Chapter 4 Gwen is smart

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“Man… Dude…” The thin black man’s face was pale, and he swallowed hard: “I just like to experience interesting things, you don’t need to…”

Cao Gui didn’t wait for him to finish speaking, the long knife in his hand suddenly swung, and the side of the blade slapped his face heavily.



The skinny black man covered his cheeks and fell to the ground screaming: “I’m sorry man, I was wrong, I’ll apologize to you…”


The long knife swung again, this time hitting the other side of his face.


“You can’t do this, I’ve already apologized.”

Cao Gui glared at the thin black man, and the black man immediately shut up, taking the dangerous feeling in his heart seriously.

“It’s your turn now.” Cao Gui turned his wrist and drove the knife to Chris’s neck.

Facing the sharp point of the knife, Chris couldn’t help but take a step back, and the chills he felt made him get goosebumps. 

This knife is sharp!

“I don’t remember…when I offended you.” Chris’ Adam’s apple twitched, barely soothing his dry throat.

“Have you forgotten why I’m standing in front of you?” Cao Gui was angry and amused at the memory of this Texan.

“Apologize to this girl!”


Chris’ teeth were clenched and his jaw muscles were bulging.
If he apologized, how would others see him at school in the future?


The back of the knife swung up and hit him hard on the crook of his leg, knocking him down on one knee.

Cao Gui is not taking a “no” for an answer.

Chris stood up from the ground with a sullen face, and then bowed to Gwen: “I’m sorry, classmate, I offended you just now, I apologize to you and I hope you can forgive me.”

The situation was dangerous for him already, so he had to bow his head.

Gwen glanced at him, then waved in disgust, as if chasing flies.

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Seeing this, Chris turned his head and left.
The thin black man stopped pretending to be dead, got up, and followed Chris.

“Wait, did I let you go?”

However, Cao Gui did not intend to let them go.

The skinny black man suddenly shuddered.

“Man, you have taught me a lesson, and I have apologized, you… you can’t be so unreasonable!”

The black man said eagerly, with a very aggrieved tone in his voice.

Cao Gui sneered, I didn’t see you wronged when you pretended to be crazy just now!

“Help me punch this Texan guy, and I’ll let you go.” Cao Gui said lightly.

The black man was taken aback, looked at Cao Gui, and then looked at Chris.

However, it was his look that made Chris furious.
His little brother actually thought of doing something to himself!?

Is it worth!?

“Leaf, what are you doing, you mud dog!?” Chris shouted angrily.

In the end, he is still young and energetic.
If Chris is aware of his affection and reasoned, he may be able to fight for a united front with the black people.

But he even scolded the skinny black man in a condescending manner in public.
No boy could stand this arrogance.

Sure enough, the skinny black man’s face instantly turned black and red, and his white teeth creaked.

But after all, the other party was his boss who had been with him for a long time.
Even if he’s a bit angry with him, he still didn’t dare to do it.

Cao Gui saw it and he was suddenly enlightened, it is enough to add fire to the situation.

Put the knife away, then retract into the crowd:

Clap clap!

“One punch!”

Applause and shouts came from the crowd, the rhythm was clear, the catchy voice made the eyes of the melon eaters around him suddenly light up, they clapped twice like Cao Gui.

Clap clap!

“One punch!”

This time it was incredible, from one to two, two to three, all of a sudden, the melon eaters shouted rhythmically.

Cap clap!

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“One punch!”

clap clap!

“One punch!”

With the voice of the crowd…

The thin black man’s hesitant face gradually became firm and he began to indulge in the cheers of the melon-eating crowd.

Just like the former Cao Gui, he lost himself in the false praise of the crowd.

Seeing this, Cao Gui knew that the heat was enough, so he pulled Gwen away from the crowd.

Just after walking less than 100 meters, he heard a burst of cheers from the crowd.
It seemed like it was a real fight.

The corner of Cao Gui’s mouth twitched, the boss was “betrayed” by his younger brother in public and he had no power to stop it.

This school bullying gang is abolished!


[The host completes the mission “Safeguarding the Environment and Peace of Mind”, fighting against evil forces.
Rewarding 100 merit points and 50 experience points.]

Upon seeing this prompt, Cao Gui opened the system panel:

[The Justice Navy System (helping every navy soldier with justice)]

[Soldier Name: Cao Gui (Petty Officer Second Class)]

[Meritorious Points: 200 Experience Points: 150/1000]

[Dao Strength Value: 7 (reflects the standard combat power, not the factor determining combat effectiveness)]

Cao Gui’s heart is full of emotion, this thigh can be hugged!

