“Wait- wait a minute.
Why is there an AIWON Mall in a different world? Or is it really a different world?”


 I instinctively said a one man tsukkomi (retort) in a loud voice.


 I tried to see my surroundings to make sure if I’m really alone.


 Well, in this situation, I’d be happy if someone was there, no matter what kind of person they are.


“Should I go inside for the time being? There are big rabbits and dragons outside.
Anyway, a sudden first encounter with a dragon! It should be the last boss encounter!”


 Looking up at the roof of AIWON Mall from the parking space.


 Next to the AIWON sign on the rooftop, I can see a creature with a rounded silhouette.


 Red scales, large wings that can hide it’s torso even though it is folded, horns that grow from it’s forehead, and a lizard-like facial shape.


“That’s a dragon isn’t it? Or just the evolution of a certain lizard with a fire on its tail ? -ahaha”


 Let’s stop escaping from reality.


 No matter how I see it, it’s a dragon.


 The moon is blue, the Milky Way is swirling, my surroundings are forests, there are dragons on the roof, and AIWON Mall is here.


 Oh, it seems that the front entrance is not a forest.


“What’s this … hey, there are a lot of good things that are better than being transferred to a different world! The flying AIWON mall! No, the different world isn’t good either!”


 I yelled at the Mall building.


The Light is on, somehow I saw the familiar LED light turn on in front of me.


Huh? It’s turned on? Isn’t it strange? What about electricity?”


 That’s it.


 If this is a different world, it is strange that the lights are on.


 Anyway, I decided to enter AIWON Mall from the employee only entrance.


I didn’t see anyone in the parking space except me, I’m not really sure but I guess there may be other people too.


 The entrance for employees is right behind the mall building.


 Immediately after entering, I saw the carry-in entrance with the shutter closed.


 There’s supposed to be a trolley to bring the product for the customers.
Rather than a trolley, there was graffiti drawn on the ground shining dimly.


“This graffiti is suspicious.”


 There was a small shake when I passed the entrance a while ago.


 The graffiti that shouldn’t have been there in the morning began to shine after I’m inside the building.


 It’s following me around the aisle right beside my feet.


 I should have been at the AIWON Mall at the Kasugano prefecture branch store, but when I went outside right after the shaking and a flash of light, it was a different world.
I’m still skeptical about this different world stuff.


 Considering the situation, this glowing graffiti is suspicious.


 With that in mind, I approached the graffiti.


 The graffiti has geometric patterns with circles, lines and unreadable characters.


“… No way, is this a magic circle? Ah, I wonder.
It’s a different world even though there is AIWON mall and electricity is on.”


“Good work”


“Oh, thank you for your hard work”


“It looks like you’ve arrived safely.
Now, I’ll explain what you should do after you arrive.”


“Ah, thank you … Huh? Hol’ up!”


 Suddenly someone spoke to me.


 There was no one until a while ago.


 Suddenly, someone was talking to me out of nowhere.


“Dear customers, this is an employee aisle … That’s not it! Oi, who are you !? What is this! Is this really a different world !? And you know who I am !? “


“Of course I know.
I came to explain Mr.
Taniguchi’s work.
Nice to meet you, or not.
I’m Iori from the personnel department.”


“Iori! That Mrs.
Iori! The incompetent personnel who can’t write inquiries by giving me a notice paper that the store name can’t be read, saying [You are moved to AIWON Mall branch store at *#@] !”


“You won’t believe me if I said that straight to your face.
By the way, that is the character of this country.
By the way, Mr.
Naoya Taniguchi.
This is the AIWON Mall Isekai branch store.
Congratulations for your transfer.
We look forward to Mr.
Taniguchi’s cooperation in the future”


“No, no, you skipped the explanation too much! What the hell is with [This is AIWON Mall Isekai branch store]!”


 it’s not because how incompetent Mrs.
Iori is, then I leaned my head in front of her who was confused as to why I’m upset and squeezed her shoulder.


 I look at her with a questionable expression as if there was something not right with my mind.


“Your explanation is too short! You’re just crumbling them down to less than 20 words! I need more explanation! Please explain it properly!”


“I see, is that so?”


Iori claps her hand.


 Her hand sways softly.


 She straightened her jacket from side to side.


Iori’s outfit is a black pantsuit and a white blouse.


 Her hair is tied up on the side, and the sharp glasses gave her a strict career woman style.
I think she is like a career woman that can issue a transfer notice with a bold name tag on her neck and written on there as the personnel affairs working at the head office.
That was her image from what I saw.


 I couldn’t move my eyes from one certain point.


 A biological weapon that pushes up the employee ID card that is hung from her neck.


 The jacket isn’t buttoned, probably because of the biological weapon.


 Gigantium Bazoongas.


 The person in the personnel department who called herself Iori, also the person in charge who gave me the transfer notice where the store name could not be read, was a woman with a super big pair of bazookas with a size over G cup … I don’t care about that right now.


 I keep an eye on her big boobs like in the manga … but it’s time to hear her explanation.


 Telling myself that, I forcibly took my eyes off the paradise.


“First of all, Mr.
Naoya Taniguchi’s office will be here at AIWON Mall Isekai branch store.”


“There! Please explain from there! What does the isekai branch store mean! Why is there a AIWON Mall in a different world !? That’s what I really want to know!”


“Five years ago, it was discovered that a certain place in Japan and another world are connected every six months.
This is a technology of another world that stabilizes the transfer process.
Still, that was a short time for a transfer like this.”


“Japan has fantasy shits before I knew it! So why is AIWON Mall here? Don’t tell me, just the AIWON Mall at Kasugano branch store has moved !? Not just any branch store was transferred like this?.”


“A certain place in Japan is the transfer gate to another world, more or less at AIWON Mall Kasugano branch store.
The upper management of the company who happened to know that this place was connected decided in secret.
[Okay, let’s make AIWON mall there].”


“That upper management guy is a lost cause! And his judgment is too light! “


“Because the company motto is to develop a flexible business that can move even the immovable pillars.
Since then, we have brought in materials every time the place is connected.
That is how the AIWON Mall Isekai store was opened.”


“They live up to their motto literally! But he did it anyway! How much resources do they think they have! The architect! The construction workers! What about the briefing session from the other- I mean from this world !? … ”


 I knew that Mrs.
Iori, who was in charge of human resources, had a lot of things on her side


 No matter how many times I asked about my transfer notice, which I couldn’t read where I’m work at, I didn’t get a proper answer.


 Even so, this person is too self-paced.


 Anyway, let’s go through the things that can’t be helped now.


 I’ll listen to that later slowly.


“I understand that AIWON Mall is in a different world, I don’t know why, but … why me? I mean, can I go home?”


 I cut off Mrs.
Iori’s talk, who still explained the things to me, and I asked her what makes me really curious.


 AIWON Mall Isekai store.


 I was transferred to work there.


 Can I go home? Why did they choose me? Do I have the power hidden inside me? Perhaps my ancestors or family in the past are unknown heroes——


“Japan and another world are connected in a semi-annual cycle, so you can return at that time.
However, if you resign at the wrong time, you have to wait until the is connected depending on the timing.
It is a semi-annual cycle.”


“Oh, I can go home.
And it seems okay for me to resign too.”


 I still don’t know what this different world is, but at least there are big and horned rabbits and dragons.


 It will never be safer than Japan.


 But it’s not like I’m trapped here in another world.


 I was a little relieved to know that I could return to Japan even if I quit this job.


 When I was relieved, I asked Mrs.
Iori another question.


 She didn’t answer this previous question..


“Then, why me?”


 The longest night in my life isn’t over yet.

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