The store manager in the third year of joining the company.
The subordinates are human beings in this world.


“I will not be able to contact you until half a year after the is connected, so I will leave the management of the Aiwon Mall Isekai store to Mr.
Taniguchi, who will be the store manager.”


“It’s up to me !? By the way, how much is the target sales …?”


“It is 100 million yen a month when converted to Japanese yen.”

“100 millio-”


“In this world, at least in this country’s calendar, one month is 30 days.
One year is 12 months, and it seems to be adjusted with a leap month once every few years.
However, no leap month is available in the near future.
There is also daily target sales, roughly 3.34 million per day.


“3.34 mil.
What if I can’t afford- … that, you just said that only a part of the supermarket department is open.”


“Yes, that’s right.
You will be connected to Japan once every six months.
At that time, you can bring in supplies and prepare the products here.
However, since the gate connection can’t be opened for a long time, you should purchase or re-stock in one go.
Please remember it, the next stock is in another six months.


“Wait a sec …? Isn’t the hurdle for sales targets high? Only part of the supermarket department is open, and the purchasing time lag is half a year.”


“And I brought in Mr.
Taniguchi’s personal belongings over there.”


“Thank you then? … My personal belongings?”


“Since you don’t have any place to sleep yet, we will allow you to live in an empty tenant space as a special case.
Time is running out.”


“Eh, hey”


“Please ask the former store manager who will come to work tomorrow for detailed work.
Oh yeah, Mr.
If you do not reach the monthly sales target of 100 million yen, the Aiwon Mall Isekai store will be closed.
Even in that case, won’t be opened anytime you want.
Please be sure to secure the transfer gate.


“What? No, wait a minute! What happens if I don’t secure it !?”


“The gate is weakened and it is difficult to return.”


With that said, the light of the geometric pattern disappeared.

Iori also disappeared.

Sometimes my question was passed through because she didn’t have time.


All that was left was me, my personal belongings, and the items that seemed to be brought in.

Also, Aiwon Mall Isekai store.

Moreover, the monthly sales target is 100 million yen.


“Ahhhhh !? It’s too difficult, isn’t it! Mrs.
Iori has disappeared, eh, then this is really a different world !? Suddenly transferred to another world is too crazy!”

I scream while rolling around in the place where Mrs.
Iori disappeared.

It’s too eccentric, but it can’t be helped if you’re in this situation.

By the way, I couldn’t see the graffiti pattern where the light went out.


“Ahhhhh! What should I do from tomorrow on! Before that, what should I do tonight! Kuu, why did I say that in the interview at that time! Ahhhhh!”


I roll around.

No way, this is not happening,



Naoya Taniguchi, 24 years old.

Aiwon employee in the third year of working life.


It seems that I will be the manager of the AiwonMall Isekai store starting tomorrow.

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