I happened to get your number of your work profile,is it okay?,he asked.

You already have the number,its not like i can say otherwise,she said and he laughed sofly.

I just called randomly,he said.

And i picked up randomly,she replied.

I am busy right now,can we talk later,she said and he agreed.

Sure,he said and the call was disconnected.


In Logans house.

Ring ring***

The doorbell rang as he finished talking with kathyln.

He was lying on the couch lazily when he heard the doorbell but still managed to answer the door.

Hey sis,he said and left her outside with the door open.

Such hospitality leaving me at the door,she teased and came inside.

You know the way in,you don expect me to spray a red carpet for you to walk in,he said with a smile.

Yh whatever,she saie and went to the kitchen and took an apple and went to sit close to her brother on the couch.

So whats up,kay asked as she took a big bite from the apple.

I don know,you don come often except for work so you tell me whats up,logan said and looked at her.

You know why i am here,kay said.

If its because of work,well i have a few things to discuss with you,logan said.

Seriously logan,stop playing mind games with me,kay said.

If you don have anything to talk about,you can take leave,he said pointing at the closed door.

So you don really know why i am here and who i want to talk about,kay said and dropped the apple as she couldn eat it again.

Ohh its a person,he said.

You want me to call a name?,she asked.

I don mind,he said.

Ok how is kathyln?,kay asked and logan looked at her.

Why are you asking me?,he questioned back.

Or do you see her around,he added.

I know you have feelings for her,you finally let go of that girl who you once saw at the theater,she said and his expression changed slightly and she didn notice it as she was still talking.

Sis you talk a lot,how exactly can i forget someone who saved me,he said and she appeared shocked.

You mean you still have feelings for her,kay said and he shooked his head.

I never said i had feelings for her did i?,he asked.

Your eyes said it all,she said with a smile.

I just admire her as its not everyone that can do what she did,logan said and kay seemed convinced.

Yeah i guess so,she said and picked up her apple and kept on eating it.

I just hope you can forget veronica and move on,kay said and logan looked at her.

Well i will take my leave now as you have nothing to say to me,kay said and stood up to leave while logan didn stand up as he didn have the time to excort her out of the house.

He was too lazy to get up but got hungry eventually and went to get a snack before going to sit back remembering his sisters word.

Move on,he thought and let out a deep sigh.


Vee did you see the new movie preview,vees mom said and called her over to sit with her.

Yes i saw it,vee said not looking affected at all.

Isn it bothering you that he is acting with someone else,her mom said adding fire to the sore wound.

Vee was quiet and speak for a while before saying, ”he acts with lots of girls why will this one bother me ”,she said and looked her mother in the eyes.

Well can you see how beautiful she is,she said and vee stared at her with a dangerous look,if looks could kill she would have being dead a long time ago.

Ill have to pay him a visit tomorrow,vee said with a sinister smile.

Now you
e talking,her mother said happily.


In the morning around 6:30 kathyln was awake packing the things she needed important when sje moved,as for clothes she could but them instead of taking the ones here as she would still visit.

She headed out by 7:00 after fading her mother,father and sister goodbye.

Her mom helped her talk to her father the day before about her planning to move and he agreed immediately saying she wasn a baby who needed care that she was an adult and could make decisions on her own.

She took transport to the apartment as she couldn walk there with the bags she was carrying,when she arrived at the place she entered inside and dropped her things while looking around and admiring the place.

She was too exhausted after checking out the whole place and went back to sleep,luckily the place was already cleaned before she came.

When she woke up it was already 9:00 snd she immediately left for work it didn take her more than 10 minutes to reach the industry.

When she entered she couldn spot valerie so she stood on her own wondering what the mumuring was about.

She is really pretty,someone said.

Do you think she is dating either logan or austin,someone else said again.

Did you see her skin as pure as snow,they kept on mumuring between themselves while kathyln was still wandering what was going on.

Kat,kat,valerie called as she found her standing alone.

Whats ul,whats all the mumuring about?,kathlyn asked.

Why are you late?,valerie asked.

Seriously,well talk about that later,so tell me,kathlyn nudged her to talk.

A pretty lady walked in her some minutes ago,and when logan sae her his facial expression changed from a cool one to a nasty one and he left here snd went to his office and she followed behind him,so everyone is concluding that they are in a relationship,valerie said and kathlyn could only mouth an ”ooh ”.

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