask for three days at once.
Although he got a few suspicious glances from his manager, the leave was granted.

He and An An bought tickets together and took a bus to the hotel they’d booked in H City.
There were already two other girls waiting for them there when they arrived.

One was called Xiao Lingdang, and the other, Maomao.

This was the first time for Yu Le to meet them offline, and they were clearly excited as they came over.

“Sister An An!”

“Sister An An, you’re here!”

They greeted An An enthusiastically before turning to Yu Le with bright eyes.

“This is Manman, right? Wow, you look so good! So tall!”

Yu Le could only smile and reply in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“I didn’t expect Manman to be so outgoing on the internet but so shy in real life, it’s completely different from what I imagined!”

An An laughed from the side, “Don’t think Manman is shy now, after seeing our brother she goes just as crazy as us!”

As they spoke, the three girls laughed happily.

The awkward atmosphere didn’t last for long at all.
That night, they had dinner together, eagerly making plans for the next day when Yu Youzhi arrived.

Their relationship was obvious to the naked eye as they grew familiar with each other.

In the morning, four of them got up early to stand guard at the gates of the mall.

Yu Le was off to the side, holding a heavy camera as he yawned profusely.

Four hours later, the shopping mall was crowded with people.

Yu Le huddled under the stage set up by the organiser, and had already been separated from the others.

The event was about to start.

The host on stage talked about the design concept of this autumn and winter series of products, how suitable they were for different occasions, pricing standards, and so on.
Yu Le was politely bored as he stood in the audience.

It wasn’t until a black car slowly drove into the crowd under the protection of many guards that he perked up.
A man in a suit exited the vehicle, and the crowd erupted instantly.

The screams were ear-piercing as the fans yelled one after another; it seemed as if a headache was soon coming in Yu Le’s future.

Yu Youzhi was wearing a colourful suit provided by the event party today, and his hair was pinned back, letting his overly delicate features shine with a beauty that was somehow both arrogant and gentle.

Even before Yu Youzhi was clear in his sights, Yu Le had his camera set up and was snapping pictures.

Yu Youzhi looked around with a charming smile on his face as he walked into the crowd, appearing very accommodating.

Holding his camera, Yu Le captured every move, every frown, and smile.
He was about to adjust for a better angle but suddenly met Yu Youzhi’s eyes.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but in the viewfinder, the smile on Yu Youzhis’s face was even wider than before.


He habitually pressed the camera button, freezing the moment in time.

A strange feeling rose in him.

Yu Youzhi seemed to have noticed him?

He shook his head, but just as he was about to get rid of this absurd idea, the next second, Yu Youzhi adjusted his direction slightly and began walking straight towards him!

As he came closer and closer, Yu Le was stuck in a daze, not knowing how to react.

Yu Youzhi finally stopped in front of him, looking at him with a pleasant expression.
When the distance between the two of them was less than ten centimetres, he suddenly bent down and picked up a bracelet by his feet.

“This bracelet is very cute, it must be something important, remember to be careful next time and don’t work too hard to take pictures,” A soft voice like a spring breeze drifted past his ears, and Yu Youzhi turned around as he handed the object to him.

The screams around him grew louder as the fans witnessed the kind act of their idol.

Yu Le mechanically took the bracelet, looked down, and frowned after some time of silence, “…But this isn’t mine?”

Due to the tight schedule, Yu Youzhi only stayed on site for half an hour.

There were ten minutes allocated to interact with the host, ten minutes to promote the brand’s products, and ten minutes to interview with fans.

When the media swarmed over to catch Yu Youzhi on the stage, Yu Le let the bracelet be and ran over with his camera in his arms.

He broke through thousands of troops by himself and almost came under Yu Youzhi’s nose.

This was the second closest he’d ever been to Yu Youzhi…and the closest was just earlier.

He’d wasted some time distracted by the bracelet, so he could only make up for it by taking more pictures.
Adjusting and readjusting, he took hundreds of pictures from different angles.

Managing to survive the last ten minutes, he emerged from the crows looking at the multitude of new photos in his camera with satisfaction.

Regardless of the quality, at least the quantity was there.

After this smokeless battle, he slumped on the steps with his camera in his arms, his head empty.

Feeling exhausted, he suddenly remembered his purpose in wearing women’s clothes in the first place.

