it, you can call me again, understand?

One last thing, I will leave the United States in three hours.
If it is not a particularly important thing, you don’t need to call me.

You have to remember that you are an adult now, not a child.
You should learn to be independent, understand?”

Cao Gui ignored Sitwell, who was chattering, and focused on the three documents in his arms.
And he saw his eyes bursting with excitement.

‘OMG! Is this Hydra? I felt the warmth from the snake nest before I joined it!’

Originally, Cao Gui was still worried about the issue of the saber and the flintlock gun.

Although these two things were kept in the [System Backpack] and are not known to outsiders, they could not be used openly.

He is still a student, and these two things must be used sneakily.
Now that he has a gun license and an FBI non-staff card, this problem is solved all at once.

Although these two documents could not allow Cao Gui to do whatever he wants, but he does not need to be cautious anymore.

“Okay, I understand, Uncle Jasper.” Cao Gui put away the three documents.

While the two were talking, Sitwell had brought Cao Gui to the gate of Midtown University in New York, but the security guard stopped them.

“I’m sorry, two gentlemen.
Class has already started.
During this period, no one is allowed to disturb the students.
Go back.”

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Midtown College is very famous in New York.

Different from other so-called happy education schools, it pursues elite education and has excellent teaching quality.

It is a good school that many New Yorkers yearn for.
With the [Original Owner]’s results, he may not be able to enter this school.

But who is Cao Gui? A Second generation of snakes! With Sitwell’s connections, logically, he can enter this school.

The learning atmosphere in the school is excellent.
Influenced by the students, the [Original Owner] once worked hard, and his grades have been maintained at a good level.

However, as Sitwell said, [Original Body] has started to slack off recently, and his grades have declined.

“I have a good explanation for this.” Sitwell said, grabbing the collar of his left suit, and reaching in with his right hand.

Cao Gui glanced lightly, and in this amazing glance, he saw at least five or six different documents, including CIA, M16, FBI, FSB, but strangely, there was no IRS.

Sitwell took out the NYPD’s ID and put it in front of the security:

“I am a New York police officer and I need this student to provide me with some help, so it took a while, and now, according to New York law, I will send him back to class.”

“Any more questions? This gentleman.”

The security guard looked at the documents and looked at Cao Gui, who looked harmless to humans and animals.

“No problem, police officer.
This student, you can go in.” The security guard obediently opened the door and let Cao Gui go in.

The corner of Cao Gui’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help but silently recite “Long live Hydra” in his heart.

“Cao Gui, study hard and don’t disappoint my expectations.” Sitwell said.

“I won’t, Uncle Jasper.” Cao Gui said, “Be careful and come back safely.”

“I know.” Sitwell patted Cao Gui on the shoulder and said, “Go in.”

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Cao Gui nodded, turned and walked into the school.
Sitwell watched Cao Gui go in, and finally turned and left.

As soon as he entered the school, the bell for the end of the class rang. 

Taking advantage of the time between classes, Cao Gui walked from the back door of the classroom to his seat.

He thought he could get through the trouble by stalking the fish in troubled waters, but when he looked up, he saw the teacher staring at him with dead fish eyes on the podium.

Cao Gui couldn’t help smiling awkwardly and bowed to the teacher on the podium.

The teacher waved his hand and asked Cao Gui to sit down.
For the sake of being so polite, he will forgive you first, and the account for two missed classes will be settled later.

The class bell “Ding bell bell” rang, and the students began to sit down and wait for the teacher to teach.

“Okay, students, class starts now.” The teacher clapped his hands and said, “But I have a special announcement before class.
Let us welcome a new student that will be studying with you.”

During the teacher’s speech, a blonde girl walked in, with a pretty face and a sweet appearance.

Cao Gui raised his brows, she looks familiar!

“Hello, I’m Gwen Stacy, and it’s a pleasure to study with you.”

On the podium, the blond girl said softly, her voice was crisp and sweet, like a silver bell, refreshing to those who hear it.


Translator’s Notes:

“Stalking the fish in troubled waters” means to use deception in order to evade inquiry or censorship.

“Dead fish eyes” means a person whose eyes show dull emotion or a dead-pan expression in anime.

“Four-eyed” is a derogatory term for people wearing glasses.

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