Chapter 2 : He is an O

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Rong Rong heard Jiang Can's conversation at the counter, watched the people from Ruifeng Law Firm ordered coffee and sat at the table in the corner, and quickly came to Jiang Can's side.

That group of lawyers are obviously dressed upright, but what they do is simply not human.

“Boss, are you really going to help them? If someone really drinks the coffee in our store and has diarrhea, we'll have to carry the pot.”

Jiang Can was playing with the small bottle in her hand.
The quality of the bottle was not good, and the lid fell off without playing with it.

When Jiang Can bent over to pick up the bottle cap, she accidentally smelled the contents and her eyes widened suddenly.

Her cheeks turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye, and beads of sweat suddenly appeared on Jiang Can's forehead.

Rong Rong kept peeking at the group of sanctimonious lawyers, and seeing them laughing individually, Rong Rong only felt disgusted.
Turning her head, she saw Jiang Can gasping for breath one after another on her chest.

“My God, what's wrong with you, boss? Why is your face so red?”

Jiang Can quickly put the bottle cap into her pocket and waved her hand:

“It's too hot in the store, I'm going out to get some air.”

Jiang Can suppressed the pheromones that she was about to be unable to restrain, and escaped from the store as quickly as possible.

Jiang Can stepped up and walked to the pool in the center of the building group, took out the inhibitor she had prepared in advance, and pinned it firmly on her neck.

Panting for two or three minutes, Jiang Can's breath slowly calmed down.

Speaking of which, Jiang Can accidentally took out the small medicine bottle given by Ruifeng's lawyer just now.
Jiang Can couldn't help sneering when she saw it.

They really dared to say that it was too stupid to call this thing a drug release.

What the vial contained wasn't a potion at all, but a moisture booster that could make Alpha uncontrollable.

The concentration of this thing is not low, let alone drink it in the stomach, a strong A like Jiang Can just smelled it for a while, obviously still wearing a bracelet that suppresses pheromones, but it almost broke out.

Rong Rong said that the man in the morning was also an A.
It seemed that Ruifeng's lawyers did it on purpose, and if they wanted to teach him a lesson, they probably lied to Jiang Can.

Fortunately, Jiang Can didn't think about putting this thing in the coffee from the beginning.
If she did, he wouldn't have to make a hot search this time because of it?

Jiang Can finally opened a coffee shop here.
After three years of peace of mind doing what she likes, she doesn't want to go back and live the same life as before.

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Frowning, Jiang Can walked to the trash can with a small bottle in her hand, and threw the bottle into the 'hazardous garbage' bucket without thinking.

Standing in front of the trash can, he sighed, and as soon as he turned his head, he saw Yan Shi and Director Qi Zhan coming here together.

Qi Zhan also saw Jiang Can, raised his hand and waved at her, stepping up his pace.

“Why is Boss Jiang standing in front of the trash can? So idle.”

Jiang Can smiled and didn't answer.

“The person in our office just arrived when he spoke, so I took him to your place for a simple welcome party.
Just in the afternoon, there was a new order to discuss when I spoke, and I also made an appointment at your store.”

“Yes, they have already arrived, and the store has new styles.
I will try them in a while.”

Jiang Can replied to Qi Zhan's words, but her eyes fell on Yan Shi.

No wonder the lawyers in the law firm wanted to put a moisture booster in Yan Shi's coffee.
It turned out that he had a list to discuss in the afternoon.

If it really goes according to their wishes, whether it is to break out in front of customers when they speak, or because they cannot control themselves, it will be a fatal blow to a new employee.

Walking into the store with Qi Zhan and the others, Jiang Can stood beside Qi Zhan at first, and was the outermost.

There is always a delivery boy riding an electric motor and galloping past Jiang Can.
Although Qi Zhan was close to Jiang Can, he didn't notice it.

Instead, Yan Shi, who was standing at the innermost position, noticed this, turned around and walked to Jiang Can's side, and squeezed her and Qi Zhan inside.

Qi Zhan only focused on chatting with Jiang Can, and when he saw the performance of the words, he reacted:

“It's still our lawyer who speaks carefully and deserves to be the person with the most admirers in the industry.”

