ng sales.


The stock is so small that even if it all sells, it won’t be much of a sale.


I’m the only Japanese person who knows how to do business in Aion Mall in this place, so I’ll just have to take it one thing at a time and not rush things.


“Hey, Auntie! This shovel is amazing! Here, try it, try it, try it!”


“What’s wrong, Chloe-chan? Oh, it’s so light.”


“And the cart wheels, too! Push it and you’ll see the difference!”


“Oh, my gosh, this is amazing! But one wheel is not so comfortable, you know.
I’m afraid I’ll tip it over.”




Aion Mall opened its doors for the second time since I arrived in the other world.


Unlike yesterday, there was a lot of activity in front of the store entrance.


On the occasion of selling gardening equipment that we had in stock, a boisterous Chloe is demonstrating how to sell it.


I didn’t tell her to do it, but she seemed to be enjoying it.


“Hey the escort adventurer over there! How about these pickaxes and shovels to accompany you on your adventures? Unlike the ones sold in town, they’re lightweight, easy to carry, and sturdy!”


“Is that so? Can I try it?”.


“I recommend this shovel for the merchants! You can carry one on the wagon in case when you have to go over rough roads, right?”


“There are some bad roads in some places, weren’t there? Shall I give it a try?”


The customers who bought gourd-type vegetables yesterday were the same people who used the watering holes and restrooms.


They are different today, but the customers’ reaction is good.


“Oh, I’ll buy this pickaxe and shovel as the price is okay with you.”


“Thank you! Naoya, this adventurer want to pay the bill!”.


“Roger that, I’m on my way.”


Not only is the place lively.


Many customers who bought gardening tools brought in from Japan would say, [The Price is Right!]


Even now, one “adventurer,” as Chloe calls him, is buying a small pickaxe and shovel.


I set the price at 3,000 Japanese yen so as not to disrupt the price in this world.


I may be wrong about the Japanese yen conversion.
Or is the original price too low for Japanese technology?


“Hey, what are you mumbling about?”


“Oh, no no, excuse my rudeness.
Thank you for your purchase.”


I receive some silver and copper coins.


I’m still not familiar with it, but it seems to be the currency of this country.


I have to convert them into Japanese yen in my head and give them the change after calculating the amount.


“Kukuku- Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Naoya, business is fun, isn’t it?”


“Yes, yes, talk later, Chloe.
Look, here comes the next customer.”


“Ah, I’m on it, Naoya!”


Chloe was not only chatting with the customers, but also encouraging them to purchase the produce they wanted, not just pushing to buy it.


Chloe did all of that naturally  and she was just happy to do it.


Chloe must have struggled in her own way up until now.


In the first place, I pitied her too much for being a store manager when none of the locally hired staff had any knowledge of the Aion Mall.


But that doesn’t mean they should just send me off to another world out of the blue!


“It’s not like you can just let me take care of everything! Aion is scary!”


We have guests, so I’m going to keep my voice down today.


My self-talk fades away without anyone hearing me.


The second day since I became manager of the Aion Mall Otherworld Store.


The number of customers today, 38.


Today’s sales: 81,000 yen.

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