Great! No need to engage in technology and no need to seek gene mutation!

Long live the system!

“Um…can you let me go?”

A weak voice sounded, Cao Gui was slightly stunned.
When he looked down, he found he was still holding Gwen’s hand.

“Uh, I’m sorry, Stacy, I was just thinking about something.” Cao Gui quickly let go of the girl’s hand.

“It’s okay, Cao.” Gwen chuckled, “I want to thank you for helping me.”

“Huh? How did you know my name?” Cao Gui was a little surprised.

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“This…Before transferring to this school, the teacher asked me to familiarize my classmates.” Gwen said hesitantly, “I have a good memory, so I remember.”

“Oh I got it.”

Cao Gui immediately understood that this girl’s father is a school director, not to mention class student information, even detailed information could be acquired by her father.

“Yes, it is.”



The two were not familiar to each other, so after the topic was over, they suddenly fell into an inexplicably embarrassing silence.

“Cough, Gwen, you don’t seem… surprised?” Cao Gui found a topic.

“Surprise about what?” Gwen wondered.

Cao Gui gestured, indicating his “magic”.

“Haha, in fact, I can do this magic too.” Gwen laughed, then raised his right hand, and with a “swoosh”, a golden hoop rod appeared out of thin air.

It’s just… this golden hoop is made of iron.

“Haha, you didn’t expect it did you?” Gwen smiled proudly: “Your magic can’t fool me.”

Cao Gui smiled, nodded, and gave a thumbs up: “Gwen, you are really smart.”

Fortunately, he was still worried about how to explain it, it turned out that everyone already “knew”.

Before they knew it, the two had already reached the door of the classroom.

“Then… I’ll go back to my seat now.” Gwen said softly, “Thank you for helping me.
If you need me to do anything, you can come to me.”

“Well…I really need your help.” Cao Gui said, “My academic performance is not very good, can you please help me?”

“Of course I can.” Gwen smiled lightly and readily agreed.
For some reason, the smile on her face brightened a bit.

“Jingling” The class bell rang, pulling Cao Gui’s mind back to study.
The two entered the classroom one after the other.

Learning is still necessary.
Sitwell has high hopes for him.
He can’t let him down.
At least, his grades must be above average.

As for love or something, Cao Gui is not interested for the time being.
After all, his kidneys are not very good now.

The white horses pass by, the time flies, the sun sets, the evening is approaching, and the afternoon class ends soon.

Cao Gui stretched his back, packed up his things, and swayed back to his apartment.
He had to go back and pack up, at least…the pile of tissues couldn’t be left behind. 

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But before that, Cao Gui went to the bank to exchange his “military salaries” into US dollars.
Although it is not much, it is still money, right?

Somewhere in downtown New York, inside a bank, Cao Gui lined up in a long queue, moving slowly forward.

When he had nothing to do, Cao Gui subconsciously opened his system panel. 

Now that he has activated the task module “Safeguarding the Environment and Peace of Mind” which paved a way for him to gain experience and meritorious points, but there may also be other task modules.

‘My understanding of the system is not deep enough.’

Of course, it is this sand sculpture system that pretends to be deep and does not speak. 

Not only does it have no system wizards, but it also does not have fool-proof functions or even novice tutorials, and it shamelessly says: Dare to explore with courage.

“Sir, this gentleman, what help do you need?”

Cao Gui raised his head blankly and found that he had reached the cashier’s counter.
The sister cashier was already looking at him.

“Cough, please help me exchange this 10,000 yen to USD, and also take out 1,000 US dollars from this card.”

Cao Gui handed out the 10,000 yen and the card with his right hand, but he couldn’t help feeling his waist with his left hand.

Damn [Original Owner], not only does he have a bad memory, but he can’t even concentrate!

“Sir, this is yours, please keep it safe.”

After a while, the sister cashier completed her work and returned the things to Cao Gui.


Cao Gui thanked her and was about to put away his things, but at this moment…

boom! boom! boom!

Loud gunfire echoed through the bank as four masked robbers with guns filed in:

“We are robbers and now conducting a robbery!”

“Everyone, hold your head and lie down, don’t move!”


Translation Notes:

“Hugging thighs”, the general meaning is to rely on someone or something to achieve a certain goal.
Similar to being “carried”.

“Cao” will be the nickname of the protagonist, Cao Gui.

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