a crime for being single?

¨Do you have a boyfriend that you are not telling me about?¨ Bibis voice snapped me back to her, and I sighed, seeing her narrowed eyebrows.

I tried opening my mouth a couple of times but ended up with nothing. If there was one person who would always leave me mum and amazed.

She was Bibi.

She had this weird personality mixed with a bubble and cocky attitude that would make the outsiders think there was something wrong upstairs.

I am a chatterbox by nature, and so when you find me dumbfounded, there is every chance that I am in a state of awe for what you have achieved.

Now looking at her faded black eyes that were now looking like a shade of grey, I wondered why she kept on insisting about me having a love life.

What exactly was she expecting my answer to be? Yes?

¨Yes?¨ I was startled out of my thoughts by her voice.

¨What?¨ I asked, staring at her with a slight frown.

¨Yes!¨ she beamed. ¨You just said yes!¨

¨What? ”

¨Oh my heaven! Finally, what I have been praying for!¨

¨What are you talking about?¨ I was beyond confused by whatever made Bibi so happy and excited at the same time.

¨Thank you, God!¨ she put her hand together, her eyes staring up.

”I have been hoping and praying every day for such great news from you. Who knew you would tell me news today. So you do have a boyfriend!


My brain stuttered for a moment, and my eyes froze while every part of me went on pause, and my thoughts caught up. Speech silences itself in reverence to Bibis words.

Did I say yes loud? I could not help but wonder.

¨No!¨ I exclaimed, maybe a little louder than anticipated.

¨No?¨ Asked Bibi, a frown slowly settling on her face that was beaming a while ago. Something about seeing her happiness fade pricked my heart, tugging it, like pleading with me not to take the happiness from her. But how? She misunderstood my words or thoughts!

What am I going to do? I cried internally.

Play along?

¨Habibi,¨ her sad voice snapped me out of my disturbing thoughts.

¨No, I mean, yes, yes, yes! As in I have a boyfriend, I just never wanted to tell you, I mean yet, if you come to think about what happened to Jessica when her parents found out about her boyfriend, they almost killed her, ” by the time I finished my rambling I was out of breath, but could not let go of it, yet.

”Huh? ” That was all she could say, and she knew I was lying. I could tell from the way she narrowed her eyes. She believed it at first when I spoke my thoughts out loud, and now that I was admitting she was having doubts?

”You don believe me? Do you think I would make this up? Why? ” But I also did not believe myself!

”To save yourself. ” Came her obvious reply.

”I don have to save myself from you, Bibi. ” I paused, then added. ” I am not lying. ”

”Okay, ” she shrugged nonchalantly, and I sighed in relief, but my relief was short-livened when she spoke again.

”What does your boyfriend looks like? ”

”Huh? ” I was not expecting that.

”Your boyfriend, what does he look like? What do you feel when you see him? When you touch him by accident or him touching you? I want to know. ”

Such a Grandma I have, right?

I did not think of this, but I had to think of something!

I could use Teddy, but knowing grandma, she wasn going to, fall for that lie.

Then who? Someone handsome probably, one who she would never meet, one who is fiction. The strangest thing is that when I tried picturing someone, a figure flashed in my eyes, causing my heart to skip a beat.

Those stunning Hazel eyes.

I felt my cheeks sizzling, and I knew what to do. I was going to lie – a white lie.

”What does he looks like? ” She asked again, looking more serious now.

”He…he has brown skin… ” I started remembering his texture from the corner of my eyes.

”He has well-built muscles, he is strong…his eyes…his eyes are a mixture of brown…and dark…and green, hazel type? And when he touched me.. ” An image of him lifting my hands from his hand flashed, making my skin tingle.

”I felt a bolt of lightning running through my blood and …my… heartbeat increased, ” I had to agree that the stranger captivated me. My attraction to him was instant, but just like that, he was like the idols I had crushed on. Someone who I would never meet.

”Wooooow! So you like him that much, ” Bibis voice broke the spell bringing me back to reality.

”What? ” I snapped.

”You do, like him, ” she repeated.

”What? No, I mean yes, No. ” What is happening to me? Why am I even mumbling over a memory?

”Yes, I like him, like, like him like him, ” I answered, this time sounding so confident that I made a mental check to have a weighty meeting with my reflection in the mirror later.

”So you were not lying? ” She asked hesitantly. Maybe, she was afraid that I was lying?

”Yes, ” I affirmed.

”Look, Bibi, I know I should have told you before, but I did not because- ”

”Oh no! No need to explain! ” And the excited her was back, her eye twinkling, swirling with emotions like an entire galaxy receded in them. She jumped up like a teenager who just fell in love. I looked at her with my mouth agape.

”I have been waiting for this moment, you know. ” she held my face and kissed me on the cheeks. ”I am so proud of you, Habibi. You are finally a grown woman! ” She raised her hands, praising God again.

”Easy Bibi. I am the one who has a boyfriend, yet you are the one acting like its you, ” I mumbled, starting to feel a headache.

”So when am I going to meet him? ” She looked at me, excitement dancing in her eyes.

”No, no, you can meet him. ” I quickly objected.

”Why is that? Am I not allowed to meet the first who made you fantasize? ” She said, faking a disappointment.

”The reason why I did not tell you this before is that I knew you were going to ask to meet him. ”

”I don see anything wrong with me meeting your boyfriend. I am giving the most privileged of all, having a black parent who is willing and ready to meet your boyfriend. ” She had a point there, but still no.

Seriously, did I have any choice? I was lying in the first place, hoping to move on from the topic, but it only got worse.

I have no idea where to find him, much less know him.

And even if I did, what would I say?

Hey Sir, I want you to meet my grandma since I made her believe that you are my boyfriend?

The guy would probably think that I am psychotic!

”When Habibi? ” Her tugging on my sleeves like a child brought me back from my thoughts.

”Bibi, sorry but I just remembered that I need to see Jessica, don worry. I won be long, kisses, love you ” I gave her a quick peck, placed the mug on the table, and then hurriedly ran out of the house before I got emotionally blackmailed.

”But… hey! ” I heard her call out, but there was no turning back.

It was now or never.


Another chapter, a new character. What do you think of Bibi?

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Habibi! :Swahili word meaning love.

Smocha :Hot dog – Sausage in bun.

Inanipeleka na rieng ( well, its taking me steadily.

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