Mrs Green


”Damn it! ” I checked my phone, only to see that it was almost 2 pm.

”This is all Madam Greens fault, I was free yesterday, but she just had to wait until today? ” I muttered under my breath, making my way through the dirt road to the bus stop.

I was a panting mess, and the sun didn help at all since I was wearing a black outfit. Of all the days, it just had to be scorching today. I adjusted my bag, thinking of how bad luck my day was.

I would have settled for Bodaboda but decided to save that fifty shillings. As little as it might be, I still needed it, but now I was rethinking my decision.

I couldn afford to miss the bus knowing how deserted this place was, and if I missed one, then It wasn going to be easy to get another bus till evening, which was definitely not an option.

Finally, I could see the bus station just a couple of meters away, and then I saw the bus approaching

”Hey! ” I yelled at the top of my voice, waving my hands in the air so that the driver would see me.

”Stop! Wait for me! Am over here! Hey! Please… ” I yelled, but to my disappointment, it didn stop.

I helplessly held onto my knees breathing heavily, starting to think of a way to get back home. I looked over at the bus that passed me and, surprise! Surprise! It actually stopped a couple of meters away. The taut was standing outside waving at me.

Thank God!

I quickly made my way towards it, my feet almost giving up once I boarded.

”Tha. . .tha. . .thanks. ” I stuttered my thanks and fell on the next available seat I could find. I was panting more like a dog, only my tongue was not outside my mouth but too sweaty for my liking.


Smelling my armpit, I sneezed.

Wow, girl! Don you smell bad?

I am never, ever wearing black anytime soon.

I tried to fan myself with my handkerchief, not that it helped in any way. I was starting to feel hot flashes on my face and neck. It was like I was cooking from the inside, making me shift uncomfortably on my seat.

Releasing a deep sigh, I reached out for my bag, rumbling inside while trying to look for my water bottle, and just my luck which was getting worse by seconds, could not find it.

I was frustrated with how everything was going against me, releasing a dishearten sigh while resting my head on the headrest with a bang.

I instantly regretted it because it was not as spongy as I thought. My eyes closed, feeling the vibration of the aftermath of my actions, and I had to hold myself from making faces.

Slightly inclining my head on my left side, an idea popped.

”Sir! ” I called the man next to me but made no move as if he didn hear a thing.

”Excuse me, Mr, ” I tried one more time but still got no reaction from him. I squinted my eyes as I looked at the rude man who ignored my presence like I did not even exist.

Is he deaf? I wondered, staring at him. He was facing the other side of the window, so I could not see his face, only a side profile, and I had to admit that he was one, a hell of an attractive man.

How did I not notice him before? This man was simply hot, yes I said hot, and the difference is that he wasn sweating. Clad in all white, quite the opposite of me, made him look like some sort of prince charming. He was tan skinned, and his hair was ruffled messily but still able to pull the look.

I noticed the black earplugs in his ear, immediately understanding why he didn respond when I called him earlier. I almost changed my mind about calling him, afraid that I might not be able to handle his looks and everything, but the continuous hot flashes in my skin won over my reasoning.

Raising my hand, I tapped his shoulder lightly to get his attention. My heart stopped for a moment, as he turned to my side. Describing the guy by his side profile was nothing compared to him facing me.

His eyes were the first thing I noticed. They were the softest brown infused with green as if he held the new spring growth inside. They were the forest floor and gentle flowers, somewhere to rest and breathe.

I decided then that hazel was my favourite eye colour.

”Ahem. ” someone cleared their throat. I snapped back from my daydream, realizing that I was staring. I blinked my eyes once, then twice before I got my bearing back. I was embarrassed for losing myself in those damn beautiful eyes for a moment.

”Mmmh. . . Can we please exchange seats? ” I asked, and he gave me a look as if I had horns growing on my head. It was rude of him, but either way, he was still the most gorgeous man I had ever seen.

He kept staring at me, his eyebrows slightly raised, and thats when it hit me that he was waiting for an explanation.

”I am sweaty, very sweaty in fact, and I could really use some fresh air that only that window can offer, and believe me when I say that my sweat… ”

Before I could finish what I was about to say, he raised his hand, my rambling coming to a halt.

Thank goodness! I was about to say something stupid. I don know why I talk too much when I am nervous,

Wait, why am I nervous again?

Yeah, right, it was his big attractive eyes.

Why is he so gorgeous? and his eyes, Oh my, what is happening to me?

Whats up with him? Why is he waving his hands in front of my face?

Oh, I was staring again. I thought, slapping myself mentally.

What is he doing to me?

I was about to get up from my seat so we could do the exchange, he moved to my side, and I almost fell off the car seat.

This man is so rude. I concluded.

I sighed and decided to let it pass for now since it was a favour that I wanted from him. After I settled at his previous spot, I opened the window, removed my sweater, remaining with a black sleeveless top, and I was immediately assaulted by the cool breeze caressing my skin, giving relief that I longed for.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes, and I almost dozed off. I was comfortable.

Reaching out to my bag, I grabbed my roll-on, my lip balm put it on my lips. I wiggled my hair, spraying it, as I did not get the chance to do it before leaving.

My actions came to a stop when I heard someone sneeze.

Good Lord!

I tried fanning the smell out of the window with my hands. I was so engrossed in fixing myself to at least look presentable, forgetting that I was on the bus.

