“System, use the 90% discount coupon to exchange for the Six Powers: Paper Art!”

[The host spends 1,000 Merit Points to exchange for the Six Powers: Paper Art (discounted), please confirm the exchange.]



As soon as the voice fell, a soft ring echoed in his mind, and then a large amount of information poured into his mind.

Cao Gui rolled his eyes, accepting the information in a daze, only to recover after a while.

Paper art, this martial art is regarded as a weakened version of observation Haki.

But this statement is not correct.

Although both can sense and avoid enemy attacks, the principles are different.

Paper art is to use a special way to soften the body, so that the body can evade attacks like feathers and paper with the airflow.

In CP9, there are two ways of expressing paper art.
One is that Bruno and Lucci sense the attack and dodge as a whole.
During this process, the body is not deformed.

One is like an owl with a long zipper on its mouth, using a large deformation of its body to avoid attacks.

Cao Gui’s goal is to practice overall evasion like Bruno and Lucci.
As for body deformation, this is too difficult, and he’ll talk about it later.

Cao Gui stood up from the bed and moved his body a little.
He wanted to try the martial art of paper art.

Closing his eyes, Cao Gui took a deep breath and began to relax and soften his body according to the method in his brain.
Suddenly, he looked light and fluttering, like catkins swaying in the wind.

However, within half a second of this state, Cao Gui fell to the ground with a pale face.

“Huhu…damn, the load on the body… is too much.”

Cao Gui was sweating coldly on his forehead, and his physical strength was exhausted in just a moment, and he could no longer support the use of paper art.

Grinning his teeth, Cao Gui clambered onto the bed.

As soon as his head touched the pillow, Cao Gui snored loudly.
His physical exertion was too great, so he could only recover his strength by sleeping.

However, things were not over yet.
In the middle of the night, after 4 am, Cao Gui was enveloped by a boundless sense of emptiness.


The sound of hyperactive bowel sounds echoed in the abdomen, and the salivary glands began to secrete rapidly.

Cao Gui suddenly sat up from the bed, his eyes bloodshot.

Damn it! How can you be so hungry?

Cao Gui crawled into the kitchen and found a few steaks in the refrigerator.

He couldn’t help but threw them into the pot, boiled them, then took out all kinds of potato chips and cola, and stuffed them into his mouth.

Ton Ton Ton~

Lol Lol Lol~

In the dimly lit kitchen, the sound of Cao Gui’s fast eating was constantly heard.

But within a short time, the otaku food and otaku happy water in his hands had been exhausted, and the steak is not yet ready at this time.

No way, Cao Gui threw his head into the refrigerator, grabbed vegetables and fruits, and ate them raw, regardless of whether they were washed or not.

For Cao Gui like this, apart from the words starving ghost, he couldn’t find a more suitable adjective.

But the fact is, if Cao Gui doesn’t do this, he will really become a starving ghost.

After an unknown amount of time, Cao Gui finally raised his head from the refrigerator, a large amount of plant fiber and fructose entered his stomach, and the intense hunger finally eased.

Although still hungry, it is not as urgent as before.

Cao Gui walked to the side of the pot, the steak had already been opened, and he used a fork to lift it up.
He couldn’t help frowning, dipping it in salt, he still put it into his mouth.

Sure enough, the boiled steak must be old and woody, and it also has a meaty smell.

Under normal circumstances, it must be difficult to swallow, but now in special circumstances, the hunger in his abdomen still makes him eat with relish.

Cao Gui couldn’t help but take out the other raw and cold meats, and then entered the simple and rough cooking and eating method of boiling water + dipping in salt.


In the early morning, the sun rose from the horizon.
Cao Gui came out of the kitchen with a toothpick in his mouth.

To be honest, it was the first time he felt that eating enough was also a kind of happiness.

It seems that in the past, he has taken for granted his meals, not knowing the happiness of eating and being full.

After thinking about it, Cao Gui clicked on the system panel:

[The Justice Navy System (helping every navy soldier with justice)]

[Soldier Name: Cao Gui (Petty Officer Second Class)]

[Meritorious Points: 0 Experience Points: 550/1000]

[Dao Strength Value: 10 (reflects the standard combat power, not the factor determining combat effectiveness)]

Dao force value has increased, and he is finally stronger than Spandam!

The corner of Cao Gui’s mouth twitched, overjoyed, and then he slapped himself again.

Better than Spandam so happy? Shouldn’t there be a higher pursuit?

By the window, the sun shone into the windowsill, Cao Gui slowly stretched in the sunshine:

“Let’s go, it’s time to go to school!”


Translator Notes:

“個坑貨” or “pit bull” means a fool or idiot that tries to trick others.

“送人頭” or “giving their heads” means that due to misjudgment or even intentional reasons, he lets his teammate be easily killed by the enemy without consuming any extra resources and does not bring any positive effect to one’s own side.

Another meaning is the act of benefiting an opponent in real life because of one’s own stupidity.

“Taking a head” means killing.

“Starving Ghost” is a type of supernatural being, condemned to desire more than it can consume.

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