After the scene was completed logan invited kathyln for lunch.

Am exhausted,logan said and kathlyn was quiet as she sipped her coffee.

Ive always wanted to ask,she said.

Why did you decide to act,when you like own the industry,she said and looked at him realising he had being staring at him.

I always liked acting,he said.

When i was younger i always acted with my toys,and as i grew up i worked at the theater and decided instead of being a manager at the industry i can do what i love the most,he said with a twinkle in his eye making her smile.

You really love to act eh,she said and he smiled.

Yeah i do,he said and sipped from his coffee.

Now about you,he said and she choked on her hot coffee.

Cough cough***

She coughed and he patted her on her back.

Are you okay?,he asked.

Am fine,she said as she cleaned her eyes which turned misty due to the choking.

As i was saying,tell me about you,he said.

How did you get to start acting,he asked.

Well,i never really liked to act,she said.

I wanted to study medicine,but due to some situations it wasn possible and my mom was a big fan of acting,when i say big fan of acting i don mean she loved to act,she just admired actors while acting and she made me do it,she said with a small laugh.

My dad didn approve of it,as he said people involved in the entertainmentindustry aren good people and he doesn want me meddling with them,so my mom gave uo the idea of making me an actor,when i was 12,each time i was coming back from school with my mom she always made me visit a theater,so a day came and they were looking for a girl child to play an important role in a scene and coincidentally i was there and my mom made me do it,after that she made me go there often after school and i was enrolled as a child actor.she said not realising how much she was talking and he was being a good listener.

When i entered high school,i always got the lead role in school play,people said it was because of my flawless sking and pretty face,i knew i would get haters but i didn take it to heart,when i turned 17 i worked at the theater as a full time job to show you how persistent my mom was,she said and let out a low chuckle while looking at the coffee then she realised she was talking too much.

Oh am sorry,i said much more than you asked,she said not looking at him.

Its okay,i did ask you about it,he said convincing her that it was okay but she didn say anything.

Really good coffee they make here,she said dismissing the previous topic.

Hmm,he nodded and took another sip.

Everyone was dismissed early so kathyln went home early too,she went to the market first to buy vegetables to prepare something for herself as she was craving vegetables.

When she went home she made a simple salad and ate and went to her room to rest,her mom came to her excitedly.

I saw a preview of the movie,you were amazing,Quinn said.

Thanks,kathyln said with her eyes shut.

No,where did i get the preview from or how nice is it to be an actor or something like that,quinn said.

It was your dream not mine,kathlyn said and her mom was quiet as she understood kathyln wasn in the mood to talk.

I have being thinking of moving out,kathlyn said out of the blues.

Why?,whats the problem?,Quinn said.

Must a problem arise for me to move out,kathlyn said finally opening her eyes.

Its a long walk from here to the my work place,even with taxi takes a lot of money and time,she explained.

I found a suitable apartment close to my work place,i have gotten all the things ready and have paid for it,i just haven moved in,she said.

I will be staying there from tomorrow,kathlyn said.

That soon,Quinn said surprised and kathlyn didn reply.

Talk to dad for me,kathlyn said and quinn nodded as she knew she couldn change kathlyns mind.

Sure,quinn said.

But you have to be there ,quinn said and left the room.

Minutes later annabelle entered the room and closed the door quietly like she was going to steal.

Why are you leaving?,she asked as she walked closer to kathlyn bed where she was goign through the script.

How did you get to know?,kathyln questioned her and she was quiet.

You eavesdropped didn you?,kathyln asked not giving her a chance to speak.

Am sorry,but i just happened to hear you and mom speaking and came closer to hear what it was about,annabelled said amd kathyln let out a deep sigh.

Sorry don tell mom,annabelle begged.

I won if you promise not to do it again,kathlyn said.

I promise,she said with a smile making kathyln smile too.

Its not like am leaving,am just getting a place near work,so it will be suitable for me to go withoit discomfort,kathlyn explained and annabelle nodded her head in understanding.

You can come visit when i am not so busy,you know,she said as she saw anna giving her the sad face.

I will take you up on that offer,annabelle said and left the room.

I think i am spoiling her too much,kathlyn said to her self and kept on reading the script and stopped when she got a call from an unknown number.

Kathyln speaking,she said as she the call was connected.

Hey,logan said.

I think i know that voice already,kathlyn said jokingly and he chuckled.

I happened to get your number off your work profile,is it okay?,he asked.

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