ter Parker… Oh, I almost forgot, Cao Gui knew in his heart that there was no Peter Parker in his class.

They had Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Kem Mills.

But it’s strange that there is no Peter Parker.

So, do you want to go up and help? Cao Gui thought in his heart, Gwen has a police father, she should have learned some self-defense techniques, right?

It would be a little embarrassing if he rushed up to her and Gwen solved the other party by 3-5.


[The host activates the task module “Safeguarding the Environment and Peace of Mind”]

[Fighting evil forces and ensuring the safety of civilians is the unshakable responsibility of every righteous navy]

Cao Gui was shocked, and then the corner of his mouth twitched, Yaoji, you are 80,000, you are here!

Fight against evil forces? I seem to know a thing or two about this.

“I’ll say it again, get out of the way, stupid pig.” Gwen said with a pretty face: “Don’t force me to be rude to you!”

“Wow, did you hear that? Chris.” A thin black man next to him said strangely:

“The girl is going to be rude to you.”

“Girl, I really have no ill intentions, I just want to invite you to play with my friends.” Chris smiled slightly, showing his white teeth: “I think you will definitely feel the charm of me as a cowboy.”

With that said, Chris inadvertently glanced at Gwen’s narrow knee-length skirt, which must be very interesting to play!

“Oh, oh, promise him!”

“Promise him!”

“Promise him!”

“Promise him!”

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“Shut up!” Gwen snapped.
“I didn’t know a cowboy would threaten a girl in public and I didn’t know a cowboy could be so unpretentious.”

“You don’t deserve the title of cowboy, you’re just a Texan that smells like cow dung!”

Hearing Gwen’s words, the melon-eating crowd burst into laughter:


“That’s right, hahaha, it’s a Texan!”

“Hahaha, a Texan that smells like cow dung.”


The people who eat melon don’t care who is right or who is wrong, they only care about their own happiness, they can cheer with Chris, or laugh at Chris with Gwen.

Simply put, whoever wins is who they help.

Gwen’s merciless sarcasm and the bursts of ridicule from the people around him made Texan Chris’ face no longer arrogant.

His anger flashed past and he raised a huge fist at Gwen.

“Wow wow wow!”

“Fight, finally fight!”

“Hey, hey, I didn’t wait in vain.”


However, just as Chris’s fist was about to fall, a football flew from a distance and hit Chris’ head hard.

With a “bang”, Chris stumbled.

“Damn, who is it!?” Chris yelled angrily.

The melon-eating crowd became quiet all of a sudden, and there was a new change in the scene.
Just watch the play quietly, um… A few people stepped aside to reveal Cao Gui in the crowd.

This is the protagonist of the next scene, and he can’t be let go.

“I said, it seems a little rude to hit a girl, don’t you think?” Cao Gui smiled and said lightly.

Gwen was stunned for a moment.
With her good memory kicking in, she remembered Cao Gui was a boy in her class.

“Wow~! I thought who it was but it turned out to be a yellow-skinned monkey.”

Texan Chris didn’t speak, but the thin black man next to him spoke first: “Do you want to get involved in this matter? If I remember correctly, this kind of behavior has a special term in your country.”

“Hahaha, it’s called… De~ Hiro~ Sabed~ De~ Beuty~, Is that right?”

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The thin black man had a hippie smile, shook his head, and said a sentence in Chinese.

“Hee hee hee, so, what are you going to do with us cowboys?” The skinny black man showed his white teeth: “Snake fist? ShashashashaShashasha!”

The two hands of the skinny black man are like tricky hands, they kept waving in front of Cao Gui.

Cao Gui’s face was slightly dark, his eyes were cold, what an annoying fly!

“Hahaha, Leaf, you seem to understand celestial culture very well?”

“Hey, celestial boy, hit this nigga with your snake fist.”

“Quick, quick, we’re going to kick you to death, Yasuo.”


The melon-eating crowd roared again, wishing the two of them would fight quickly.

While the skinny black man seemed to be getting more and more energetic amids the roar of the melon-eating crowd, he put his right hand in his pocket, covered his forehead with the back of his hand from bottom to top, and turned twice in front of Cao Gui.

“Hey, yellow-skinned monkey, you don’t know snake boxing, you should know monkey boxing, right? Isn’t that so? Woah! Woah~ hoo! Woah~”


The funny scene once again made the melon eaters laugh, and even Chris, who was still angry just now, couldn’t help laughing.

“Hehe, it doesn’t really take effort to deal with you guys.” Cao Gui made the nigger laugh angrily: “I have a better idea, magic from the East, do you want to see it?”

“Oh~” the skinny black man exclaimed exaggeratedly: “I’m so scared, what should I do? This is a demon from the East…”

Before he could finish beeping, Cao Gui took two steps back, opened his mouth slightly, then reached in and pulled out a navy-style saber under everyone’s horrified eyes.

“Wang Defa!?” The thin black man’s eyes widened and he shouted in horror.


Cao Gui slapped the blade on the black man’s face, his eyes cold: “Come on, mud dog, I’ll give you a chance to reorganize your language.”

“Try repeating what you said before!”


Translator’s Notes:

“Talk nonsense with eyes open” means to talk without thinking.

“Turrets are gone” basically means it’s gone or declined to the point of non-existent.

“Eating melons/Melon-eating” is a term for Onlookers, often used humorously.

“幺雞” or “Yaoji” means little dick.

“八萬” or “80,000” means the position of spreading legs.

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