t the same time.








“It looks really similar, but it’s not the same as the Aweon Mall at Kasugano branch store.
It’s slightly different.”




I pushed the basket trolley that made a rattling sound then I got out to the backyard, and I make sure there wasn’t anything there.


At first glance, it looks really similar, but every Aweon Mall is different depending on the store.


The backyard where I went to was different from the Ion Mall Kasugano branch store.




“Whether it’s a different world or not, there’s no doubt that I transferred without knowing it.
Hello, anyone there?”




According to Ms.
Iori, “The Aweon Mall Isekai branch Store’s light is very dim compared to the rest of the branch stores”.


It is in a night lighting mode that is used when the business times are closed by dimly lit to indicate that the store was already closed.

The exit door where I came out of was a small stairway eight beside the escalator, which was originally a ‘dead end’ tenant space that used to be as specialty stores.


I don’t hear any answer from my shouting.




“I don’t see any security guards either.
The security post’s shutters are closed too.
I don’t don’t mind being alone like this, it’s just like the usual Aweon Mall when it’s out of the business hours.
To be honest I’m still confused about this other world thing.”




All I could hear was the echoes of my voice and the rattling sound of the basket trolley.


The shutters are shut everywhere, both the tenant facing the aisle to the tenant at the end of the aisle.


I tried looking inside the tenant from the grid-shaped shutters, it was empty.


Then I looked up at the atrium.




“Is it the same three-story building as the Aweon Mall Kasugano branch store? That means the food court is on the second floor and the supermarket department is on the other side.
Where should I sleep today?”




The couch for customers that’s right in front of me tempts me to rest there.


But I ignored it and went back to the backyard.


I found the elevator and I decided to go upstairs.




“There may be monsters in a different world! No, I actually saw them! If I’m not wrong, there’s a dragon on top of the building!”



I opened the shutter of the tenant space on the second floor, whispering.


I’m surprised at how loud I am.


Then I looked up.




“I wasn’t scared by the dragon! I’m just tired and sleepy, but I’ll take a quick look around just in case! … I guess there’s a toilet nearby.”



I pushed the basket trolley into the empty tenant space and lowered the mattress that was piled up inside.


I also took down the cardboard that was in the basket.


The bed was the type that can be assembled easily and the other parts were in another basket trolley, but I won’t assemble it today.
I don’t have any stamina or energy to do some physical activity.




“Okay! I’m ready to lay down my bed and clothes! As long as I didn’t release the shutter, monsters won’t come in, and I’ve secured a safe place to rest! It’s a minimalistic necessity!”




Ah, I miss my home.


I want to go back to the place where my grandfather used to take care of me.

Well, there is no one waiting when I go home.
Because most of my personal belongings were brought here without my permission.




Shaking off the temptation of a bare mattress without sheets cover, I went out into the aisle with a big flashlight in my hand.


The shutter is half-open so I can run in case of emergency.




“Night patrol in the mall … I don’t need to use the toilet for now.
Or rather, I have to check the toilet if it’s working or not.”




I’ve done a lot of one man dialogue recently, but I can’t help it.


On the other hand, please let me know if there is anyone to accompany me in the quiet and dim Aweon Mall Isekai branch store instead of talking to myself.




I went to see if the toilet was working or not in my thoughts.


If I can’t use it, it would be a trouble to do the bigger business.




“Electricity can be used and that’s cool! I hope the usual clean and comfortable toilet in Aion Mall works!”




Inside of Aweon Mall on a dim night.


Grabbing a big flashlight, I head to the bathroom.


While praying that no one should be there so I can check the toilet.
I-it’s not like I’m scared of anything!

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