Chapter 5

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Episode 2-1 No, let me go home! What the heck is this world! There’s so many dangerous monsters here.


The next morning.

I woke up early in the morning at Aion Isekai Mall then I walked outside.

Not for a morning walk.


“My goodness-, the air is so fresh! Just as I thought, there is only a forest around! The main road is not made from asphalt but soil, I can only see mother nature as far as I can see !”


I went out to see if this was really a different world.

It was dark last night so I couldn’t see really well.


The building is surrounded by forest.

However, there is a clear path only for the front entrance of Aion Mall, and the soil only area on the left and right

The road is quite wide with a size of two average sized vehicles.

Until now, there weren’t any cars, carriages, or people passing by.


Looking ahead of the road, I can see something like farmland widespread.

It’s something like wheat or something similar, I doubt if that was a rice field.

It grows the same kind of grain field and grows in the same way, it seems that it is not a naturally grown farmland but a well-developed farmland.

I didn’t succeed as a farmer, but my Grandpa was a full pledged farmer.


Unlike the blue coloured moon last night, the sun looks normal.

Neither the sun, the surrounding forests, nor the road in front of me can convince me this is a different world with my subtle knowledge.

Even in the countryside of Japan, there may be flat land with forests and well-maintained dirt roads.

Some roads may have no tires signs or road signs.
Is there?


“Maybe this is a magnificent prank, and I’m just being deceived! There may be a view like this in Hokkaido! Yes, I’m sure of it!”


However, that’s not true.

At least, even in the early morning, Aiwon Mall can’t build a store along the road where cars can’t pass for this much time.

And … I look back and look at the parking lot.

Honestly, I don’t want to believe it.

It’s quite obvious just looking at the space in the parking lot.


“This kind of parking lot is strange even in Japan …”


The usual Aiwon parking lot has the security’s cars and people who came to work to prepare for opening are parked in the parking lot even in the early morning.

Usually there’s a car left overnight, lamented by a certain uncle as the security.


But the parking lot that I saw in front of me was empty.

Or rather, the parking lot is not an ordinary parking lot.

There is no concrete separator that separates the parking space and no white line is drawn.

On the contrary, some are asphalt and most are soil.

This is not a parking lot, but a leveled ground.

Asphalt is laid from the dirt road to the front entrance of Aiwon Mall, the customer’s drop-off point and the parking space for wheelchair users.

Also, the sidewalk around the Aiwon Mall building and its vicinity.


“I don’t think it’s like this in Japan.
Well, it’s a different world after all, at least somewhere in foreign country.”


I sighed and looked up at the sky.


A big, colorful bird was flying.


“……What the-?”


A bird that gracefully flies in the blue sky, flapping its wings.

I stare at the figure in a daze.


Then, a creature jumped out of the clouds toward the colorful bird.

A sudden dogfight occurred there.


“The creature that just came out … it’s really … like a wyvern … oh, the flashy bird blew fire.
Wow, the wyvern’s tail is like a spear.”


The colorful bird that flew away from a Wyvern-like creature.

It blew fire to the approaching Wyvern and resisted, but in the end it was pierced by the Wyvern’s Tail.

The dogfight that started abruptly ended quickly.


The Wyvern that slowly flies in the sky with a colorful bird attached to the tip of its tail.

I saw it off with my mouth agape.


“Hol ‘up, there’s no way an amazing creature like that lives in foreign countries! You know what? No matter what Ithink, it’s a Wyvern! The flashy birds were also blowing fire!”


Though I screamed like that, no one answered me.


Apparently, this is really an Aiwon Mall in another world.


“Seriously, I think I’m imagining things.
It’s really connected to another world, they really send me to another world.”


I crouch down, hold my knees and mutter.

Naoya Taniguchi, 24 years old, has been an Aion Co., Ltd.
employee for three year.


I still don’t know why they chose me.

I didn’t graduate from a prestigious university, so why did I join a prestigious company like Aiwon?

Moreover, the seniors and juniors who are all the employees are from top universities.

The aunts of the part-time job said, “Naoya is a good boy!” “I’m sure the result of your interview is going to be good!”


“I’m sure the result of your interview was good!”, “It seems interesting to do business in another world!”, “I don’t have a family, and the summer bugs that fly into the fire are the ones waiting for me!”


Guooooo! I hold my head while groaning.

Correction: My Hair gets caught between the ring and the finger and that was the cause.

I was in tears because it hurt.

You see, it was me who said I wanted to work in a different world, and I didn’t want to go home.


“No, please let me go home! What the heck is this world! There’s so many dangerous monsters here.!”


I did the [orz] pose and shouted.

I really wanted someone to answer my shout.

And the only thing I can do is wait for half a year to communicate back to Japan.

Even if I wanted to retire from Aiwon Co., Ltd I won’t be able to go home until the transfer gate is connected back.


I don’t know how long I can endure this.

It’s a rare experience that I’ve a high income, and it may be fun to do business in another world.
Even though I thought that was a joke, I can’t blame anyone but myself for circling that option.

I told myself to calm down many times and I finally calmed down.


If Ms.
Iori’s story is true, I’ll be connected in half a year.
Meanwhile I’m in a different world, let’s work and have fun.
Let’s see, this may be a sword and a magic fantasy world! Maybe there are beautiful women with big breasts, and Elves! ”


Finally I raised my face and stood up.


There was a person equipped with armor in front of me.


That person’s sword struck right before my throat.


“Who are you!”



…… Ah, the translation ring seems to be working.
I understood the armored person’s words properly.
I’m not sure if magic exists here, but there are swords and armor.
It’s very fantasy-ish.

It ’s not good! That person glaring at me with very sharp eyes! My life depends on my reply! It seems my confusion is transmitted too!


…………I want to go home.

I want to go back to Japan at Aiwon Mall Kasugano branch store.

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