It was a busy day in the theater and kathlyn wasn there,the theater management had good news for the actors and actresses working in the theater so the theater manager had to wait for the whole crew and cast to arrive before she announces the news.

Anna,come on your taking a lot of time,Quinn said.

Give me a sec,she said as she was preparing to go the market with her mother.

Where is kathyln?,Quinn asked as she saw annabelle descending the stairs but kathyln was around.

She might be getting ready to leave for work,anna said.

So she hasn left,doesn she know she is supposed to be there early,Quinn said and anna rolled her eyes.

Come on mom,lets go,anna said and dragged her mom out of the house.

Kathyln was getting ready to leave and she was styling her hair after fixing her makeup,she wore a black skater dress which was just above her knee,when she was done dressing up she left for the theater.

Kathyln was the prettiest and most beautiful lady on the theater,so she was despised by the actors and actresses while some tried to get on her good side as she got the highest female lead in the theater.

When she arrived at the theater all eyes were on her but she avoided them as she was used to it already.

She went to the backstage as she was told sll actors and actresses were there,she was sittong down amongst her group of friends when her nemesis vivian came towards her.

Heyy kathlyn,you are looking different today,did you get a new haircut,Vivian said touching her hair and kathyln pulled her hand away from her hair.

She looks the same to me,Valerie a friend of kathyln said.

No she does look different,carla,lay don she see it,she said calling her group of girlfriends.

Yh ooh maybe its the dress,carla said with a giggle.

Oh yh,lay added.

Did you borrow it,vivian said with a light smirk mocking kathyln.

Kathyln smiled looking at her and said ”your making a big fool out of your self ”.

Carla and lay gasped as she said it.

Well i don blame you as you are daddys princess and can get anything done without him,so can you take tour miserable self away from here,kathlyn said.

Or even i can leave here for you as i can stand your face,kathlyn said and left with her friend while vivian was fuming.

Is it because she is pretty she think she is a God,lay said and vivian looked at her.

What do you mean,am i not more beautiful than her,vivian said.

No no,you are extremely beautiful,her friends convinced her and she smiled in glory.

A/N :How pathetic.

Welcome everyone,the theater manager said.

Hello,they responded.

So i have good news for you guys,the manager said with a smile.

The Sera fine entertainment industry will be having an audition to recruit actor,models and so on.

Sera fine industry,omg that is best entertainment industry,someone among the actress said and murmurs were heard.

So they have ten open spot audition for actors and models and they want 10 actresses from our theater to audition,the manager said and they were cheers going around.

So the actresses should come forward if their names are being heard,the manager said.

Vivian,she first called and she came out proud.

Lossy,Lilo,Kate,step forward,she ssid and they giggled before coming forward.

Lay and carla,pleasr come forward,she said and they came forward and stood beside vivian.

Kathyln admirers were confused as to why her name had not being called,and her haters were glad that she wasn called.

Sizy,Lucy,,come forward,she said and vivian was smiling widely as if she had won a lottery.

And the two last actresses are,she said and stayed quiet adding to the suspense as some actresses were already shaking as they wanted to be picked badly,in fact all the actresses were shivering except kathlyn who wore a straight face.

Valerie and kathlyn,she said and valerie ran to hug kathyln.

So the ten actresses mentioned prepare carefully and get ready to leave tomorrow,she said and left them to talk.

I am so happy,we get to go together,Valerie said with a smile and kathlyn smiled too.

Oh my i wonders me how you got in,vivian said playing with her hair.

Did you bribe her,she said.

No you wouldn have you don have the money for that,she added with a laugh.

Can you just get the h*ll away from us,Valerie said angrily.

Its okay val lets go,kathlyn said.

Yeah Val go with her like the little slave you are,vivian said and left with her friends.

Am sorry about that,kathlyn apologised.

Its not your fault,Valarie said.

I hate her guts,Valerie added.

Lets just go,i am i charge of cooking today,so i am going home,kathlyn said.

Take care,valarie said and they went their seperate ways.

Vivian is a daughter of a rich businessman who majors in oil but she didn want anything to do with an oil company,she was happy being rich and lazy,but her mom was adamant about her getting a job so she thought to do acting and modeling as she would be in touch with a lot of cute guys.

As for Valerie,she is from a rich home but she isn as rich as vivian is,so whenever they went to business parties with their parents and they came across eeach other,vivian always makes fun of her and her parent.

Kathyln went home and her mom and sister were already back from the market so she went up to her room and changed her clothes before going to the kitchen to prepare their dinner as the night was drawing closer.

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