Chapter 5 – JK idol is interested in gyudon restaurant (part 1)

Weekend, I want to eat gyudon.

Just like any high school student.

After school on Friday, as usual, I went to the gyudon restaurant near the station.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

“Um, can you help me, please?”

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in front of me.

Although small, there was a strong aura emanating from her.

And her hair tied in a side tail with a blue bandana, along with red-framed glasses.

If it weren’t for the jersey she was wearing, I would have instantly known who she was.

“…Are you Sakurazaki?”

“Eh, you know?”

It was indeed Sakurazaki Nako.

But at first, I didn’t recognize her because she suddenly wore a jersey.

“You didn’t come to school today, did you have work?”

I’m currently busy with preparations for the next performance.”

“Oh, that must be tough.”

“So, um…
it’s not because I couldn’t hold it until next week or anything, but my work finished earlier today, and I decided to go to the station to spend my free time.
So I disguised myself completely, and coincidentally, I saw you.”

So she fully disguised herself with that jersey.

“Is it really a disguise? Isn’t that your casual outfit?”

“Huh? No way!”

“Not really.
You look like a cheesy commercial idol or something.”

“Ugh! In that case, I’m going home!”

“Oh, okay.
See you next week.”

“Wait a minute!”

I tried to hastily leave Sakurazaki, but she forcefully stopped me.

“It’s ridiculous.
I made the effort to come here to meet you, and you’re behaving like this?”

“Huh? You came to meet me? Not just to spend your free time?”

“Ugh, well…
not like that! I just wanted to spend my free time! So, what are your plans for today?”

“Umm, well…”

As expected, I couldn’t just take a girl to a gyudon restaurant.

But it was also impossible to go to a trendy cafe that I had never been to.


“Hey, are you holding back?”

“Huh, holding back?”

“Do you think you can’t take me to your destination?”

“…Well, I did think that.”

Sakurazaki grabbed my hand and walked alongside me.

“You’re not the type to pay too much attention to others.
I’d prefer it if you were more selfish and dragged me along.”

“Yeah, I see.

“So, where is your actual destination?”

“…It’s here.”

We had just arrived there.

There was a gyudon restaurant called “Sukoya” on the north and south sides of the station exit, but because the north exit was always crowded, I always went to Sukoya at the south exit.

“…H-here, w-what are you planning?”

“What do you mean? I just plan to eat and go home.”

“Eat?! U-uh, w-what-w-w-what.
Maybe you’ll…”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

I checked the direction she was looking at.

She was staring at the somewhat peculiar hotel next to the gyudon restaurant, and she blushed.

I was talking about this.”

I grabbed Sakurazaki’s head and tilted it, making her look towards the gyudon restaurant.

“Ha, eh?”

“I want to go here today.
It should be understandable.
You have strange fantasies, that’s why I don’t like teenage girls during puberty.”

“…Forget what I said earlier.”


“Forget what I said earlier.”

I felt an incredible pressure.

Translator: Janaka

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