He could slap himself!

Yu Youzhi was so close to him earlier; why didn’t he take the opportunity to say a few words?!

The only reason he’d come to this event was to monitor Yu Youzhi and see if he could win him over, unifying the lines of the supporting male cast in the plot.

Gah! He was so stupid!

As Yu Le beat himself up over past mistakes, he began to feel an urgent need for the restroom.
He had been ignoring it subconsciously, and now it was coming back to bite him.

Holding his camera closely, he started to look for the nearest restroom in a panic.

In the end, he got completely turned around but still couldn’t find anywhere to relieve his needs, or at least nowhere private enough that he felt comfortable to use.
As thick-skinned as he was, Yu Le still wasn’t ready to even think about which restroom he wanted to use as Manman.

While he was running around restlessly, his eyes lit up as he caught sight of the blocked-off VIP passage behind the stage.
A cleaning lady wearing white overalls was leaving from that direction as if she had just finished cleaning.

Unable to control himself, he rushed over immediately.

There was a restroom inside!

It was freshly cleaned, and no one was inside!

Yu Le was ecstatic!

Finishing his business, he was about to leave the restroom when he heard footsteps from around the corner.

He was in the men’s restroom! In women’s clothing!

Lowering his head, Yu Le tried to pretend nothing was wrong as he continued leaving, but just as he thought the coast was clear, a pair of shiny leather shoes stopped beside him.

“Wait…your wig is crooked,” The voice was a little lazy, and those shoes looked eerily familiar.

Yu Le raised his head abruptly, “Yu Youzhi!” He had unexpectedly met the green tea character at the door to the restroom! “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” He blinked innocently, “This is the VIP passage specially organised for me by the organiser.
In fact, I think the better question might be directed towards you, why…” Yu Youzhi glanced at the bathroom sign before looking back down at Yu Le with a loose smile on his face.

This man was still wearing the fancy white suit he’d worn on stage, but he acted like a completely different person.

Yu Le blinked.

This situation really wasn’t in his favour, but as he thought of his previous regret and anger for not being able to talk to Yu Youzhi, he made up his mind.

This time, he must seize the opportunity given to him!

“Yes, yes! I’m your fan!” Yu Le paused after his exclamation, thinking of a reason for why he was back here.

But Yu Youzhi smiled before he could explain, “I know you’re my fan, I’ve been paying attention to you for a while now.”

“Huh?” He was so shocked he spoke his mind aloud without realising it.
He’d been paying attention to him for some time; what does he mean?

Staring at his little fan as if observing a curious creature, Yu Youzhi voiced his question, “I’ve always wondered, you’re obviously a cute male fan, why do you always wear women’s clothing to come see me? I remember the first time I saw you you were in a small tutu, and every time since it’s changed its flavours.
Your style is indeed…very cute…hmmm.”


He knew!?

Hearing this, Yu Le felt as if he’d been struck with lightning.

Yu Youzhi…saw through him?

Why…why did he have the ability to see through him at a glance?

An An didn’t see it! The little sisters who came with him to chase stars didn’t see it! Even the passersby didn’t notice!

On the way here this morning, a handsome boy even asked for his WeChat!

Why did the green tea character from the original work realise that he was a man out of all the other possibilities?!

Yu Youzhi laughed as he watched Yu Le’s thoughts flick across his face.

In the next second, he leaned over and stretched a hand out to him.

Taking a step back, Yu Le avoided it quickly.

But with the wall behind him, there was nowhere for him to retreat, and Yu Youzhi’s hand slowly rested on his head.
Curling his fingers around a short strand of his wig, a pleasant voice came from beside his ear, “Didn’t I just tell you? Your wig is crooked.”

Yu Le was shrouded in this ambiguous atmosphere as Yu Youzhi adjusted his wig for him.

The two were so close that he could almost hear Yu Youzhi’s warm breathing.

If he even tried to look up, his forehead would knock into the other’s chin.

Because of this, Yu Le clearly realised one thing; Yu Youzhi, why was he so much taller than him?!

Feeling dissatisfied, he frowned deeply.

They were both supporting male lead roles, and he was even the second male lead while Yu Youzhi, the third male lead, was taller than him by at least seven centimetres!

The author clearly was biassed towards one of them!

And it wasn’t him!


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