Chapter 7 Domineering Gwen


Early in the morning, Cao Gui strolled the campus and came to his classroom.

The recovery of his body made him feel full of energy, and he was no longer as drained as when he was traveling.

“Hey, Cao.”

At this moment, Gwen walked over with light steps, patted him lightly on the shoulder, and greeted him with a chuckle.

“Hi, Gwen.” Cao Gui smiled, but his eyes stayed on a black-haired girl next to Gwen.

The recovery of his body also improved his memory.
The moment he saw it, he remembered the identity of this girl.
She was a classmate in his class, named Beth.

“Good morning, Beth.”

“Hello, Cao.” Beth laughed.
“I heard Gwen talk about you yesterday.
Well done, man, I’ve thought that Texan to be bad a long time ago.”

“Haha, it should be.” Cao Gui smiled, but then again, this classmate Beth was very familiar.

If Cao Gui remembers correctly, she will go to Los Angeles to be a policewoman in the future, then meet a bar owner named Lucifer during a shooting case involving a female star.

Finally, the two started a bloody love story full of ups and downs.

That being said, this foreign girl is still a big guy, so he decided to have a good relationship with her first.

When the time is right, make a good relationship with her boyfriend and then ask her boyfriend to give him a succubus for him, preferably one that looked like the dark dumb bride.

Of course, succubus or something is not important, what’s important is Lucifer, who Cao Gui admires very much and wants to know.

“Hey! Hey! Cao, do you know it’s rude to stare at a girl like that?” Gwen said angrily, standing in front of Beth.

“Cough, I’m sorry, I was thinking of something.” Cao Gui couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed: “I’m sorry, Beth.”

“It’s alright.” Beth chuckled lightly, “It’s almost time for class, let’s go.”

Cao Gui nodded and went to the classroom together.
As the bell rang, the boring and fulfilling study life began.

Cao Gui found that his brain seemed to be clearer than before, his thinking speed became quicker, his reaction speed became faster, and his studies were less laborious than before.

Time flew by quickly, and before he knew it, it was lunch break, Cao Gui sat at the table motionless, and continued to read the textbook.

On the other side, several girls quietly got together.

“Gwen, I heard that Cao taught Chris a lesson for you?” a girl with some feminine temperament asked in a low voice:

“To be honest, he was mediocre before, and he didn’t look like he could beat Chris at all.”

Her name is Lucy Ginello, which may not be surprising, but she has another name: Lucy McClain.

That’s right, she is the daughter of the police officer whose combat power is proportional to her hairline.

“Yeah.” Gwen nodded: “Although I can solve it, it is much more convenient for him to help.”

Another girl, Kem, leaned over: “Hey, have you noticed? There seems to be something different on Cao’s head.”

Kem pointed to Cao Gui’s head and said softly, the distance was a bit far, and she couldn’t see clearly.

Kem pointed to Cao Gui’s head and said softly, the distance between them is a bit far, so she couldn’t see clearly.

“Huh?” Lucy stared at it.
“Indeed, it looks like a bandage on his head?”


“He is injured?”

Gwen and Kem exclaimed in a low voice, looking at each other with surprise in their beautiful eyes.

“It must have been Texan!”

“Did Chris do it?”

The two spoke in unison, but their guesses were surprisingly the same.

Gwen’s sweet and pretty face became cold.
‘Damn Texan!’ It seems she has no choice but to give him a hard lesson!


At this time, Cao Gui has no idea about the discussion of the girls.
He was thinking… ‘What should I have for dinner tonight?

I was inexperienced last night and almost starved myself to death.
I can’t do the same tonight, I have to eat enough.

Also eat well.

Mmmm…one roasted whole lamb, roasted suckling pig… Forget it, let’s have two roasted whole lambs, and another 20 to 30 catties of fruits and vegetables, it should almost be the same.’

Jingle bell~

The class bell rings, the lunch break is over, and it’s time to continue studying!

Cao Gui stretched his back, ready to continue burying his head in knowledge, but at the corner of his eyes, he caught something unexpected.

Turning to Gwen’s position, he saw it was empty.

Cao Gui frowned, Gwen…where did she go?


Rugby field, Player lounge.

“Wow~ I don’t understand why Chris is still the quarterback.” A brown-haired football player asked in a strange tone.

Today is different from the past, Chris has lost his majesty, and people who were dissatisfied with him in the past began to gradually provoke him.

With gloomy eyes, Chris silently took off his training jersey and packed his locker, ignoring the opponent’s provocation.

“The arrangement of positions in the team is determined by ball skills.” The coach said lightly: “If you want to be a quarterback, you can challenge him.”

The brown-haired player silently took off his jersey and stopped making provocative words.
He really couldn’t compare to Chris in this regard.


Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door, the door of the lounge was kicked open, and a blond girl walked in with a gloomy expression.

It’s Gwen!

“wow~ wow~ wow~” The brown-haired team member immediately smiled and said, “There’s a girl in our lounge!”

“So, who are you looking for? It’s me, right? Hahaha.”

Gwen’s pretty face froze, and she raised her right foot and stomped down on the brown-haired team member’s toes.

“Ah – Shet!”

Before he could finish cursing, Gwen tucked her right fist into his waist and abdomen, and then suddenly hit a Thang Long fist square on the brown-haired player’s chin.

The other  party rolled his eyes, fell headfirst on the ground, and was directly KOed!

The fact of the matter is, Gwen is a weak girl, she actually doesn’t have that much power.

The reason why her punch could KO the opponent is because there are a lot of vagus nerves in the chine, and the result is basically the same for anyone who is punched.



“Damn Fake!”

The other team members were not calm, and they screamed in an instant.

They could fight within each other, they could look down on each other, and they could not unite, but what if they were beaten up by a girl?

If it spreads out, how can their football team behave in front of all the teachers and students of the school?

Don’t be embarrassed!?

“This female student, you must give an explanation today!”

The coach’s tone was not polite at all.
First kick open the door, then hit students, if she doesn’t give a reasonable explanation, she can’t go home today!

However, Gwen took his anger lightly, and then took out a document and put it in front of him:

“NYPD works, is there any problem?”


The corner of the coach’s mouth twitched suddenly.
My dear, did he do something wrong?

In fact, Gwen’s NYPD certificate is of the same nature as Cao Gui’s “FBI non-staff” certificate.

As the daughter of the director of the largest violent agency in New York, it is not surprising that Gwen also has one.

Moreover, as Cao Gui expected, Gwen is not as helpless as he imagined.
The policeman taught her a lot of things, and she learned it very well.

Gwen ignored the coach’s wonderful change of expression and said coldly:

“Chris, Texan, get out of here!”

In the crowd, Chris’s scalp went numb, and a strong foreboding spread in his heart.


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