”Okay, I will join you. I really didn mean to offend you. ” I found myself ejaculating those ridiculous words.

¨What!¨ The girl I have been flirting with lately exclaimed, staring at me with wide eyes that I could not help but stare at how dark they were.

It felt like I was looking into an endless stretch of the midnight sky. They reminded me that I should stay away from her, but it was already too late.

How did we meet again? Oh yeah, It started on the bus, then the exchange of the seats, which ended up with her almost stripping. Definitely the crazy girl I have come across to.

I was in a foul mood, so I didn pay too much attention to her the first time we met. I could not even remember sitting next to an annoying girl, but after she got up, blew me a kiss, and winked, that image somehow got engraved in my mind.

Every time I closed my eyes, I would see her winking at me. Every time another girl blew me a kiss, I would picture a girl in black, with short air and pouty brown lips, blowing me a kiss. I could not help but laugh at how crazy I was becoming.

Then it happened again, in the town square. I remembered seeing a lady stepping on a banana peel. I tried to warn her but too late for words to be spoken. I rushed forward and caught her just in time to see her scarred face with her eyes closed.

And when I realized it was her, I almost choked in my own spit. I previously dreamt about her still doing the same thing she did on the bus. The image of that scene was like a video playing on loop, and I was damned sure that I was going insane.

I didn even know the girl, and having dreams of her was just insane. But who would have thought that I would run into her again? I concluded in my mind that she was a witch who cast a spell on me, and I wanted myself as far away as possible from her.

When she grabbed my arm, stopping me, I felt the same zest when she touched me on the bus.

Looking into those beautiful eyes and her genuine gratefulness, I discerned that I was being ridiculous.

Melissa, My name is Melissa.

She had flashed me a heart-stopping smile. Not flirty ones like I was used to but the prettiest Ive seen in a while. It extended to her eyes and deep into her soul. She had this gentle touch, the honesty that is purity, innocence so vibrant and free.

Then what about a third meeting? Fate?

And we met again, unexpectedly, in the coffee shop. The funniest thing is that every time I was in a cranky mood is when our paths would cross. Was it really fate? I was only joking, knowing that she had politely denied me her number without sounding proud and elitist.

The shock on her face was priceless, and just like that, my bad mood disappeared as I found myself a fun companion. Unlike any other female, Melissa was different. She did not talk about makeup, the latest designs, or even flaunt herself at me.

I loved how she would switch personality so fast without even knowing it. At the first meeting, she was this goofy kind of girl, at the town square, a shy girl but clever not to sway off, then at the coffee, her words still ring in my ears like a seduction from a goddess.

I guess we just need to see if you are man enough to get it. Enjoy your mean, Max.

I don even think she realized how sexy and seductive she sounded and looked when she said those words. The heck! I even got a reaction from it.

But now, why do I feel like I have landed myself into much more trouble. This crazy white-haired woman had me in her claws. I knew it! I knew from the very first day that she was trouble. Such deep black eyes always come with the inconvenience.

”Great! ” The grandmother, who did not want to be called that, chirped and quickly pushed Melissa away, gripping my arms and entangling them with hers.

So much for trying to be a good guy.

And what the hell is going on! Me her boyfriend?

As much as I found her attractive and enthralled even, it does not mean I am okay with her daydreaming and blabbering about me being her boyfriend.

I was hoping for something to happen between us, and the relationship is totally not one of them.

If I wanted, I would have just pushed her away and continued with my business, but I am that disrespectful.

Especially to women.

I would have told her the truth, but the way she looked so excited and happy, made it difficult for me. And I was afraid of her causing a scene again, much bigger than the one outside the coffee shop, only to end up on the front page of the Daily Magazine.

My mom would kill me if she heard that I was rude to a woman. So instead, I let her lead me to God knows where. I started to reconsider the other option. You know, pull my arm then run away as first as my legs could carry me. That was when the surrounding started to change.

I had never been Enochlophobic before, but what is this place? Last I remember, I was outside the coffee shop, then next in a market. I tried looking back for my girlfriend, who was behind us at a distance, for an explanation, but it was in vain.

I felt the panic rise in my chest. I know I am exaggerating, but seriously, the crowd that I have been used to was of college parties and at the club, but I was always in the VIP section in clubs. Whatever was surrounding me now wasn close to that.

It made me remember the workers back in the province. Heck, those people were so angry they even destroyed my baby. I shook my head, remembering coming back only to find my tires slashed. The thought of it made me want to kick something.

And here I am, following one crazy woman and the other, whom I barely know, following from a distance, as if afraid of reaching home.

Wait, What if she a psychopath?

The thought almost made me pull my hands from the woman.

¨Are you alright, son?¨ The old woman must have noticed my stiffness and asked. I was about to answer when I almost fell down after stepping on something slimy. It was an avocado.

Who in the name throws ripe avocado carelessly!

Earlier, when my supposed girlfriend slipped, I was inwardly cursing how she could be so careless and clumsy, but now I knew better.

”Careful, son. You don want to ruin those expensive shoes or say hi to the ground. ” Voiced the crazy grandma with an amused grin.

”How much did you buy them? ” She asked, trying to make a conversation.

”Um… they were a gift from my mother. ” I decided to lie. It was better than telling her I bought it for thirty thousand shillings.

¨Oh, those are good quality, I must say, ¨ she commented with a smile.

We approached a dirty road, and people started thinning out.

The crowd lessened as we approached a more quiet environment, with few people walking up and down. At least I could breathe.

At least I could scream for help if these pair tried something fishy.

”Do you know, I make the sweetest porridge? ” the crazy granny snapped me out of my thoughts.

”Huh, I don …. ” I trailed off as we stopped in front of a blue gate. This part was cleaner than where we had passed. She let go of my arm and then walked towards it.

”Okay, then come in! ” She opened the gate gesturing for me to follow. Like someone under a spell, I did just that.

”Come in, my boy. Why are you standing over there? Please, come in. ” she signalled to me. I looked at my shoes which were probably stained with everything we just stepped on, and then at the sterile floor. Melissas grandmother let out a laugh realizing my predicament.

”Just get in. It doesn matter as you are our guest today ” she waved her hand for me. I hesitantly raised my feet and was about to step in when my arm was suddenly grabbed, stopping me from proceeding.

Without even looking, I already knew who it was.

”Um, Haze, I know you are our guest, but… ” she said while scratching her hair nervously. My eyes slightly narrowed at the name Haze, and I could not help but wonder why she kept calling me that.

Could it be that she was really a psycho, who had a boyfriend named Haze, and now she was seeing him in me?

Shaking my ridiculous thought away, I signed, removed my shoes, then went inside, trying to make myself comfortable on the couch as much as I could.

The house was actually very cozy. Yes, the living room was small – like very small – I think my bathroom is even bigger than this.

What I really liked about it was the cleanliness – like squeaky clean.

Are they suffering from OCD?

A dark hue was chosen to adorn the walls, allowing the brighter floors and furniture to become more prominent than they were. Photographs adorned the walls of both Melissa and the crazy woman. Each of them conjures the emotions of those sweet eternal moments.

The room was teal with grey wicker chairs and a few plants upon the window-sill. It brought a sense of ease.

”Haze, about… ”

”Cut the crap and explain what the heck is going on here! ” I snapped, cutting her short.

Her eyes rounded in shock, gaping at me.

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