She had a kind of understated beauty. Perhaps it was because she was so disarmingly unaware of her beauty.

Her brown skin was downright flawless. I doubt she uses face masks or expensive products.

She was simple but alluring at the same time. Her brown dyed hair with a peck of gold colour was combed in an afro style, exposing her beautiful face and neck.

She blinked her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like a butterfly.

Her lips were brown reminding me of chocolate. The top lip was thinner but not too thin with a natural cupids bow; the bottom one was larger and plumber.

My throat worked when she bit her pencil as she pretended to focuss on the magazine, which made me wonder if her lips tasted like chocolate.

I wanted to taste her lips to confirm my suspicion.

Her top slid gently, exposing her shoulders running until it stopped almost around her cleavage. I swallowed when my eyes trailed her brown, soft skin, liking how the goosebumps awoken everywhere my gaze trailed.

”What the heck! ” I exclaimed, catching the white teddy bear that almost hit my face.

”You pervert! ” she hissed, adjusting her shirt back.

”What! ” I feigned innocence.

”Why are you staring? ” I blinked once, then twice, and realized that she caught me ogling her.

”Why would I be staring? Besides, I don see anything interesting to look at. ” I defended myself, remembering how she hurt and bruised my ego a while ago.

”Then stop staring at my ugly face. ”

”Listen, I wasn looking at you. On the contrary, I was giving you a clear view so that you won strain your eyes. ” She raised her eyebrow questioningly.

”Do you think I haven noticed how you were stealing glances at me? ”

”No, I wasn . ” came her immediate reply, causing me to smirk.

”Maybe you didn notice the same way you haven realized that you have been holding that magazine upside down all this time. ” she hastily looked at the magazine. I could not help but bit my lip, stopping the laughter that was threatening to come through.

The girl Melissa glared at me when she saw she was reading the magazine right, and I was just messing with her head.

I could see the embarrassment in her eyes while I just playfully raised my brows at her. She turned her head to the side to avert my gaze, but the sudden rosiness of her cheeks gave her away.

Was she blushing?

”Admit it, I am good-looking and your type of guy but too bad you are not my type. ” I gave her a cocky smile.

”Who says you are my type? ” she gave me a challenging look.

”I am, or else why would you use me to describe your ideal kind of man? ” challenge accepted.

Rolling her eyes, she placed both her elbows on her thigh so that she could lean closer.

”You just happened to be the perfect candidate, someone my Bibi doesn know. Someone I was confident we were never going to cross paths with. ”

”And how is that working out on you? ” Crossing my arms, I leaned back comfortably and asked.

”Habibi, come help me out here! ” She was about to answer when her grandmothers voice called from the kitchen.

”Oh, you little liar, so your name is not even Melissa but Habibi? What kind of name is that? ” I scoffed.

”Habibi is a Swahili word meaning my love, such a pity you don know that, right? ” She spat with a tight smile and walked towards the kitchen.

How rude.

No girl has ever reacted that way towards me. Every girl I have come across always got charmed by my looks, physique, and mostly my eyes.

Why is she acting as if angry with me?

Heck! Im the one who should be angry for being dragged into this drama, not another way around.

A few minutes later, after debating if I should make a run for it when they were not around and decided to stay and sort out this issue, a sweet aroma assaulted my senses.

The smell was sensational that made me wonder what it was.

Melissa came back carrying a tray of three bowls of steam coming out of them. I took a peek out of curiosity, and my stomach grumbled upon seeing a thick brown liquid.

Bibi smiled and asked me to have it. I really don like porridge, and Id be damned before I could eat it.

”Go on, I assure you its not poisoned. As a matter of fact you are too good-looking for me to do that, ” she said between her laughter.

I wasn thinking about poisoning but had my doubts when it came to Melissa. Maybe she spat in it?

”Don worry, I haven spat in it, ” she said with a tight smile as if she read my mind.

”I am sure you would still love it, even if I did. ” She added, almost making me choke on my saliva.

Bibi, her grandmother, pinched her softly on her arm, making her wince.

She was right, though. I bet it would taste better…

Stop! I shook my head, trying to get rid of where my thoughts were heading.

If this was before the drama, I would have been sure to taste them, but now, no way.

That wasn the only issue, though. I really am not a fan of porridge, but how was I going to say that out loud.

Melissa was looking at me as if daring me to say no, and her grandmother was eagerly waiting for me to take a scoop with her eyes twinkling.

I guess I won die.

I scooped a spoonful and then tasted it.

All my taste buds exploded or went wild, I guess. It tasted scrumptious in a sense that gave me goosebumps.

There were so many flavours I could taste, from cinnamon, lime to almonds.

When I took another scoop, there was a ripe banana and raspberry.

This is officially my favourite drink or food or whatever.

”How is it? ” Melissa asked expectantly.

”Its delicious. I have never had anything like this, ” I said, whirring in satisfaction.

”But don you think its too much? ” I asked, not that I minded. Bibi gave me a weird look followed by a scoff.

”Where did you get this guy again? ” She asked, turning to Melissa, who sighed as if already used to her grandmothers dramas.

”Huh… ”

”Well, son, men are supposed to eat, and this porridge will help with your appetite, okay ” I nodded.

”Yes, maam… I mean Bibi. ” I quickly corrected upon seeing the fierce glare sent my way.

Seriously, who is this grandma?


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