Chapter 5 If an apology is useful, what else should the Navy do?

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“Oh, Shet!”

All the New Yorkers in the bank screamed, and immediately fell down and hugged their heads very quickly.

In New York, this is a basic survival skill.
If anyone fails to stay awake, he will be bleeding and injured at least, and his life lost at worst.

But…compared to the New Yorkers, Cao Gui is indeed a little bit unawake.

From the moment the robbers entered and everyone lay down, Cao Gui realized that he had become the most handsome boy in the entire bank.

When everyone’s eyes were on him, Cao Gui’s expression changed slightly, and he screamed badly.

In fact, this can’t be blamed on Cao Gui.

After all, this is the first time in his two lives that he has encountered armed robbers robbing a bank, but any ordinary person from the Celestial dynasty would be stunned when they encountered such a situation.

Cao Gui grabbed his card and money and put it into the [system backpack], and then lay down with his head in his arms, but… the robber is not a good-natured person.

“Son of a bitch, do you want to be a hero!?”

A robber angrily walked up to Cao Gui and grabbed his hair when he was about to fall to the ground.

“Man, I was just a little slow to react, I don’t want to cause any trouble.”

Cao Gui held a French military salute with both hands flat, enduring the pain from his scalp.

“Cause trouble? Do you think you still have the ability to cause trouble?” The robber roared, grabbing Cao Gui’s hair, and a horrid stench erupted from his yellow teeth, causing Cao Gui’s stomach to churn.


Seeing the expression of disgust and forced patience on Cao Gui’s face, the yellow-toothed robbers were furious as if being stimulated.

“Deng deng deng”

Cao Gui barely stopped himself from continuing to move backward.
Then, a burning sensation of pain came from his abdominal muscles, causing his face to flush.

‘Damn robbers!’

However, before Cao Gui could react, the yellow-toothed robber raised his hand and punched him.

Cao Gui subconsciously blocked the punch with his right hand forward while leaning back.

But his current strength can’t stop the big robber.


The robber’s fist hit his hand and the back of his hand hit his nose.

Immediately, soreness, pain, numbness, and itching rushed from the bridge of the nose straight to the brain, and Cao Gui’s tears and nosebleeds suddenly dripped out.

Cao Gui felt dizzy.
The bridge of his nose was not broken but his nose was bleeding!

“Damn yellow-skinned monkey, how dare you hide!?”


Pulling out the M4 gun in his hand, the yellow-toothed robber raised his gun and was about to shoot, but at this time, the robber leader stopped him.

“Don’t kill!”

Although robbery is a serious crime, it will not lead to a death sentence.
But once murder is committed, the situation will be different.

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The yellow-toothed Robber knew this, but he wouldn’t let Cao Gui go so easily.

The safety was turned off, the butt of the gun was raised, and smashed it heavily on Cao Gui’s face.


There was a sharp pain coming from his cheekbone and the dizziness that had just disappeared once again resurged.


A severe pain came from his forehead and a warm liquid flowed down into his eyes, and he was fired!

“Enough idiots! If you hit him again, he will be dead!” The robber leader once again stopped the yellow-toothed robbers: “Go get the money, I want to see it.”

The Yellow-toothed robber glanced at Cao Gui angrily, then turned around and entered the vault opened by his other two companions.

“Gentlemen and ladies, please don’t panic or be afraid, we have no intention of hurting you.” The robber leader comforted everyone on the ground:

“We only want the bank’s money and we don’t want to hurt anyone.
Rest assured, you won’t have any losses because the state has already bought insurance for you.”

Saying that, the robber leader pulled up Cao Gui, who had a bruised nose and a bloody face, and dragged Cao Gui before everyone.

“Have you seen this yellow-skinned monkey, this is a negative example for you, think about your family, think about your children.”

“Do you want your family and your children to be like this yellow-skinned monkey?”

While talking, the robber leader grabbed Cao Gui by the back collar and dragged him around to show to everyone, just like parading the streets to show the crowd.

The New Yorkers lying on the ground saw Cao Gui’s miserable appearance and the fear in their eyes grew greater.

But this was only for the robbers, for his bloody appearance full of tears, they were more joking, not taking it seriously and even laughing.
No one showed mercy.

Cao Gui panted heavily, wiped the blood and tears from under his eyelids, his eyes were cold and gloomy, he will kill these four robbers!

Even if Jesus comes, he couldn’t keep them, the navy declared!


[The host activates the task module “Destroy Sin”]

[What to do when sin comes? wipe out! wipe out! Or TMD wipe out!]

