“Nanamizawa, wait a minute.”

“….Kou, you…”


“You know, Kou, no matter how many times I express my feelings, it won't change.”

Nanamizawa continued walking without looking back.

“I can't reciprocate your feelings.”


I never thought Himahara-kun would care about me that much.

After coming home, I changed my clothes while reflecting on today.

“Nako, are you home?”

While lost in thought, my mother called me, and I snapped back to reality.


“…Did you play with your friends?”


My mother approached me with a face that seemed to know something.

“You didn't eat unhealthy things, did you?”

“I brought my own lunch, so I didn't buy anything.”

“…That's okay then.
But there's one more thing.”

My mother stroked my hair as she continued.

“Why did you come home at afternoon like this?”

“Huh? Um…
because it's Sunday and it's dangerous to be out when it's crowded, my friend said…”

“…Oh, I see.”

My mother stopped stroking my hair and left the room.

“Nako, take good care of that person.
Selfless men like him are rare.”

Wait, he, he's not…”

“You've also grown up a little, haven't you?”

I didn't hear my mother's last complaint, but I'm really curious how she knew it was a guy.


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