Being praised by Qi Zhan like this, he shyly supported his glasses when he spoke.

Just as Yan Shi raised his hand, Jiang Can smelled that morning cappuccino again.

Although the coffee shop is close at hand, and the buildings are full of the aroma of coffee, as a coffee lover, she can still distinguish between the aroma of her own coffee and the taste of cappuccino Omega pheromone.

Jiang Can can now be sure that she didn't smell anything wrong in the morning, he was a veritable Omega, and the pheromone tasted like cappuccino.

Back at the coffee shop, Qi Zhan and his colleagues greeted and sat down, and Jiang Can personally went over to order for them.

The coffee ordered by the four people just now has been served, and only Qi Zhan and Yan Shi are left.

“Boss Jiang just told me to try the new product, so I won't order it anymore.
You can see what you want to drink when you say it.”

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“I don't like the bitterness of coffee, it's the same with everything.”

“You brat…
If you cause trouble for Boss Jiang, you can just bring him a glass of water, as well.”

Qi Zhan also had no choice but to take Yan Shi.
Who told Yan Shi to be a young lawyer near the front line of the legal profession? Qi Zhan also took a lot of trouble to hire Yan Shi.

Jiang Can entered the coffee console.
Jiang Can asked Rong Rong to make a new coffee, and she made a cup for Yan Shi herself.
She handled the operation skillfully and gracefully.
After a while, a cup with Jiang Can's unique mint leaves pulled flowers.
The coffee is ready.

Put the two cups of coffee in front of Qi Zhan and Yan Shi.
Although Qi Zhan's cup is new, everyone's attention seems to be on Yan Shi's cup.

The other four were just waiting to make a fool of themselves when they looked at Yan, but Qi Zhan was looking at Jiang Can's unique cup of coffee.

Obviously they all ordered together, why is his cup a swan, and Qi Zhan who is a regular customer, can see at a glance that his cup was made by the clerk.

Qi Zhan was very unhappy, and his face became worse.
When I bumped my arm and said:

“This cup of yours is made by Miss.
Jiang himself.
Drink it and see if it's a mocha or a latte.”

Jiang Can watched from the side, and Qi Zhan persuaded him to speak, so he couldn't disappoint, so he took a sip.

As soon as he sipped the coffee, the brows that had been slightly frowned when he spoke suddenly opened, and he looked at Jiang Can with doubts in his heart.

Jiang Can looked at him like that, and knew that he must have drank, the corners of her mouth raised, and she left the table with a smile.

When he saw Yan Shi drink, Qi Zhan forced another sentence, only then Yan Shi took off the cup and licked his lips then he said:

“Yes, it's a cappuccino.”

Although this group of people said that it was a welcome party for Yan Shi, but during the chat, except for Qi Zhan, no one said a word to Yan Shi at all.

Jiang Can was sitting at the table not far away, holding a magazine and pretending to be reading, but she was secretly watching them.

About half an hour later, the cup of coffee had reached the bottom, but he still didn't respond.

Obviously, the lawyers who asked Jiang Can to put things in the coffee couldn't sit still.
After all, they knew how powerful the thing in the small bottle was.

When they saw Yan Shi, who was still sitting like nothing, the lawyers couldn't keep it up, so they left early in a huff.

Qi Zhan watched them go away angrily, not knowing what happened.
Seeing that the time was almost up, Qi Zhan patted Yan Shi's shoulder:

“Don't go back to the office for now.
The clients will come early.
Just wait for them here.
It's almost time for work, so I'll go back first.”

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After speaking, Qi Zhan and Jiang Can gestured with their eyes and left after checking out.

Seeing this, Jiang Can immediately put down the magazine she had been pretending to read, and walked up to clean up the table when he spoke:

“Trouble you.” Yan Shi was very polite, pushing the frame of his glasses and said.

“This is what we should do.
The people in your law firm are regulars in our shop.
They are like friends with me.
You don't have to be so polite in the future, just treat it as your own home.”

Although Jiang Can is usually a bit lazy, this does not prevent her from making friends.

Jiang Can is also very strange.
If she likes it, it doesn't matter how she touches it upside down, but if she doesn't like it, Jiang Can feels tired even talking to others.