Cao Gui closed his eyes gently and let the robber leader drag him.
He had to adjust his state of mind to deal with the incoming battle.


At this moment, it was extremely quiet inside the bank, even needles could be heard falling, and all you could hear was Cao Gui’s heavy breathing. 

The robber leader ignored him and paced anxiously.

“Damn, are you done?”

The robber leader roared to the vault.
Time is very precious, every second wasted brings greater chances of endangering their lives and losing money. 

They cannot afford to waste time.

Whoosh – thump!

A large bag of money was thrown in front of the robber leader: “Boss, come on, here is one and there are still more!”

The robber leader carried the money on his back.
It was nearly 20 kilograms. 

If the face value of banknotes in it were all 100, then the money in this bag would be at least one million dollars.

Not long after, the three robbers ran out of the vault each carrying a large bag.

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“Go! Go! Go!”

The robber leader was overjoyed, but he kept pointing the gun at everyone lying on the ground, backing up to keep up with his three companions.

He didn’t let his guard down until he walked out of the bank door.


The four of them shouted excitedly and ran towards a black BMW parked on the side of the road with heavy bags on their backs.

In the driver’s seat, a half-bald Mediterranean man glanced at the rear-view mirror, and then opened the three car doors thoughtfully, so that the robbers could get into the car quickly.

Suddenly, the face of the half-bald Mediterranean changed, and in the rearview mirror, the door of the bank was suddenly pushed open, and a figure ran out with a flintlock gun.


The huge lead bullet roared out, and the half-bald Mediterranean only felt like a flower was in front of him, then with a “click”, a mass of red and white stuff was stuck on the left rear view mirror.

The robber who ran to the left rear door swayed twice and then fell down.
He clearly saw the half-bald Mediterranean man’s head had been mostly blown away.

Killing a person with one shot, Cao Gui was not greedy for merit, and quickly shrank inside of a raised column.

Sure enough, a series of rubble splashed on the column with a few “smacks”.

“Sheet! Danny is dead!”

“Damn, stop fighting, get in the car and let’s get out of here!” The robber leader yelled.

“No! He is alone, the yellow-skinned monkey, let’s kill him!” The yellow-toothed robber shouted, “Cover me! I’ll kill him!”

Saying that, he ran sideways and pulled the gun line.

“Sheet!” The robber leader scold angrily.
Not listening to his command, he knew he shouldn’t have brought this idiot out!

Bang bang bang!

The robber leader and another robber opened fire one after another, pressing Cao Gui to the innermost column, but he had no intention of probing while shooting.

He understands English and knows the tactical cooperation of the two.

Taking a deep breath, Cao Gui slowed down, then squatted down and swung the muzzle to the side.

The flintlock sights in the [One Piece] world are simple, but the current fighting distance is about ten meters, which does not affect the accuracy of the sights.

Cao Gui’s eyes were locked on the muzzle of the gun, and a figure suddenly broke in from outside the field of vision.

It was the yellow-toothed robber.

Da da da!

A series of bullets hit Cao Gui where his head was originally.
If he hadn’t squatted down, he would have died, but now…


The lead shot shot out from the barrel suddenly and hit the Yellow-toothed robber on the right shoulder.
The severe pain caused him to throw the gun out of his hand.

Cao Gui’s brows furrowed, his head was a little too close.

“Ahh– damn it! I’m shot! I’m shot!” The yellow-toothed robber shouted in horror, the pain of the gunshot wound made him unable to stay calm.


The robber leader scold angrily.
If the yellow-toothed robber died, he would definitely get in the car and leave without hesitation, but the other party was only injured, not dead!

His mind changed, the robber leader’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and then he pointed his gun at the yellow-toothed robber.

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“No! Leo, he’s holding a flintlock gun and it’s reloading is very slow.” The yellow-toothed robber was frightened to death and hurriedly shouted, “We can win, as long as he shoots a bullet, we win!”

The robber leader was stunned for a moment, and recalled the scene just now.
It seemed that the other party was indeed holding a flintlock gun.

Cao Gui sneered, this sentence is very similar to the sentence in the teammates channel [Big Cripple]!

‘Since that is the case, I will cooperate with you.’

Raising his gun!


A cloud of blood rose from the left shoulder of the yellow-toothed robber.


“Quick, quick, Leo, right now, he’s out of bullets!”


The robber leader gritted his teeth.
With one remaining, he ran out of the bunker and charged towards Cao Gui’s position.

