Maybe its from commercials or a movie you saw,he said and she looked convinced a bit.

No thats not it,she said and he looked at her as she tried to remember.

Alright,its time to shoot,kay said as she walked in.

The first scene was a job interview,as the ml who owned a company was in search need of an assistant and the fl who came from a poor home applied for the job and he was inpressed with her qualifications.

The Ml was a coldhearted boss who didn think twice before firing anyone of his employees,he didn show feeling while working and he was willing to spend all his days amd nights in the office working.

The Fl is from a poor family she is the only child which was why she managed to finish her school,when she was done shooling she started to look for jobs and she found one in a company looking for an assistant.

The movie director walked in after kay and they were ready to shoot the movie.

The scene was taken place in an office as the ml was seated while reading some document before the fl came in.

The movie:No love era

Kathyln-Annie Fl.

Logan-Ethan Ml.

Ethan was in his office reading some documents when he heard a knock on his door.

Come in,he said and annie came in.

He stopped what he was doing and briefly looked at her before he continued what he was doing.

How may i help you,he said and she adjusted her glasses before saying.

I saw the ad of a vacancy of an assistant,she said and he looked up at her her.

She was dressed in a white long sleeved shirt with a brown skirt covering the whole of her leg with a brown shoe and a long brown coat.

She was wearing a black eyeglass which made her look silly.

So you came for the job,he said still looking at her as her head was lowered down.

Yes sir,she said.

Come take a seat,he said and she dragged her legs to the seat opposite him.

What is your name?,he asked.

Annie Sparks sir,she said.

Did you bring your qualifications with you,he asked.

Yes sir,she said and hurriedly scrambled through her bag and brought it out giving him.

He assessed it for a while and didn way anythinh for a while,but repeatedly nodded his head while he kept flipping the pages.

You majored in accounting,he said.

Marketing and accounting,she corrected and he looked impressed.

You will be a good asset for my company,he said and she smiled.

Thank you sir,she said with a nod.

You can start officially tommorow,he said dismissing her.

Umm..i don mind starting now,she said.

Okay,get me a black coffee,he said and she looked surprised.

Sir?,she said shocked.

You don mind starting now right?,get me coffee,he said and she instantly stood and left the room to get the coffee.

Thats a wrap for scene one,the director said.

That was wonderful, you were very natural,kay praised kathyln.

And i think my brother thinks the same,she said and nudged her to go to logan.

Is she trying to get us in a relationship,kathlyn thought as she was now in front of logan.

Don mind my sister,logan said and she looked up at him.

Huh?,she asked as she didn hear him.

She never did this,logan said.

Its okay,maybe she just wants us to know each other,she said and instantly regretted it as he let out a chuckle.

Why did i say that,she thought.

What i mean is,as we are in the same..,she was trying to explain but was cut short by logan.

No need to explain,i understand,he said.

So how about lunch,he suggested and she nodded.

Sounds nice,she said with a smile and he smiled too.

Lets start with scene 2 before going for a break,the director said and everyone agreed.

In the second scene,ethan called it a day and went home as he was having a slight headache during work so he permitted annie to ho home and he went home too,so technically the second scene was going to take place in a mansion.

The crews amd cast,director and everyone in the movie used the companys bus to go to the mansion which was being bought to act out the scene as Ethans house.


As ethan entered his house,he was greeted by the old maid in the house.

Good evening young master,She greeted.

Good evening aunty lili,ethan greeted as he was entered the house.

Has young master had his dinner,aunty lili asked.

Illeat what you cook,he said with a smile and was about going to his room when he heard footsteps behind him.

Ethan,Jessica called.

Jessica was being played by valerie and she was the ex girlfriend of ethan who cheated on him with his bestfriend.

He turned back to look at her as she called him name loudly,auntie lili left as she was aware of the commotion jessica always caused.

Why didn you answer my call,i have being calling you for a long time,jessica said and walked closer to him.

Do i have any resson to answer your call,he said.

Are you still angry,i know i made a mistakebut the past is the past and it cannot be changed,jessica said.

Leave my house,he said.

I will leave when i am done talking,she said.

I miss you,it wasn my fault i slept with jake,jessica said shamefully not minding how she sounded.

Are you listening to yourself,he said to her.

I may sound desperate but i don care,i know you miss me too,jessica said and tried to touch him but he moved away so she didn touch him.

You can have anyone as good as i am,i know you miss you,she said trying to get closer to him.

Why would i miss you when i already have someone by my side,he said and was surprised by what he said.

She stopped and looked at him in shock. have a girlfriend,she asked in disbelief.

Hmm,he nodded.

Now can you leave my house,he said and went to his room leaving her there.

She was so angry she stormed out ofthe house in rage.

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