There are already few male O's in this world.
Jiang Can confirmed the pheromone when speaking, like a child who has just tasted candy and can't wait to enjoy the sweetness brought by candy more.

Yan Shi laughed softly.
Although Jiang Can had seen Yan Shi's smile, she didn't know if it was because of the male O's plus cappuccino pheromone blessing.
Jiang Can suddenly felt that Yan Shi smiled so well.

Yan Shi stood up, just half a head taller than Jiang Can.
Gentlemanly stretched out his hand to Jiang Can and said:

“Hello, Yan Shi, nice to meet you.”

The generosity and confidence in his speech, including his demeanor, are very different from the Omegas in Jiang Can's impression.

Omegas are inherently disadvantaged, plus their number is small, so their self-confidence is not so high at all.

Jiang Can was a little surprised, but this alone made her more interested in Yan Shi.

Reaching out to hold the well-knotted hand, Jiang Can responded:

“Hello, my name is Jiang Can, please take care of our shop's business in the future, lawyer Yan.”

The time in the afternoon usually passes quickly.
The person who had made an appointment with Yan Shi to come at three o'clock didn't arrive until six o'clock in the evening.

Jiang Can has met many clients who talk to lawyers in Ruifeng about orders, but clients who are three hours late, Jiang Can has seen this only once in so many years.

Yan Shi talked with them for three whole hours, until nine o'clock, the client still refused to answer the key question raised by Yan Shi directly.

Jiang Can was watching them all the time, and her brows became tighter and tighter when he spoke.
It was obvious that he was too tired to sit still.

Originally, this was a business that people were talking about, and Jiang Can never took care of it, but she couldn't bear it any longer.

She put down the coffee cup that she had been holding for an unknown amount of time, attracting the attention of Yan Shi and his clients.

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Jiang Can stepped forward, looking at Yan Shi and the client and said domineeringly:

“I'm sorry, this guest, it's already nine o'clock, and it's still raining heavily outside.
Our shop is going to close.”

Jiang Can is a female A.
In addition, she is a little angry, so the magnetic field she emits is very strong, and people who are targeted by it can't breathe.

The couple looked at Jiang Can's domineering appearance, the man immediately pulled up the woman:

“Lawyer Yan, it's too late today, let's talk tomorrow.”

As if running away, the couple left the coffee shop swiftly.

Yan Shi also heard Jiang Can's words just now, and quickly put away the documents on the table, picked up his briefcase, and looked apologetic.

“Boss Jiang, I'm really sorry to delay you from finishing work.”

Jiang Can waved her hand.
In fact, the store usually closes at seven o'clock, and Jiang Can has already told the shop assistants to go home from get off work.
Jiang Can's anger was not because of Yan Shi, but because of the couple just now.

“It's nothing.
I just saw that the couple went too far.
If you ask them that, they won't say anything.
Come on, it's not too early today.
Lawyer Yan should go home quickly.”

“I still have some documents that I haven't finished, and I have to go back to the office to deal with them.”

“Well, then you go quickly.”

Yan Shi nodded, walked to the door, raised his bag over his head to block the rain, and quickly walked to the opposite side.

After a while, Jiang Can saw through the floor-to-ceiling windows that a room on the second floor of the opposite office building was lit.

There happened to be the location of Ruifeng Law Firm, Jiang Can raised her eyebrows, it turned out that Yan Shi's office was there.

Jiang Can shrugged and was about to clear the cups on the table when suddenly there was a cell phone on the chair next to her.

Jiang Can picked it up and chuckled a little.
Her impression of Yan Shi is of a very careful person so how could he still lose his phone.

Putting it in her pocket, Jiang Can packed up the coffee cups on the table, ready to close the store and send the phone to Yan Shi.

Who knew that Jiang Can just put the cup into the disinfection cabinet, there was a huge thunder outside, it suddenly started to rain heavily, and the lights in the store suddenly went out.

The electricity in the office building is always on, and if the power is cut off in the store, then there must be a power cut at Ruifeng.

Yan Shi's cell phone is still here with Jiang Can.
There is no lighting at night, so you can imagine how terrifying it must be in the office building.

Jiang Can didn't have time to think, and ran to the opposite office building in the rain.

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