is an organization that arranges jobs for callers.
Players will be the first to belong to it in Abyss Calling.


In addition to job placement, the Caller Guild can buy and sell followers’ items, mediate between masters and apprentices, gather information, and occasionally hold events.
In the first place, it is said that one must join the Caller Guild to be recognized as a caller in the eyes of the public.


This would be a good place for me to go, as I am not yet familiar with this world, even though I am familiar with the Abyss Calling.


Thanks to the street lamps, my footsteps were certain.
We soon arrived at the Caller Guild.


The Caller Guild is not a very large building.


It’s still much larger than a private home, but it looks smaller than it is because it’s sandwiched between the Mage Guild and the Warrior Guild, which are so huge that you can look up at them.


In the world of AbyCall, the caller is a rare profession compared to mages and warriors.


Since AbyCall is a game in which you become a caller, wizards and warriors only occasionally appear as one of the enemy or friendly units, but when you look at the buildings in real life, you can clearly see the difference in scale.


It was still nighttime, but there were not a few pedestrians in front of the guild.
People in fantastic armor and robes were going in and out of the guilds on both sides.




Come to think of it, where do we stay… I thought about it while Nanashino was gawking at the sight.


It’s not specifically mentioned in the game.
I’m getting hungry and I have no money.
No real money, no game money.


Do I have to manage those troublesome aspects of reality by myself? 


What a hassle.
I am not very good at such proactive actions.


As I was making a difficult expression, a shadow that was flickering at my feet spoke to me in an arrogant manner.


“Don’t worry, my Master.
As long as I am here, the Master has no enemies.”


“…I guess so.”


I swallowed the words, ‘well, then, you’d better find an inn, make some money, feed me, and bring me a magic stone.’


It would be pointless to tell Silent, and I was not one to do anything meaningless.
Of course, it would be pointless to tell Nanashino.


Anyway, I made a proposal to Silent, who was full of motivation.

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“Silent, you’re in the way, so get on my head.
Can you get smaller?”


“…It’s easy.”


Silent’s body shimmered, changing from half my height to the size of a mouse.
With a big jump, he landed on my head.


As I had expected, Silent felt almost weightless.
He’s a shadow, so it’s natural, but at this size, he wouldn’t stand out.


Taking a small breath, I opened the large door to the Caller Guild entrance by pressing my body against it.




“Caller Guild welcomes two new members.”



The Caller Guild is open 24 hours a day.
We were able to register without any problems.


Apparently, there was no need to pay anything (not even in-game), and I was able to register my name with the guild without any difficulty.
However, this is only possible because we already had a follower with us, and apparently, only callers can register to the Caller Guild, but that’s not important.


Nanashino, with a big smile on her face, wore a pendant around her neck with a seven-pointed star on it, a sign of a caller.
The seven colors glittered on her moderately heaving chest.


Female callers are probably rare, and when they are beautiful girls, their rarity value must be even higher.
The men callers gathered a short distance away from the scene, casting glancing glances at each other.


I don’t know if it’s because she’s Japanese, or if she’s always been that way, or if it’s because of her upbringing, but even to my not-so-savvy eye, Nanashino’s appearance seems defenseless.


You can do whatever you want, just don’t bring trouble to me.


Nanashino, who was already looking completely flirtatious from the outside, asked me in a casual tone.


“Hey, Blogger-san.
What about today’s lodging?”


“I think I’d like to sell Nanashino out and use the money to stay at a luxury hotel.”




Perhaps sensing the seriousness of my words, Nanashino became a little dejected.


Therefore, I asked her about what I was thinking for a while.


“Hey, Nanashino.
I was wondering if we could survive without food.
What do you think?”


“…Eh? Normally, we will die…”


A cute sound came from Nanashino’s belly with a well-timed squeak, and vermilion appeared on her cheeks.


As expected… You think we’re going to die…


“No, it’s not that I don’t have any common sense or anything, it’s just that in the game there is no such thing as eating.”


You don’t think you’ll die without eating, right? I mean, in the game, the followers die, but the players don’t.


Nanashino kept her voice down and said dismissively.


“…I, for one, don’t think Blogger-san has enough common sense.
Aren’t you hungry?”


“I am, but I think it’s just my imagination.”


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“…There’s no way that’s possible.”


“From the sound of Nanashino’s stomach, it doesn’t seem like that.”




Now, however, if that’s the case, I’m in trouble.


There are two main ways to get in-game money in AbyCall.


Receive a request in the guild, achieve it, and get a reward.


Defeat a demon and sell its drop.
If you play the game properly, you will end up with a huge surplus of money, so I was never worried about it, but it is a hassle if I have to eat.


It was still nighttime.


I didn’t feel tired because of the tension, but I needed to rest because I had to think about the future and there were many things I had to do.


Suddenly, my gaze turned toward the bar attached to the guild.
It was night, but there were a number of drunken callers there.


Most of them were men.
I came up with a nice idea for the NPCs who seemed to be uselessly free.






“Why don’t you to that bar over there, hang out with the guys, and ask them for some money?”


I thought I could get by with a glass of wine or light touch and a little coaxing.


Nanashino looked blank for a moment at my words, but then her face immediately turned bright red.
It was not embarrassment, but anger.


“Hah? Blogger-san, do you even know what you are saying right now?!”


“You don’t like it? Don’t you want to?”




Biting her lip, Nanashino shook with anger.
Iris’s Single Cavalry drew his sword and pointed it at us.

“Rather than not wanting to do it…Why should I do that–“


“No, you’re just following me around, you don’t seem to know anything, and you’re not being very helpful, so I thought I’d help you out a little bit.”


At this rate, it would be a long time before Nanashino became useful.


But well, certainly, I don’t have delicacy.
I guess I shouldn’t have said that to a girl of her age.
…I’ll be careful.


I lightly tapped Nanashino’s shoulder, who was no longer looking at me even with murderous intent.


“Whatever, it’s fine.
I’m going to go make some money, so, Nanashino, you can rest around here for a bit.
You must be tired.”


“…That, ah, yes.”


Still unable to contain her anger, Nanashino replied bluntly.


Let’s go outside for now.
And let’s walk in the dark where there are few people.
It was too much trouble to go out of the city now, but from what I’d seen, there were some ruffians.


Let’s get Silent to be useful as soon as possible.

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