rn, two bottles of milk can be bought on time.
The grandson of your neighbor, Aunt Wang’s, was born at the beginning of the year.
She said this The fresh milk at the milk station has been intermittent for several months, and it has not been supplied normally, it is better when we are born in Zhen Zhen.”

Wang Sufen couldn’t help touching her nose when she heard the words and said with a sly smile: “It’s a pity that Zhen Zhen doesn’t eat milk, and everyone who came back told me to drink it, it’s a waste.”

“That’s your milk.” Mrs.
Li didn’t feel bad about the two bottles of milk money at all: “How can milk be raised by mother’s milk, so you can drink it steadily, and feed me Zhen Zhen so that it’s white and fat.
Both are strong.” Picking up Zhen Zhen, Mrs.
Li gently shook her: “Is it my eldest granddaughter!”

Zhen Zhen: Hiccup…

“Oh, listen, hiccup.” Mrs.
Li laughed as if she had discovered a new world: “Come on, let’s hiccup again.”

Zhen Zhen tightly closed her small mouth, and shook her head firmly:…hic…

Li laughed again, Zhen Zhen’s face flushed with shame, she was wondering if she was crying to divert Mrs.
Li’s strange laugh, when she heard a loud shout from outside: “Milk, hurry up, the street Supplies are here.”

After hearing this, Mrs.
Li hurriedly put Zhen Zhen into Wang Sufen’s arms, walked back to the house, took out the key in her waist, opened the box, took out the food book and various bills, and took out an embroidered handkerchief and opened it.
Carry a stack of money.

Li can’t trot.
Li Mingdong’s four brothers and sweet-scented osmanthus are the main force of shopping.
Mingdong took the money and went straight to the grain store with the grain book and the grain ticket.
Li Mingxi went straight to the meat shop with the meat ticket.
The two brothers put the non-staple food tickets in a pocket and rushed out with a basket.

Li was fidgeting and waiting at home, opening the door for a while and looking out, and sitting in Wang Sufen’s room for a while, but what she said was obviously not in line with the foreword, and she looked absent-minded.
Wang Sufen, who has been home for more than 20 years, naturally knew what Mrs.
Li was thinking about, and quickly persuaded: “If there is Muwu in the grain store, how can you buy enough grain; Mingxi runs fast, he will go there.
Buying meat is designated to be at the top of the list.”

“You’re right.” Mrs.
Li nodded and stood up again: “I’ll take a look.” Mrs.
Li stood at the door and waited for more than two hours, Zhen Zhen tried her best to restrain her drowsiness and silently She counted the number of times she opened the door.
Finally, when Mrs.
Li opened the door for the fifty-eighth time, the four brothers Li Mingdong came back carrying rice bags and pushing the cart, chatting and laughing.

“What did you buy?” Madam Li looked at the large piece of pork in the car and was very happy.

Li Mingdong put the rice bag in the corner, patted the soil on his body and said with a grin, “Each family sells two months’ worth of grain, two months’ worth of meat, and also buys a tael or two of sesame oil, a pound of Half a catty of sugar, a pound of salt, half a catty of peanuts and 2 taels of melon seeds, and a tael of sesame paste and a tael of tea leaves.”

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Li nodded again and again, smiled and said, “Okay, alright, hurry up and move to the kitchen, I will lock it in the cabinet.” As she spoke, she flipped through the basket containing the sundries, and there were some peppers, aniseed, and soda noodles class of things.
As for the more than ten kilograms of Chinese cabbage in the car, because the Li family also grows a lot, they don’t think it is too rare.

Li Mingbei put the things away, leaned over and said, “Mom, I see that the non-staple food store also has cakes and biscuits.
Give me the snack ticket, and then give me some money.
I’ll buy half a catty of biscuits?”

Li thought about the money left in the family, and shook her head firmly: “Your sister is still young and can’t eat biscuits and pastries.
What do you buy that for?”

