Mrs Green

remembered Hazes eyes. They had this kind of green infused…

Focus Mel.

I scolded myself mentally for thinking of that stranger again. Coming back to the present, she always preferred her English name over Indian, and I should have gotten used to it, but I prefer Harita more, as it was unique. She walked to where I was seated and perched gracefully on the armchair opposite me.

Madam Harita or Bethany, as she liked being called, is in her mid-thirties, with a healthy skin complexion. Of course, always dresses elegantly, no matter where she is or the occasion.

Today she was clad in pine green silk embroidered border saree, designed with zari thread sequence work enhancing the embroidered patterns on the saree and patch border work. Comes with a matching blouse. It was green, again.

”My eyes are here, Melissa, ” She snapped her fingers, breaking my reverie.

I have been zoning out so much lately.

What is happening to me?

I picked up my handbag to remove the file.

¨By the way, you look beautiful.¨ I compliment with a pause, ¨In green, of course.¨ I added.

”Don I always? ” She replied, a smug smile on her face as she leaned back in her chair.

”How was your trip to the countryside? ” She made herself comfortable, crossing one leg over the other elegantly.

”Mmmh, well? ” She cleared her throat, eyeing me emotionlessly.

I pulled out the green file – which she gave me, by the way, from my maroon handbag, the one I bought on my trip to Kakamega. Handing her a copy of the report, I cleared my throat as I went through the summary.

”First, we start with the greenhouse in Machakos, which is doing well at the moment, despite the issue we had about an employee who tried to poison the plants. Luckily he was caught in action and arrested. He is now in custody…¨

¨Hey!¨ She raised her eyebrows, snapping her fingers.

¨I am aware of that, Melissa, so can we get back to important issues. Lets talk about figures. I want to know how much we will make once we go to the market chap! chap!¨

She then leaned forward, supporting her elbows on the giant brown mahogany table, which she got imported from a trip to France.

Well, how do I know that?

There is no achievement that Mrs. Beth would forget to tell me. She always says that she could see herself in me. She once appraised me that she started from the bottom, with a couple of thousands which I highly doubt, by the way, because she was born into a wealthy family and married into one – I guess the saying is right: Money attracts money, and so is power.

That thought was thrown out of the window when she explained further. She did not need any money from her family. She saved her monthly allowances and started investing small.

She put on her reading glasses and her business face, reaching over the file.

”Okay, for tomatoes, labour will cost us a hundred and fifty thousand shillings, the storage sixty thousand, transportation… ”

”Hey, hey. I know all of this, I can even see it, and I also have the report in my email. I sent you over to confirm whether or not the reports my managers are sending me are accurate. Are they accurate? ” She asked sternly.

”Yes, they are.¨ I answered, taking in an inaudible breath.

For the next thirty minutes, we went through the reports. Cross-checking with the one received earlier. It was a relief that we didn get any irregularities. When we were finished, Mrs green got up from her power chair, and so did I.

”Good! ” She stood up, putting the files inside her drawer.

¨Madam Bethany I… ” I called slowly after hesitating a couple of times. I knew it was not part of my job, but I still wanted to help in some way.

”Anything else?¨

”Lemme guess, bad news? ” She asked, as cool as a cucumber pausing on her movements.

¨No, actually, never mind! ” I decided to not concern myself, but who was Mrs. Green again?

”Spit it out, Melisa. ” She said, her voice curt.

”Err…I.. ” She gave an annoying look. In my mind, I could tell that she was going to lash back at me for telling her what to do, but then again, she paid me to oversee all her projects.

”Listen, Melissa, if this is about raising their pay again, we are going to have a serious problem. ”

”Thats not it. I was thinking, once maybe you could visit to see how the farmers are faring. Especially the people in the Eastern province.¨

”Melissa, Melissa, Melissa, ” she said, moving from her mighty table ambling to where I was.

She stopped right in front of me, posing back against the table while she addressed me.

”Why did I have to work that hard to make all this money? ” she asked, crossing her hands across her chest.

”Listen, Melisa, when I send you there is like I am there. ” she continued.


”But nothing, You are my eyes, my ears, and everyone should respect you as they do me. ” She continued. ”If it is too much to ask then, just tell me right now, ” she said, raising one eyebrow.

”I do pay you, right? ” Madam Green asked, sternly.

Feeling frustrated, I tried again. ”The economy - ”

”The economy should not be any of your concern, my dear. Do you have anything else to say? ” She stopped, maybe seeing my hesitation, she went on.

”I am a businesswoman. One thing that you will learn as you grow up is that you can not solve one and all problems. All you can do is try to help them. And I think I am doing that.¨

She went back to her chair, opened a drawer, and handed me an envelope. I stood up, extending my hand, but before I could take it, she drew back her hand as if she was having a second thought.

”Before I forget Melisa, open an account and start saving. ”

With that, she crammed the brown envelope in my hand, then walked out, leaving me gazing at it, deep in thought.


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