fice knows that Yan Shi lives in the urban area and if he goes back to change into a suit, it will take at least three hours to go back and forth.

Yan Shi still has two clients to meet today, and they may come over at any time, so Yan Shi simply cannot do without.

There are also shopping malls in the suburbs, but there is only one hand-made store that sells formal clothes.
You can also buy new ones if you want.
But that store is a high-order store.
If you want to buy a ready-made suit directly, they may charge a sky-high price.

They are lawyers.
For the top lawyers, the salary is still very considerable.
Once a case is settled, it may be enough for the salary of ordinary lawyers for one or two years.

So spending too much money on suits is something normal people wouldn't do.

Yan Shi's colleagues were watching the excitement.
Qi Zhan heard the movement outside from the office and began to pay attention early.

Seeing Yan Shi was standing there at a loss with coffee spilled all over, Qi Zhan pursed his lips and didn't go out to take care of it too much.

Yan Shi is a new employee.
Although Qi Zhan thought of digging it, Yan Shi also needs to integrate himself here.
Otherwise, even if the business level is high, it is not what Qi Zhan wants.

It took a while for him to speak, but he didn't care much about his clothes, but felt that the cup of coffee was a bit of a pity.

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The clothes were already dirty, but this cup of coffee was made by Jiang Can, and that was her well-intention.

Yan Shi sighed, brought a mop to clean up the ground, and went back to the office without saying anything.

Yan Shi knew that he was going to see clients today, but it was absolutely impossible to wear such a suit.
Yan Shi's house in the city is shared, and his roommate is a bartender.
He usually rests during the day and goes to work at night.

Yan Shi has been renting a house with him for three years, and the two of them have a good relationship, so Yan Shi wanted to call him to bring himself a suit.
After going back, it is enough to invite him to a meal.

Who knew that when Yan Shi had just entered the office, he saw a suit on his office.

Putting down the briefcase, he quickly took out the suit and took a look.
Yan Shi found that although the size of the suit was a little bigger, he could still hold it up.

He was at a loss, and had no idea who put the clothes here.

There were three knocks on the door, “dong dong dong”, and the receptionist of the office opened the door.

“Lawyer Yan, Mr.
Li just called and said that he would be here in half an hour.”

“Ah, I see.”

Yan Shi took advantage of the fact that he was away from work, locked the door of the office, and changed his dirty suit.

The clothes are placed on his desk, so it must be for himself.
As for who it is, apart from Qi Zhan, Yan Shi can't think of anyone else in the company who would help him.

A day passed in a blink of an eye, and Jiang Can closed the store before four o'clock as she promised the clerk.

There were five people in the store, including Jiang Can.
Everyone said that they wanted to eat Japanese food.
Jiang Can was never harsh when it came to inviting employees to eat, and drove them directly to the city.

Halfway through the meal, Jiang Can suddenly received a call.
Jiang Can's habit is that she will never pick up an unfamiliar number unless the other person has called more than three times.

After three consecutive calls, Jiang Can picked it up.
Politely said hello, and the voice of the speech came from there.

“Lawyer Yan, why do you have my phone number, what's the matter?”

Hearing Yan Shi's voice, Jiang Can was still very happy.
After all, Yan Shi must have worked hard to find his mobile phone number.

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“Boss Jiang, I'm really sorry, my phone seems to be on the second floor of your store again.”

Yan Shi is not a person who keeps his mobile phone in his hands.
For him, the function of the mobile phone is to contact customers.

Today, Yan Shi's clients are all direct calls from the office.
Yan Shi sees clients in the morning and afternoon, and has no time to touch the phone at all.

It was only after get off work time that he found out that when he went out, he put his mobile phone on the shoe rack of Jiang Can's house.

“Ah? Whose phone are you calling from?” Jiang Can responded quickly and asked.

“It's the security guard of your building.”

“So, lawyer Yan, wait for a while in the security room.
I'm in the city right now, and it's rush hour.
If you wait for me to go back it will take two hours.
I'll ask my friend to open the door for you and get your phone.
It'll take twenty minutes.”

“Okay, trouble you.”

Jiang Can hung up the phone.
In fact, if it was closer, Jiang Can would still be willing to go back in person.
However, the congestion from the urban area to the suburbs must be very severe now, and the two-hour drive is said to be less.

In addition to the keys in Jiang Can's store, she and Rong Rong each have one, and another key is kept by Guan Shaocheng in case of emergency.

After dialing Guan Shaocheng's phone, Guan Shaocheng answered it in seconds.

“Shaocheng, go back with the key of my store.
My friend's phone is on the second floor of the store.
Go and get it for him.”

Guan Shaocheng was still worried about Jiang Can's unhappiness in the morning.
Hearing that he could help, Guan Shaocheng would not refuse at all.

“Okay, I'll go right there, don't worry.”

Guan Shaocheng was full of concerns about the event of the morning, so he didn't think about anything else, and drove over directly.

He hurried to the door of the coffee shop, and saw the suit Jiang Can took away in the morning at a glance.

Guan Shaocheng stared at Yan Shi carefully for a while.
When he saw that Yan Shi was wearing a restraint bracelet on his wrist, Guan Shaocheng's face changed slightly, and he strode forward and said:

“Hello, may I ask if your phone was left with Jiang Can?”

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