“Do you know why I'm so cautious?”


“Because I want to be with you for a longer time.”


“If there's any strange gossip, it will be the end for us.
Do you understand? We won't be able to play together anymore.”


“So, do you understand what I'm trying to say?”

Sakurazaki lowered her head and nodded slightly.

“Thank you for understanding, Sakurazaki.
You're amazing.”

Himahara-kun, I'm sorry for asking something selfish.”

Almost on the verge of tears, Sakurazaki grabbed onto the sleeve of my shirt.

“Come on, I'll walk you to the station.”


Enjoyable times always pass by quickly.

I felt the same.

Today, spending time at the zoo with Sakurazaki was truly enjoyable with all my heart.


“Sakurazaki, see you again.”

“…Yeah, see you again.”

Although we parted with a smile, Sakurazaki's smile felt far from genuine.


Suddenly, I called her to stop.

There was no particular reason why I did it.

“…Can I call you tonight?”


“Oh, maybe you're busy?”

“No! I want to! I'll call you as soon as I get home!”

It was the usual smile from Sakurazaki.

It felt as if I understood why Sakurazaki always wanted to make phone calls.

The desire to talk, even if there's no important topic.


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