“I can eat it!” Li Mingbei protested with grief and indignation: “I’m only eight years old, and I’m still a cute child.
Why do I have to have two cookies a day.”

Li slapped Li Mingbei aside with a slap: “I think it’s beautiful! Even such a big person still wants to eat biscuits? Go and eat your sweet potatoes!”

With white noodles and pork, this year will be better.
Li happily locks the white rice and white noodles in the cabinet in the study, leaving only cornmeal, dried sweet potatoes, sorghum noodles and other grains outside.

After packing up her things, Mrs.
Li turned her head again and saw her little grandson following behind her like an eggplant beaten by frost, so she thought about finding something to do for him: “Go catch two more fish and come back.”

“You can pull it down.” Li Mingbei was very clever: “Since my brother and I caught seven fish last time, many people go to the river to dig holes for fishing every day.
I didn’t catch any fish either, so I guess my two trips were coincidences.”

“Let’s go.” Mrs.
Li patiently coaxed him: “It’s just playing, no matter what comes up, the milk will make dumplings for you tomorrow, pork and cabbage.”

Li Mingbei was immediately happy when he heard the cabbage and pork dumplings: “Second brother, third brother, the milk said that the fish will be made for dumplings tomorrow, pork and cabbage!”

As soon as Li Mingxi heard that, he pushed the workbook forward, grabbed the big padded jacket and ran out: “Then why don’t you hurry up.”

Li Mingbei packed three large pancakes from the pot, wrapped them in paper and carried them in his arms.
Before leaving, he didn’t forget to turn around to ensure, “We won’t bring any deceivers!”

“Go, let’s go, I promise not to lie to you.” Mrs.
Li happily took the silly grandchildren away, and hid the meat somewhere, leaving only a half-pound hanging under the beam of the house, ready for Making dumplings tomorrow.

The Yongcui River that crosses Beicha District is frozen solid.
The thick ice layer is half a meter thick.
A group of half-year-old children are skating, playing ice, and playing with sledges.
It seems that I don’t know the taste of trouble.

In the past, Li Mingbei would definitely have to rush over for a game of Bingga, but today he was so full of dumplings that he didn’t even hear his friends calling him.

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To fish in winter, you must first dig an ice hole.
In order to prevent people from falling, the locals have a custom to dig holes in a fixed area.
Because there are many people who come to fish every day, the ice cave can’t be frozen.
Li Mingxi found a long stick and poked it twice, and the ice layer was opened.

Three ice caves were opened in a row, and the three brothers squatted beside them with a fishing basket and a fishing rod.
Li Mingxi also made a small net to catch fish inside.

After the three of them ate the big cakes brought by Li Mingbei, they squatted on the ice to fish seriously.
The time passed by and the sun was about to set, but the three of them didn’t even see any fish scales.
Li Mingbei patted the fishing rod in frustration: “Otherwise, if we get up at four tomorrow, I don’t believe that we can’t catch a fish.”

Li Mingnan sighed, stretched out his hand to pull the fish basket up, suddenly felt his hand sink, and immediately laughed: “Hurry up and help, there are fish in the fish basket, it’s quite heavy, I guess it’s a big fat head .”

Li Mingbei threw the fishing rod and rushed over to help pull the fish basket out and threw it on the ice, only to see a four or five pound turtle falling out of the fish basket, motionless, not knowing whether it was dead or alive.

Li Mingnan asked hesitantly, “I caught the tortoise, are there any dumplings to eat tomorrow?”

Li Mingbei nodded unconfidently: “It should be possible, this stew should also be quite nourishing.”

Hibernating Turtle:  …

The author has something to say:

small theater:

Turtle: Who am I? Where am I? Can you spare our turtles!

Kaka: Isn’t this a coincidence!

Turtle: My grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was cut off by you in Nancha Village! New hatred and old hatred, what do you say?

Kaka: Didn’t he cut off his children? Where did you come from? Are you a bastard?

Turtle: …let me cook it!

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