Kathyln was done cooking by 7 o clock and dinner was set on the table by 7:30.

she went up to her room to take a bath and change her clothes before joining them for dinner.

How was the theater today?Her mom Quinn asked.

It was good,we will be going to the sera fine industry tomorrow,she said nonchalantly and her sister yelled.

You mean The Sera fine,the most famous entertainment industry,Anna yelled and her mother eyes widened.

Hmm,kathlyn nodded.

Oh my goodness,you
e supposed to be happy and you are just acting like its no big deal,her mom said.

It actually isn ,not everyone will be able to be make it there,kathyln said and ate her meal.

Can i come with you,anna said.

No,kathlyn said.

Why not?,anna asked sadly.

It will be unprofessional to bring my yiunger sister,kathlyn said and stood up as she was done eating.

I don have to wash the dishes,as i already cooked dinner,kathlyn said and went to her room.

****The next morning.

It was 6 o clock and kathlyn woke up to arrange the house and prepare to leave,she finished sweeping the house and she cleaned the floor before she went to take her bath and brush her teeth,she didn want to overdress so she just put on a plain black shirt and white palazzo jean with a black shoe.

When it was 7:10 she left her house as it was a ten minutes walk from her house to the theater,when she arrived she saw Valerie coming down from her car and her driver went and she approached kathlyn.

Hey bestie,valerie said.

Whats up,kathlyn said with a smile.

Am excited and nervous,are you ready,valerie said.

I was born ready,kathlyn said.

Thats my bestie,valerie siad and kathlyn gave out a low chuckle.

Lets go in,kathlyn ssid and they went inside.

As they entered inside all eyes were on them,valerie dressed casual also,she was also on plain blue shirt and white jean but they still stood out amongst all.

Hey,a guy said talking to kathlyn

Go and be with others,i will be coming soon,kathyln said and valerie nodded and went to take a seat.

How may i help you,kathlyn said.

My name is Charles,he said.

Umm..i have being seeing you around,just wanted to talk to you,he said and she looked at him withiut saying a word.

And?,she asked.

Can we be friends?,he asked.

No,i don make friends,kathyln said and he was quiet as he didn know what to say.

Are you done talking,i would like to go,she said and left without waiting for his approval.

Told you she wouldn spare you a glance,a friend of chris said but he was quiet looking at where she was smiling with her friend.

Is everyone here,the manager asked as it was already 7:30.

Lets go with the bus,she said and they left to go outside.

Vivian,carla and lay were just descending from vivians car when she saw them entering the bus.

The bus?,the said and everyone eyes were set on her.

Yes vivian is anything wrong with that,valerie said.

Everything is wrong with it,she said.

You don expect me to entet that do you?,she asked.

Well you can just come on your own ,my princess,valerie said mockishly and pulled kathlyn into the bus.

You need to calm down,kathlyn said.

She just makes me mad,valerie said.

Just don pay much attention to her,you know she is an attention seeker,kathlyn said and valerie laughed.

Your the best,valerie said and kathlyn smiled.

Lets just prepare for the best,kathlyn said.

They reached the Sera fine entertainment industry by 8:30 and everyone was happy looking at the building from the outside,the exterior was perfect who knows decorated the interiors will be.

They entered inside and everyone was wowed at how beautiful the place was,the decorations were too notch,the models were really good looking as they posed to the camera.

Come on everyone,the manager said and they entered a big room where they were three people.

Two men and a woman.

Good morning everyone,The first man said.

I am Austin,and beside me is my younger brother and sister.

Our parents own the Sera fine entertainment industry and we will be holding the auditions this time.

My little sister Kay is a model,while my brother here logan is into acting and drama and i am their manager.

Logan is so cute,someone whispered.

Kathyln was looking at him indifferently as she was trying to remember where she had once seen him.

Kathyln you seem lost in thought are you okay?,valerie said seeing kathlyn confused state.

Am okay,she said.

Okay,have you seen logan he is so cute,valerie whispered in her ears.

Your a naughty girl,kathlyn whispered back to her and she smiled.

When they were done given instructions the first five girls were called for auditions and when they were done they came out after like 30 minutes.

The next five please,an assistant came to announce and valerie,kathlyn and the remaining three entered.

Good morning,so we will be giving you number,the assistant said.

Numbers were given to them,the first three alresdy went as they were number one,two and three.

Number four was valerie,she went in after kathlyn wished her the best of them.

Good luck val,kathlyn said.

Kathyln waited alone until she was done with her audition,she came out smiling.

How did it go?,kathlyn asked.

It was wonderful,logan talked to me,she said excitedly and kathlyn smiled.

Though he asked a question,it was still wonderful,his voice is like that of an angel,she said daydreaming.

Stop over exaggerating,kathyln said.

And by the way you haven seen an angel before,kathlyn added before she was called.

Number 5 please comein,the assistant called and kathlyn walked in.

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