Where were you kat?,valerie asked as she saw kathyln entering the room.

I was having lunch,she said.

Why didn you come with me?,she asked.

One of the three siblings said to have lunch with them,kathlyn said and valerie gasped.

Was it logan?,valerie asked.

I said one of the three siblings,why did you think of him first,kathlyn said with a laugh.

Then who was it?,valerie asked.

It was kay,kathlyn said.

Seriously you had lunch with her,valerie said surprised.

Yeah she doesn like to eat alone so she said to have lunch with her,kathlyn said.

So now you are sticking to the three siblings,vivian asked and valerie gave out a weak sigh.

What are you doing here?,val asked.

I just happened to have heard your discussion and came to say a few things,vivian said smiling.

So you went to have lunch with who again,she asked.

That is none of your business,val said and tugged on kathyln hands so they could leave.

Lets go,val said snd dragged kathlyn with her.

Hey everyone,you may already know who i am,kay said.

I am Kaylee but you can all call me kay,i am a model but an instructor to new actresses,kay said.

We will be casting a new movie soon with my brother logan as the male lead ,our female lead has already being chosen,tomorrow the movie will commence,as of now you all will be given the scripts with your role in it,she said as one of the crew was sharing the script.

I will definitely get the female lead,i am a flaess actress,vivian said boastfully.

Finally the scripts were given to them,vivians role is the male lead ex girlfriend who wanted him back even after cheating on him with his bestfriend.

Valeries role is the best friend of the female lead,and they were also childhood friends.

But who was the female lead,vivian questioned herself as she already knew Valeries role.

Could it be kathyln,she thought.

Na,it can be,she convinced herself.

What role are you playing kat,val asked.

Fl,kathlyn said and vivian eye widened in shock but she was quick to cover it.

You all should learn and try to adapt to your role,we will start shooting tomorrow,kay said and left the room.

When it was time to leave,val and kathlyn went together on foot as they wanted some fresh air while strolling.

Soon enough they went their seperate ways and kathlyn went home,during dinner she was telling her parents how big and majestic the building was.

It looked like a skyscraper,she described though exergerating.

Well i need to go memorize the script one more time before i go to sleep,kathlyn said as she finished eating and went to her room.

She memorisex the script and slept late,though she was still able to wake up early in the next morning.

She woke up and arranged her room sweeping and cleaning,and other household chores she was able to do that morning.

She went to take her bath and brush after she was done and got dressed in a sky blue silk chiffon dress coupled with a black boot.

When she was done dressing,she curled her hiar and applied little lipgloss on her lips,she wasn a makeup person so she didn apply any makeup.

After she was done,she left and went to find a taxi,she didn eat breakfast as she was used to not eating in the morning.

When she arrived,she saw Valerie descending from her car and they went in together.

When they arrived not many people had come so they went to have breakfast at a nearby restuarant,they drank coffee and baked bread before going to the sera fine industry.

Soon enough lots of them started to arrive and kay arrived also,they were shooting their first scence soon and they had to revise their scripts,val and kat were busy revising it when kay called for kathlyn.

Kat,can you come over,kay said and kathyln walked over to her.

Good morning,kathlyn said.

How was your night?,kay asked.

It was good,yours,kat said.

wonderful,kay said with a smile.

So you know the first scene right?,kay asked and kathyln nodded.

Its a job interview,kathlyn said.

Yes it is,i need to attend to something before the shoot start,you can ask for more details from my brother,here he comes,i will go now,kay said and left her as she went to her brother and whispered something into his ear making him look at her.

He walked to where she was and took a seat anf sat down turning the pages of the scripts,he was being super quiet amd it was akward for her.

She tried to bring up something to discuss but whenever the words were about to leave her mouth,it was as if it would run back to her throat making her open and close her mouth without saying a word.

He noticed this and didn say anything,he found her behavior funny snd tried hard not to laugh.

Still hasn changed her behavior,he thought before saying.

Do you have something to say?,he asked as she kept on opening and closing her mouth.

Umm…no,she said and looked back at the book she was holding while he dropped his with a sigh and looked at her.

Look,just because i don talk much doesn mean i am unapproachable,he said and she looked at him.

By the way,your my female lead and we need to at least know each other to be able to have chemistry while acting,he ssid and she put her head down.

I just thought you looked familiar,she said and he smiled.

At least she remember little of me,he thought.

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