Cao Gui took a deep breath, changed the gun stock from the right shoulder to the left, and changed the hand holding the trigger to the left.


Pull the trigger!

Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang! Bang bang bang!

The robber leader and the yellow-toothed robber, who were running quickly slammed and fell to the ground with a “bang”.

Blood holes appeared on their chest and abdomen and two pairs of eyes revealed doubt and disbelief.

It’s a flintlock gun, but why… Can it shoot semi-automatically?

Cao Gui rubbed his temples, relieved his dizzy head, and then walked slowly to the yellow-toothed robber lying on the ground.

“No no no, man, I’m out of combat, you can’t kill me.”

The yellow-toothed robber shouted in panic, kicking his legs constantly, trying to get up from the ground.

Cao Gui pointed at his forehead, wiped the blood and tears on the right side of the bridge of his nose, and said coldly:

“If I remember correctly, this injury is your doing, right?”

“Man, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” The yellow tooth robber burst into tears and snot: “All three of them look down on me, they all despise me, I can only prove to myself by being ruthless.”

“Please let me go, I apologize to you, it’s my fault, it’s my fault, let me go!”

“Apologize?” Cao Gui smiled coldly: “If an apology is useful, what do you need the Navy for?”


The yellow-toothed robber’s head opened wide in an instant, his body softened, and he lost his life.


[The host completes the task “Destroying Sin”, rewarding 800 merit points and 400 experience points]

Cao Gui raised his brows.
There were four of them, each is worth only 200 Merit Points!?

Beep~ woo-beep~ woo-

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“This is the NYPD, you are surrounded, put down your weapons and surrender now!”

At this moment, several police cars got out of nowhere and surrounded Cao Gui.
A large number of police officers, charged with live ammunition, pointed their guns at Cao Gui.

Cao Gui frowned and raised his hands slowly.
At the same time, he gently squeezed the index finger and middle finger of his right hand, and he took out a document.

“I’m the FBI!”

The NYPD officers were stunned for a moment, looked at each other, and dropped their guns.

One of the leading police officers stepped forward, took out the certificate and looked at it.
Although it was a non-staff, it was indeed the FBI.

The police officer frowned and said in a serious tone: “This FBI, I don’t remember, there is a law that you can bypass the NYPD and directly enforce the law in New York?”

“Then do you remember that the U.S.
Constitution gives every citizen the sacred right of self-defense?”

Cao Gui shouted coldly, grabbed his documents immediately, grabbed the flintlock gun and walked outside, then stopped a taxi on the side of the road and went to the hospital.

He didn’t want to leave any dark wounds.

The NYPD police watched Cao Gui leave.
He didn’t mind Cao Gui’s attitude.
As long as the credit goes to him, he would be willing to beat himself.



North Bergen suburbs, on the banks of the Hackensack River, inside Textile Mill 17.

5 or 6 people surrounded the 4 corpses covered with white cloth, their faces were solemn, and the atmosphere was solemn.

“When did the students of our fraternity learn to rob a bank?” The glamorous and moving Firefox was the first to speak, and asked in a bad tone.

“Oh! These 4 people are still alive!” said Mr.
X coldly, with a big back.

“Check!” said the gunsmith.
“You must know how many people have done this!”

“What about the little FBI?” the repairman asked.
“Although it is not a pity for these four people to die, they are still members of the fraternity.
When will it be the FBI’s turn to intervene?”

“You have to remember one thing, we only obey the will of God to kill people.” The leader Sloan said lightly.

“Firefox, gunsmith, leave the question of these four to your district to investigate, the butcher comes with me, and the others can leave if they are fine.”

Hearing the order of their leader, several killers stopped talking and acted according to the order.

Sloan took the butcher to his office, took out a piece of paper from the folder and handed it to the butcher.

The butcher looked at it blankly.
It turned out to be the little FBI they discussed just now?

“Leader, this is it?” The butcher’s rude face was full of puzzlement.
It was too coincidental, right?

Sloan nodded helplessly: “It’s really too coincidental, I can’t believe it, but it is the choice of fate.”

“Boss, what do you mean?”

“This fate is up to you to decide, but let’s put it in a month.
Now is not the right time.” Sloan said slowly.

“Yes, I understand.” The butcher said sternly.


Translator Notes:

“開瓢”, “opening the scoop”, or in this case “fired” means severe trauma on the head.

“TMD” or “Ta Ma De” means “fuck it all”.

“大殘大殘” or “Big Cripple” is a game term in China which means a player’s HP or Health has bottomed out/low indicating that he’s about to die.

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