angible villain who planned to attack me and dragged me into the back alley and violated me?


“Oi, do you really like that kind of thing? The image of an elf in my mind is crumbling apart, are you fine with that?”


Naoya, nice to meet you! I’m the former store manager!”


“So my predecessor is someone this beautiful but doesn’t like to hear others huh.
By the way, if you know I’m not a suspicious person, wouldn’t you please leave my neck alone?”


 Chloe put her sword in the scabbard, apologizing for her making a scene earlier.


 The first otherworld resident I met was an elf, and the former store manager, who almost chop off my neck


 …… I wonder if communicating in this world is this difficult?


Naoya, are we going to open the store today?”


“You see … you don’t need to use honorifics.
Just like what I said earlier.
This is my first day and I’m just checking the situation before I open the business.”


“D-don’t tell me I’m going to be fired? I-is it because I pointed my sword at your head? I’m sorry that I’m very unladylike!”


“Ah geez, you aren’t fired.
You can be the lady whose pulling these cart.”


 We were talking in the parking lot, or should I call it a soil field or plaza.


 I heard a rattling sound and turned my head to see a group of people coming toward us from the end of the road.


 There were two carts and a group of women who looked like farmers.


 Here come the 2nd otherworld people that I’m gonna meet today- or rather, 8th people?


 But the impact of Chloe, who suddenly confronted me with a sword and was too flashy, is so strong that the farmer ladies look normal.
Also, their ears aren’t pointed.


“Sigh, alright, let’s try to grasp today’s situation.
I don’t know If those ladies were as strong as Chloe …”


 I, Naoya Taniguchi, the man appointed manager for the first time in my life., shivering with a shudder.


 It’s no wonder I get a faraway look in my eyes when I think of the difficult road ahead.



 I’ve been entrusted with the Aiwon Mall Isekai BranchStore, a store that makes no sense at all, and the previous manager is such a clumsy piece of work.


“Monthly target of 100 million yen, huh”


 Chloe left the parking lot to pick up the ladies.


 We meet up with them and they’re happily talking over a cart full with a lot of vegetables in their hands.


“No, I don’t wait and think about it.
The documents I stopped looking at on the way summarized the situation of the Aiwon Mall Isekai Branch Store.
And the business will start from now on.
First of all, I understand the current situation.
Yeah, that’s right.”


 Don’t worry, I’ll manage, I muttered to myself encouragingly.


  At any rate, I headed inside the Aiwon Mall Isekai Branch Store to get a glimpse of the daily life there.


 No, it’s a hassle to say hello to the ladies, or because it would be too much trouble if I were too dense, you know?


 If they know that I’m the new store manager and look different than the usual store manager, there would be an unnecessary observation from their side.


 This is my speculation, yes, it’s called an undercover investigation.


 I feel like my shoulders are slumping, but it’s just my imagination.
I’m sure it’s just my imagination.


“……..I want to go home.”


Back inside the Aiwon Mall Isekai Branch Store, I mutter to myself.


……..I hope no one hears me.

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