So thats what the mumuring is all about,valerie said.

How long has this being going on?,kathyln asked curiously.

Am not so sure,if i am to guess i will say 9:00am i think,valerie said.

Okay,kathyln said dismissing the topic and waiting to here the final discussion.

Lets go get something from the cafeteria,am starving,kathlyn said patting her stomach.

Come on,lets go,valerie said and held her hand dragging her to the cafeteria.

They went to the cafe and ate their breakfast,when they were done they stayed there for some time and were about to leave when they bumped into kay who was not in the right mood.

Hey,kay waved and they waved back and she came to meet them.

How are you doing?,she asked.

e good but you don look so good,valerie siad and kathlyn nudged her making kay smile.

Its nothing really,i just have a sour mood right now,she said and waved them goodbye.

It definitely has something to do with the lady who came here,valerie said.

When will you learn to stop poking your nose in peoples business,kathlyn scolded her.

Sorry mom,valerie said holding her ears and giving her a sorry expression.

Lets go sit somewhere,val said and kathlyn agreed.

As they were going to take a seat the so called lady who disrupted their work came down smiling,as she reached the last staircase she was standing in front of kathyln and kathlyn kept space for her thinking she wanted to part but she didn make an attempt to move and just stared at kathlyn.

Can i talk to you?,she asked and kathyln nodded.

In private,she said and walked forward out of the building and kathlyn followed behind.


Sorry to ask but do you enjoy staring at people,kathlyn asked and she laughed.

Well let me just go straight to the point,i came to inform you let me just use the word warn you,she said and kept quiet observing her nonchalant expression.

Warn me,about what?,kathlyn asked.

Stay away from my boyfriend,she said with a smile.

Your boyfriend,kathlyn asked surprised.

Yes stay away from logan,just because you have the female lesd doesn mean you can try and get close to him,know your place,she warned and left leaving kathlyn startled.

She went back inside after composing herself,luckily they weren much people than before so she didn receive too much stares,she went up to the acting center where they were meant to rest and she found valerie there.

Lets go on set right now,vee has being looking for you,val said and dragged kathlyn with her.

When they arrived at where the next scene was to take place,logan was sitting casually with a cold and stern expression making it harder than usual to approach him so she just sat at a distance and discussed a little with valerie.

So who was that lady and why did you wantbto talk to you?,valerie immediately bombarded her with questions.

Well it seems i can hide anything from you,kathlyn said and valerie narrowed her eyes.

Talk,valerie said and nudged her to say something.

Apparently she is his girlfriend,kathlyn said.

OMG,no wonder,she said snd kept quiet for a sec before saying.

But what did she talk to you about,she added.

It was about the movie,nothing much,kathlyn said and val nodded.

When it was time to act a new scene for the movie,everyone was set on their spot anf the main cameras were already on camera,logan who seemed indifferent a while ago acted his part perfectly like he wasn in a sour mood already.

The director got a call about the premiere of a new movie and so he had to leave and everyone was allowed to leavr as they was nothing to do.

Meanwhile kathyln was preparing to preparing to go home when she heard her name from a distance,she turned her back to see logan calling for her and she went to meet him while keeping in mind his girlfriends word.

Hey,she sad as she approached him and he smiled slightly at her and she smiled back.

How are you doing?,he asked.

I think am good,she said and he tilted his head a little.

You think,he repeated her words.

Normally i would be fine but i just don feel good today,she said.

Are you coming down with something?,he asked and was about to touch her forehead when she shrugged him off with a smile.

Am fine,i will go home to rest,she said and he understood she wanted to leave but didn understand why she acted weird.

Rest well,he said and she smiled before leaving.

She reached her home aand suddenly felt a slight headache so she went to pain relieve drugs before taking her bath and changing into her night gown and heading to the living room before chowing down the bag of chips she bought on her way and the fruit juice,suddenly her phone rang and she went to answer it.

Hello,she heard a low tone from val and asked worriedly.

Are you okay vee?,kathlyn asked worriedly.

No,they left me again,she said and kathlyn immediately understood.

Want to come over?,kathyln asked.

I would have loved to but i don want to inconvenience aunt and uncle,she said with a sigh.

I stay alone now,Ill send you my address come over now,she disconnected the call and sent her address to her.

Valerie saw the address and changed her clothes to something more suitable before going out of the house with a bag containing a few of her clothes as she would be there for some days.

Kathyln was lying on the couch when the door alarm was heard she instantly stood up and opened the door.

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