Yu Le was unaware of the commotion he had caused in Tao Feng’s and Yu Youzhi’s lives.

As soon as he finished posing on Weibo, the comment area was instantly packed.

Yu Youzhi’s fans were calling out to protect him while sucking and drooling over the pictures he had posted.
They even took advantage of the current heat to post the links for Yu Youzhi’s dramas and songs along with their warm comments.

Fans of Mu Yuxing and Tao Feng were banding together and calling him thick-skinned and shameless.

Besides the common groups, there was also a wave of passersby who came to pick trouble with everyone.
According to them, Tao Feng sucked at photography, Yu Youzhi was a horrible actor, and Mu Yuxing relied on money and power to gain his fame.

In short, the comment area was in chaos.

Yu Le watched it for around half an hour, during which he received countless private messages abusing him.
Feeling that there was nothing new going on online, he powered off his device and went to sleep early.

He had to work the next day after all.

In the next few days, Yu Le was busy with his part-time job and didn’t log in to Weibo at all.

During this period, An An came to him in worry, saying that after his response was posted to Weibo, there was another bloodbath on the internet, and she was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to bear it.

The more she talked, the worse she felt, and Yu Le finally ended up comforting her instead.

[Yu Beiman: Don’t worry An An, I’m fine.]

[Yu Beiman: Actually, I went to a fortune teller a few days ago, and he told me that I am destined to have a catastrophe.
It wasn’t all bad, though, it would lead to a fateful encounter for my love life! This little bit of trouble on the internet won’t bother me; rather, I’m excited to see it through to the end!]

[the finest old lady in the world: How can you just believe in whatever some sketchy conman tells you?]

[Yu Beiman: Oh An An, stop worrying! I will live a long and happy life.
And maybe while I’m not looking, those people on the internet will decide to support me instead?]

[the finest old lady in the world: But…]

[Yu Beiman: At worst, you can scold me when things don’t work out the way I said [Hehe.jpg]]

It was a busy and peaceful morning at work, the same routine as always.

Content with his current schedule, Yu Le felt completely unbothered by everything happening online.
There may be some fan wars going on, but none of it was able to intrude into his reality.

Regarding the internet turmoil, there was, in fact, a reason why he was so confident.

Because in the original book, Tao Feng never appeared at all.

There wasn’t even a single mention of this fight.

At the very least, even if there really was a fight in the original plot that wasn’t mentioned, it wouldn’t have had enough impact on the original owner to be mentioned.

In short, after he sent out his response, he treated it as a done matter.

He just had to wait until the storm was over.

Three days later, Yu Le finally logged into Weibo again.

Sure enough, he received more malicious private messages, some that even seemed psychotic.
He glanced through them briefly as he swiped them out of sight.

At the same time, the number of his fans had significantly increased, breaking through the fifty-thousand mark.

As he had expected, the popularity of several Weibo posts related to the fan war had cooled down, leaving the hot search open for celebrities who actually deserved it to take over.

His Weibo homepage began to be occupied purely by Yu Youzhi’s army of fans, and the front row of his comments was full of harmony as they licked his pictures through the screen.

Even if he tried to look for them, the previous marketing accounts and microblogs speaking up against him had deleted their content and disappeared.
Only the fans of the great photographer Tao Feng were still stubbornly pushing against him.

Unable to believe it, An An sent him a message.

[the finest old lady in the world: ???]

[the finest old lady in the world: What’s going on on the internet?! Why did everything change overnight?! Manman, did you do something unspeakable? [Suspicious.jpg]]

[Yu Beiman: …]

[Yu Beiman: I’m sorry to report that I’m still an ordinary commoner; I don’t have the ability to manipulate everyone online…This must be the fate that the fortune teller ordained for me!]

[the finest old lady in the world: …]

[the finest old lady in the world: …Could you introduce me to your fortune teller?]

[Yu Beiman: …]

[Yu Beiman: Feudal superstitions go against science and should not be entertained!]

After not having been online for some time, Yu Le began to clean up his page and notifications.
There were too many people cursing him, but that only made the few sisters who stood up for him stand out even more.

At this moment, a friend request popped up on his WeChat.

[Hello, I am a staff member of Yu Youzhi Star Studio, I am sorry to have inquired about your contact information at will, but we were attracted by your talent and wanted to add you as a friend to discuss in detail.]

The WeChat’s ID was [Yu Youzhi Himself] with a picture of a coquettish man wearing sunglasses.

Why were there so many liars lately? First, someone pretended to be Tao Feng, and now there was someone else pretending to be Yu Youzhi; he really couldn’t catch a break! Was this so common in the fan circle?

After gaping at the friend request for a bit, he clicked reject without much thought other than disbelief at their audacity.

Recently far too many people were trying to add him as friends for no reason.
He wouldn’t be surprised if his information had been leaked online.

In a certain penthouse in Z City.

Yu Youzhi had some much-needed rest today.

He was casually wearing a set of loungewear while he held a cup of coffee that his little assistant had fetched from over two kilometres away.
Staring at his phone with his overly delicate, almost artificially so, face, he looked unhappy.

Taking a sip of his coffee, he began to complain immediately, “Why is it so bitter? Brother Song, did you forget to tell the clerk to add sugar?”

Song Fanba brought out a bag, “I specially asked the clerk to add more sugar cubes separately for you, you can add as much sweetness as you want.”

Yu Youzhi glared at him.

He clearly had long, thin limbs, but was nestled on the sofa at the moment and lacked any will to move, like a puddle that had lost its form long ago.

Staring at Song Fangba, he asked, “Brother Song, it’s been a few days, why haven’t you contacted Yu Beiman yet?”

“… I’m not a professional pimp.”

Not satisfied, Yu Youzhi easily resorted to threatening to gain his way, “Remember your bonus.”

Quickly, Song Fangba went to explain, “I’ve been working hard! I have sent her messages on Weibo and WeChat in the name of the studio, your personal name, and even my own fan account, but she isn’t sparing any of them a single glance! Every single request has been turned down!”

Looking at Song Fangba, who was on the verge of tears as if he was wronged, Yu Youzhi sighed softly, “Brother Song, don’t try and explain, if you can’t do it then there’s no use in making excuses.
Forget it, I’ll deal with him myself.”

Brightening, Song Fangba smiled, “Okay!”

“Also,” Yu Youzhi pointed at the coffee he was holding, “Brother Song, this cup of coffee is disgusting, I can’t drink it.
Go buy me another cup, this time I want a Coconut Latte.”

Song Fangba gritted his teeth, “… I’d be an idiot if I went to buy it for you again!”


Song Fangba quickly got up, “Fine, I’m an idiot!”

Yu Youzhi laughed with a good temper, “Thank you Brother Song, you’re working hard!”


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