has bad intentions for him.

On the other hand, Gwen looked at the two of them with a headache.
His father came to pick him up in person.
It was not appropriate not to go back.

Seeing Gwen’s tangled appearance, Cao Gui immediately understood her embarrassing situation.

In fact, this situation is easy to solve, as long as Mr.
Stacy says, “Come to our house for dinner”.

But obviously, the other party didn’t mean this, and he couldn’t ignore Gwen in such an embarrassing situation, so he had to come by himself.

Under his trousers pocket, Cao Gui swiped his finger on the screen of his mobile phone, and after a while, the mobile phone rang.

Cao Gui responded with an apologetic smile to the father and daughter, then picked up the phone and pretended to make a call.

Well, after a while, he said to Gwen: “I’m sorry, Gwen, I suddenly have something to deal with, and I may have to miss an appointment.”

Gwen forced a smile: “It doesn’t matter, let’s deal with your business first.”

“I’m sorry, Gwen.”

“It’s okay, Cao, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, Mr.

“Well, this classmate, goodbye.”

Cao Gui waved his hand and walked into the distance, while Gwen, who got into his father’s car angrily, didn’t speak with a cold face the whole time.

She knew this was the best way to deal with him.
If it wasn’t for her father or he came a little later, this wouldn’t have happened.

When they got home, their mother Helen happily greeted the two of them to sit down and prepare to eat seafood, but saw her daughter’s unhappy look on her face.

“Huh? Did something happen?”

Helen was a little surprised.
In the past, the relationship between father and daughter was better than the relationship between mother-and-daughter and husband-and-wife.

“Uh… this…” George shrugged, “Maybe I’m a bit harsh towards her classmate.”

“Really?” Helen was surprised: “Gwen, can you tell me, after you transferred schools, it seems that you haven’t told us about your classmates.”

Gwen sighed and briefly talked about how Cao Gui helped her deal with the Texans, and of course, concealed the matter of hitting people by herself today.

“It turns out that I blamed him.” George said, subconsciously ignoring his daughter’s good fighting power.
In his eyes, his daughter is always weak and easily bullied.

“But Gwen, I don’t think you can fall in love now.
Although he has helped you, after all, you have known each other for a short time, you should be more vigilant.”

Gwen rolled her eyes, focusing on the lobster in front of him, ignoring her noisy father.

“Well… I will find time to have dinner with him and I’ll thank him for helping my daughter.” George added insincerely.

As for when he has time, don’t ask, just because he is busy with work.


North Bergen suburb, Textile Mill 17.

Several killers of the Brotherhood gathered around.

Sloan lifted the white cloth covering the side, revealing a corpse, and said slowly: “I’m sorry, gentlemen, another comrade in arms was killed by a traitor.”

Everyone looked at Mr.
X with a big brain hole, and his face was extremely gloomy.
Maybe in a few days, the one lying here may be replaced by one of them.

“Leader, we have to do something.” The gunsmith said solemnly, “We can’t let the cross kill like this again.”

“I know, that’s why I called you here.” Sloan nodded and took out a photo of a young man in a blue coat: “Firefox, go and bring him back.”

“Repairers, gunsmiths, butchers, get ready and get ready to train rookies.”

“Yes, chief!”

But the butcher frowned slightly.
In his hand, there is still a small FBI whose fate has not yet been decided since there are so many things to do.


On the other side, Cao Gui received various items from the store downstairs and was about to start a day of cultivation.

As for Gwen and his father, Cao Gui didn’t care too much.
Originally, according to the development, the relationship between him and Gwen would go further.

But the appearance of Director Stacey interrupted this development, pinching off the signs that had just emerged between the two.

The relationship between him and Gwen has become deep.

His friendship with her has become a little deep, more than ordinary friends but less than lovers, the relationship has not accumulated to that level yet.

Cao Gui didn’t care much about this.
He had time to break this deadlock.
As for now, cultivation is still important.

The next day, Cao Gui came to the school.
As he expected, the relationship between the two became dull.
Except for studies, there was no more communication between the two.

As time passed, Cao Gui entered a simple and fulfilling life, studying during the day and practicing at night.

A week later, he has mastered the use of paper art skillfully, but the problem is that he must consciously control it, and he cannot achieve the state he wants.

The reason why he can cultivate so fast is attributed to the information inputted into his brain by the system.

The experiences include many masters’ cultivation experience, such as CP9’s Owl, Bruno, and Lucci.
The experience of these people is very useful to him.

In the second week of his practice, he used paper art more and more times.
Although he was still exhausted, if he controlled it rhythmically, it should be able to be used for battle once.

A month later, he had basically mastered the martial art, paper art.

Except for the lack of practical experience and the inability to change the shape of his body, other things were no longer a problem.


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