uh! But skeletons are fine!  Wait, wait, wait! Ghosts can’t go outside either! Aion is in trouble.
Aion that makes you work even if you die is dangerous.”


No wonder I felt eyes and presence in the store at night when no one was supposed to be there.


I’m ashamed to admit that I was a bit scared last night.


“No, we are the ones asking them to let us work for them.”


“…… The hell? You talked? The skeleton?”


Among the crowd of skeletons among the skeletons, there is one – one? Only one, a skeleton on an armored skeleton horse.


A voice came from a great-looking skeleton with a Mohawk-like decorated helmet, gaudy armor, and a cloak.


“Fufufu…you silly.
I am not a skeleton.


A woman came down from the skeleton horse.


She was hidden behind the figure of a great-looking skeleton and could not be seen.


She was wearing a black robe with blue ornaments.


She looked like a magician with the wooden staff in her hand.


The necklace around her neck was probably a letter or symbol of some kind.


Also, her’s are big.
They are not as big as Iori’s, but they are big.


When I forcibly looked away, my eyes met with blue eyes.


The way the light hits her long black hair, it seems to have a bluish tint to it.


“Nice to meet you.
My name is Anna-Maria.
Please call me Anna.”


“Ah, yes.
Nice to meet you, Anna.
I’m Naoya, the new manager of the Aion Mall Otherworld Store.
I apologize for the delay in greeting you.”


“No, no, I apologize for that too.
I’ve been holed up in the basement for a while now and haven’t noticed.”


Anna smiles gently and softly.


You can feel the reserve and gentleness of an adult woman.


The basement.
Come to think of it, there are several rooms beyond the boiler room in the basement whose purpose is not indicated on the floor plan.


“Ah, I see! But still, thank goodness, I thought the employees were all skeletons and ghosts and me and Chloe were the only human beings! Well, Chloe is an elf though!”


“Um… Naoya-san, I…”


Anna stares at me, scratching her head in embarrassment, and mumbles something difficult to say.


I have a bad feeling about this.


Anna appeared with a group of skeletons, or rather, she rode behind a guy who looked like the leader of the skeletons.


The skeletons are still waiting behind her.


I don’t want to hear it.


I don’t want to hear it, but Anna and the skeletons are employees of my company, and I am the manager.


I made up my mind to ask them.


“Can I help you? Well, since you look like that, Anna, you’re human, aren’t you?”


“Uh, …… something like ……, ex-human, I guess?”


“Aaahhh! Former! A former human being! That means you quit being human, didn’t you?”


“I used to be human, and now I’m a Lich.
Ghost and these kids are under my command.”


“OOOOO! I thought I had finally found someone decent! A non-human! A high-ranking undead is there!”


Anna-san doesn’t lose her smile even when she sees me screaming.


Naoya-san, this shop is guarded and cleaned by the ghosts and these kids.
They’re undead, so they don’t get tired and don’t need sleep.
In addition…”


“……in addition?”


“I’m the only one who gets paid.”


“I get it.
I get it.
Aion will be very happy to hire a team of 24-hour-a-day workers for the equivalent of one person’s salary!”


Anna giggles at my reaction.


She seems more reasonable than Chloe.
She’s undead, though.
She’s a Lich and seems to be the head of the Undead.


“Sigh ……Well, the matter is settled over here, I have no say in the matter.
In fact, I’m the manager and in charge, so it’s nice for me too.”


Yes, there are a lot of advantages if you don’t mind working with the undead.


So we need a large number of people for both security and cleaning, but I heard that Anna will take care of everything for one person’s labor cost.


Somehow I convinced myself.
I’ll go where the wind is blowing.


“All right.
It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, me.
I’m rather OK with all the benefits.
Anna, I look forward to working with you in the future.”


“Yes, my pleasure.”


“I just have one thing I’d like to humbly ask you to do for me: ……”


“What is it?”


“…… to keep ghosts and skeletons away from me at night?”


I bowed deeply.


I-it’s not like I’m scared or anything! I’m glad it was after I went to the restroom, I didn’t think I would have chickened out before or anything!


“Fufu, I understand, Naoya-san.
I’ll tell everyone.”


Then Anna laughed.


She’s aLich, but she seems kind and more sane than Chloe.


‘Naoya, are you done with the greetings? There’s one more person.”


“Oh, so she hasn’t greeted him yet, either?”


“Wut? Err, Chloe? Anna-san?”

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