”Arggh! ” he groaned when I accidentally hit his face.

”Oh my! I am sorry, oh why am I so clumsy today, ” I didn know what was wrong with me. In a heist to rectify my mistake, I found myself rubbing the place I hit accidentally.

When I realized what I was doing, I quickly let go of his face and composed myself.

”I am sorry, I know this is not a bathroom or anything of that sort, and am sorry I got carried away? ” I waved my hands in the air, trying to explain myself that got him looking at me as if I was insane.

”What I mean is that I… I oh! just forget about it, I am sorry ok? ” I sighed, placing my palm on his head again at the spot I had hit, rubbing it softly.

My hand was suddenly held and removed from his face, his grip becoming tighter.

My breath hitched when I felt a zing flow through my veins and couldn bring myself to pull away. The hot guy then dumped my hands on my thighs, breaking whatever got me in a daze.

I was so embarrassed that I wanted the ground to open and swallow me up. I looked behind to see if anybody else saw how I was humiliated. I thought what happened escaped peoples attention but internally cursed when I saw the guy sitting behind us chuckling.

Oh no!

”Relax, they don know you, ” I muttered under my breath while turning my attention outside the window. I swore to myself that I would not talk or look at the prince charming beside me, but then again, his attitude was not appealing at all.

Come to think of it, he had not uttered a single word compared to me, who spoke like thousands of words.

This man is so rude. And I. Hate. HIM. It was like a mantra playing in my head as if it was to convince myself or something.

Love at first sight?

I killed the thought as first as it came. Was I going crazy, or was it the heat? Definitely the heat!

I tried to stop myself from looking at him with a side-eye, but I couldn help it. I wanted to look, like stare at him closely to memorize his face and… I gave myself a mental slap again to get back to my senses.

This was going to be a long ride.

Damn, and I was so thirsty. I pretended to be asleep and diverted my mind off the stranger. I heard some rustling near me and when I opened my eyes guess what? It was Haze! He was removing his bag from the overhead rack.

Oh no! Was he about to get down already?

Something about the thought of him getting off the car made me panic – a little, and I swore that there was a loose screw in my head today.

To my surprise, he reached down towards a black backpack and opened his bag; It was actually a cooler backpack, and I could already feel my throat drying up, especially when he removed a water bottle from It.

My eyes followed every move he made, from grabbing the bottle to opening it, to his mouth.

And he gulped once! Twice! Thrice… and all this while I was back to staring at him like a hungry child. It was all I could do, hoping that it would ease my thirst, but all I got was torture instead.

With each gulp, his adam apple bobbed violently, like pumping water – chilled water. My throat was as dry as a desert, and I could no longer control myself as I reached my hand when he was about to finish the entire bottle and held his arm, stopping him from finishing it up. Again I felt the zing and let go as if I was burnt.

When I looked at his face, his eyebrow was raised as if to ask me what was it.

”Please help me with some water. ” I was almost begging, but could one blame me? The craving for water had been with me for some time, and so it was time to get up and reach for a glass. Unfortunately, he was my glass at the moment.

He let out a frustrated sigh, handing me the bottle, which I accepted gladly. Normally, I would never drink from the same cup or anything someone else has used, but I did not mind at all.

No one can know the infinite importance of a tiny drop of water better than a thirsty bird or little ant or a man of the desert!

The water was like manna from heaven.

Damn, it felt good,

I drank like a child who hadn seen water for a week.

Having cold water in this heat felt like a great luxury on earth, the chill running down my oesophagus and my head making an involuntary shake.

A numbness crept into my brain the way it did when I was a kid drinking too much Slurpee too fast. When the bottle was drained, I took my sweet time basking in the coldness of my tongue, running it against my lips only to be interrupted by him, clearing his throat.

And then it dawned to me that I didn leave any for him. Looking up to him, I winced as I asked meekly.

”Did you want me to leave you some? ” He scoffed and returned his bag to the rack.

”Thanks anyway, ” I said sweetly, but he only shook his head, plugging in the earphones he had removed. Taking in a deep breath, I let my head rest back against the headrest, my eyes staring at the view outside, through the bus window.

My eyes were on the trees that grew in their infinite patience, leaves breathing out our oxygen, bathing in the same light as we. I could feel the movement of the wheels over the road following the curves and greeting each slope in its smooth way. The ride was my meditation, a chance for my thoughts to greet the horizon, salute the clouds, and ready my feet for the day ahead.

Before I knew it, I was already asleep and the next moment woke up when it was time for me to get down. I squinted my eyes, a yawn escaping my mouth while trying to rid of the drowsiness. While stretching my hand, I accidentally knocked the poor, cute, hot guy next to me again.

¨The heck!¨ He snapped at me, but was too tired to retort and just offered a tired apology. I grabbed my things and got up from the seat, which was still kind enough of him to excuse me, before heading to the door. But a crazy idea popped in my head, and I had to move back just a little bit.

The guy was undoubtedly not expecting me back, as he looked at me with a raised brow.

Offering my sweetest and flirty smile, I said, ¨Thanks for the seat and the water, hot guy.¨

Then blew him a kiss accompanied by a wink before getting out of the bus. Not before seeing his eyes wide, with a surprise though that got me to giggle.

I have never been that bold!


Bodaboda – Motorcycle.

There it is, the first chapter.

What do you think of Melissas character?

Tell me your thought in the comment section,



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