it was known that I had a 10 year old girl working for me, the labor department would come flying in.


I don’t know if it’s allowed if she’s helping out in the family business or delivering newspapers, but 10 year olds are not allowed, it’s not the family business to begin with, it’s not a newspaper shop, and this is Aion Mall’s Otherworldly Store…


Oh, I see.
I thought I was in Japan.
Man, I was kind of in a panic.”


“…… Barbera.”


“Yeah? What’s wrong, young girl?”


“……, not young girl.
My name is Barbera.”


“I see, your name is Barbera.
I wonder if it’s okay for children to work in another world.”


I’m not a child.


“Ah, Naoya.
Barbera may look like a child, but she’s older than I am.”


“…… yes? Eh, Chloe is around 20 years old, isn’t she? No, she’s an elf, so she’s a lot older than I am.
Then Barbera-chan is quite old.”


“Naoya, excuse me! I was recruited by the knighthood right after I graduated from the academy, so I’m 18! I’m still a young maiden, and of course I’m still a virgin in mind and body, and I don’t think that Naoya is going to attack me and say, [I’m going to make you a woman].”


“Yeah, yeah, Chloe is 18 years old.
Some words like academy or knighthood came out that caught my attention, but now it’s okay.
So how old is Barbera-chan?”


“…..140 years old.
I don’t need that [-chan] word.”


” Yes? What are you now?”


“….I’m 140 years old.
I’m not a child.”


“One hundred and forty-four years old.
Oh, oh, I see, heh, well, then, Barbera-chan, oops, Barbera is a fine adult.
Dude wuuut! You look 10 years old, but you’re 140 years old, another world gone bad! I thought she was a girl, but she’s older than my dead grandpa!”


I look to the sky.


I was thinking that I’m getting used to a different world, too, accepting undead lichs and skeletons.


She looks 10 years old but she is 140.


This is …… the legal loli! No, and I’m not a lolicon!


I’m just glad that despite her looks, she looks like she’s ready to get busted by the labor department!


“Wait, wait.
Chloe is an elf, but she is 18 years old, almost as old as she looks.
Barbera looks 10 but is 140.
Then what about you, Anna?”


“I’m 21.”


“Oh, you’re younger than me.
…… Anna, that’s your age, isn’t it? And after you became Lich?”


“I am still 21 years old.
Undead do not age, I am 21 years old.
I’m 21 years old.
– That’s right, Naoya-san, I’m 21 years old forever.”


“Oh, okay.”


I, Naoya Taniguchi, 24 years old, nodded my head as Anna-san nodded her head in a strangely powerful way even though she was smiling.


They all answered me, but it seems that even in another world you have to be careful about asking a woman how old she is.


“No, the resume! You should at least make them submit a resume with a photo before you hire them! And put it in your file, Aion! You’re being too careless just because this is another world!”


There is an elf who keeps her metal armor on while on duty, an undead lich who tends to stay in the basement,  Barbera who looks 10 years old but is 140 years old.


And then there are the skeletons and ghosts who guard and clean.


“I wonder how the local hiring is going with this.
Barbera looks like you have longevity and horns, but what species are you?”


“…… Dragon.”


” Hm? I wonder if I misheard you.
Excuse me?


“…… dragon.
I can transform into a human being.”


“Aaaaah! Me and Chloe are the only humans here! Well, technically, Chloe is an elf and I’m a human, so I guess I’m the only human! Aion Mall’s Otherworldly Store is full of non-humans!”

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