“I’m glad the toilet works … the water came out and it was clear too, I’ll be fine! No- that’s not it!”


My voice echoes in Aion Mall hall.

The echo made me a bit lonely but, it is what it is.


After checking if the toilet works, I was lying on the mattress in the tenant space.

Charge my smartphone and make sure if the internet works or not.


“The signal is gone, I can’t make any phone calls or mail.
Electricity and water are working.
I tried it at the food court before and I could use the stove ….
rather than a gas stove, the fire powered by something like a small stone.”


The food court stove was the first otherworldly tool I saw at the [Aion Mall Isekai Branch Store].

I want to ask something about it but I’m alone here.

It seems I really can’t contact anyone from Japan for the next half year.


“When tomorrow comes, I have to stack another basket trolley, check the power generator facility and water maintenance facility, and see the outside of the building when the sun is up.
The rest is …”


I lay down on my back and looked up at the ceiling.

Since I turned on the electricity in this space a while ago, I can see the dazzling light.

It’s as bright as a normal Aion Mall during working hours.

Honestly, it’s just like the regular Aion Mall, just in a different world.


“I wonder if I should read this document.
At least until I fall asleep.”


I grab the envelope that was affixed to the basket trolley.

It’s already late at night and I’m also tired, but now that I have secured a place to sleep, maybe just take a look for a bit.

I thought it was a joke at first when they questioned whether to work in a “different world” as the place to work, there is no way I expected this! If you don’t read the documents of Aion Co., Ltd.
properly, that’s a bad sign!


I proceeded to sit then tear open the envelope seal.

I can see a bunch of thick documents inside.


“First, how about- … something about what happened in Japan?”


At the top of the stack of documents was a document that looked like something addressed personally to me.

Let’s take a quick look.


…… Seriously?

It seems that Aion.Co.Ltd will manage my house when I’m away.

Not only the place I lived in, but also cleaning the purlin and cleaning the large garden.

After I started working, I paid a part-time job to the old couple next door, and let the main house and garden to them.

Because it was a former farmer’s house, the garden is awfully vast.


“I don’t really want to change my residential document, I’ve got an idea! How about I just stay in this world! … no, just kidding.


No matter how many questions I asked.
No one answered me anyway.

I should have caught Ms Iori before she got away! If I do that, I won’t be alone here! I should say this when she was questioning me, “You don’t feel sorry to leave me all alone here, right?” I’m just playing here! Please forgive me!


The sudden motivation shattered in no time.

A mattress and a folded bath towel instead of a pillow laid beneath me.


“It doesn’t feel like a different world … Well, what makes me curious in the end is ….
Is there any letter mentioning salary raise?”


After I said that, I noticed the amount of salary increase and additional allowance.

Holy cow.


“Holy sh- … it’s increased that much …?”


What was written there was that my salary increased more than double.

Salary increases due to transfer, promoted to manager and allowance as the person in charge of the goods.
They seem to want me to take care of another world.


“Oi, the heck with taking care of another world This is completely the company’s responsibility! You’re sending me to a different world on behalf of the company’s name! They must have lost some screws on their head!”


I’m rolling around with a sudden headache because I forgot how cunning the company is.

Well, I said, [I think doing a business in another world seems interesting!], And I was the one who put an answer in the [Another World] section.


“But with this amount of income! I can buy a new car! Well duh of course I can’t! Because I’m in another world! Even if my annual income doubles, I can’t use it!”


I felt drafty when on the mattress.

Now that I mentioned it, I haven’t seen any cars in the parking space earlier, if I’m already in another world, that means my car wasn’t here either.

It was stated that in the document, they will also take care of my car.

This is exhausting! My goodness, I wanted someone to explain all the situations!


“Ah, probably I’ll only partially use that money.
In the end I’ll save up the unused money.”


For the time being, it seems that they are trying to avoid any inconvenience in Japan or here.

It’s weird but, just flipping through the pages kind of soothes my mind.


“Next thing is … what is this? They lend me- a ring?”


It seems that they will lend me something like a ring, which is an asset of Aion Co., Ltd.

I picked up the envelope that was just thrown out next to the mattress.

When I shake it lightly, I hear a rattling noise.


“Is this the ring?”


Inside the Zip-bag, there was a ring decorated with a rugged motif.

A number of letter-like sculptures — no, is it something like engraving?The wide part of the ring is engraved with a small blue jewel.

When I tried it on, it was perfect on my middle finger.


“I don’t understand why they lend me something like….


As I wondered, I checked the documents.

…… It seems that this ring has a certain effect.


“This is a fantasy item that’s able to translate the language? Oh right, another world language.
How convenient.”


If I put this on, it seems that I can understand what the other person said.
And vice versa.

At last, when I can understand the language of this world like how I understood Japanese.


“I’m really exhausted! I haven’t sorted out my personal belongings, at least I have a place to live and a job.
I’m also able to understand the other world’s language, and now I can live in another world! Hahahaha!”


After that, I collapsed on the mattress.

Rolls around.


Translation ring, huh.

For now, I don’t know if this thing works or not.
There aren’t any phone signals either.


“Let’s think about it tomorrow.
Well, it’s today because the date has changed.
I don’t know if the day is 24 hours.
Well, let’s think about it all tomorrow.”


I just lay down on my stomach and do nothing.

There’s still some documents left.

I haven’t checked the translation ring either.

I haven’t checked the power generation facilities and water maintenance facilities, and I haven’t seen everything inside the Mall.


But I decided to do it all out tomorrow.

Today, I worked hard all day at the Aion Mall Kasugano branch store, and when I thought about going home, I couldn’t understand why, and it’s already around 3 o’clock in the middle of the night or I should say early dawn.


“I can’t afford to stay up all night before the grand opening …”


Maybe because of the different environment here, which Ms.
Iori said about this different world?

I let go of my consciousness without being excited about the fascinating situation of staying in a vacant tenant at Aion Mall.


A long long day is over.


“Ah, I haven’t eaten supper yet … -wait, what kind of food does this world have?”

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