If there's a gossip journalist here, and I'm touching your belly, it will become big news.
There'll be photo evidence in an article titled 'Sakirazaki Nako Pregnant?'”

“You worry too much, Himahara-kun.
And, about…
about pregnancy…”

Sakurazaki's cheeks suddenly turned red as she said this.

“Oh, so, between me and Himahara-kun, we did that, and the baby will…
um, maybe I'll ask Himahara-kun to name it.”

“What are you mumbling?”

Sakurazaki's face grew even redder, and she gently tapped my back.

Despite being hit, the two of us arrived in front of the baby panda.

“Look, there's a baby panda.”

“Wow, it's so cute!”

Indeed, at this size, the panda is undeniably adorable.

“When I appeared on a variety show, they had a segment about this panda, and I always wanted to see it in person.”

“So that's how it is.”

“Pandas are really cute, aren't they?”

With a gentle gaze, Sakurazaki was captivated by the panda.

It seemed like she wanted to keep looking, but because people started arriving, we eventually had to leave the panda exhibit.

“For me, you know, the animal I like the most is cats, but after that, I love pandas!”

So, cats are better?

Well, it's true that she has a strong fondness for stray cats while walking around.

“Alright, let's go to the next place!”

There were no signs that Sakurazaki's enthusiasm would wane today.

Translator: Janaka

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