ips, the battle suits of the Vinsmoke family, and various other miscellaneous things.

However, these things are all items.
Even if you exchange them, you have to practice and develop them yourself, and it is impossible to do it in one step.

After exchanging the string fruit, Doflamingo’s ability to “awaken” is not included.

After exchanging the Mochi Mochi Fruit, Katakuri’s advance observation Haki will not be inherited.

[There is no shortcut to gain strength in this world.
As a navy soldier, you must train hard in order to have the power to maintain justice]

Of course, there is no absolute fact in this world, even the navy will have times to ask for help.

Cao Gui swiped his finger, pulled the system panel to the bottom of the list, and saw a column named [Character Card].

These are all characters from the world of pirates, ranging from Bandit King Higuma to Garp and Kaido.

As long as you equip a character card, you can obtain the character’s combat power within a certain period of time.

Seeing this, Cao Gui nodded slightly.
It is indeed a good system, but the question is… how to get experience points and merit points?

Do you really want me to go to Somalia?

But those little pirates aren’t very useful.
You can’t play seven captures and seven verticals like every family, right?

So, do I have to lose face as a handsome navy with justice in my heart?

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“System, give me an explanation.”

[As a navy soldier with justice in mind, the host should have the courage to explore…]

“Banana you big guava!”

Cao Gui directly gave a middle finger, and once again turned his attention to the system interface.

As long as his mind does not slip, there are always more solutions than difficulties, so let’s plan for the future first.

If you want to improve your strength, there are three paths you can take, physical art, swordsmanship and devil fruit.

Obviously, the first two can’t work.

Without the guidance of famous teachers, you can’t reach your full potential, not to mention that swordsmanship and physical skills cannot be effective without long-term training.

Then only the path of a devil fruit user is left.

Cao Gui looked at the Devil Fruit column. 

This kind of thing is worthy of the secret treasure of the sea.
Every Devil Fruit is extremely expensive.
Even the cheapest one requires nearly 100 million merit points.

Cao Gui touched his chin, if possible, which Devil Fruit should I choose?

Rubber fruit is very good, not only is it cheap, but also in line with his low-key and reserved temperament.

Bubble fruit is also very good, take a special bubble bath anytime, anywhere, and then add… Cough, no, my focus should be combat power, how did I turn to strange things?

Cao Gui’s expression turned pale, and he continued to browse.

Huh? Flower…Hana Hana no mi devil fruit?

Good stuff!

Cao Gui’s eyes lit up.
This fruit could allow any part of the body to grow on any tangible thing.

Imagine if one day, a red-haired SHIELD agent in tights zippered to her navel came to his house to search for information.

And then… Countless hands stretched out from the darkness, grabbed, captured, bound…

hey hey hey…

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Cao Gui slapped himself in the face, showing shame on his face.

‘Damn, I am a righteous navy, how can I have such evil thoughts!?’

Where’s a boring drama like that? It’s not good-looking at all, and after dozens of times it will be boring!

jingle bell~

The phone rang suddenly, Cao Gui glanced around, and finally found his phone in the pile of tissues by the bedside.

The caller was someone who the previous owner noted “Uncle Jasper”.

Cao Gui frowned, thought about it, and pressed the answer button.

“Hey, Uncle Jasper…”

“Uncle, you’re a big idiot! Have you forgotten that you’re still a student!?”

There was a roaring sound from the receiver, Cao Gui couldn’t help covering his ears, the sound was a bit loud and might cause more earwax.

“I didn’t forget, it’s not now…” Cao Gui was about to deal with it, but when he turned his head, he saw that the big sun was already hanging in the sky outside the window.


What happened? Wasn’t it night just now? What’s up with such a big sun?

“It’s 10 am now, don’t tell me you haven’t woken up yet!”

There was a roar from the receiver, and Cao Gui was suddenly shocked:

“How could that be? Uncle Jasper, I’m on my way to school, and I’m just around the corner to the school gate!”

Having said that, Cao Gui put on his clothes in a hurry and started to wash in a hurry.


Translator Notes:

碰一鼻子灰 or touch a grey nose means trying to please but not get anything in the end.

沙雕 or Sand Sculpture is an internet slang that refers to interesting and, or, funny people.

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