the dragons eyes widen

”I thought I just erased your memories-

not killed us and brought us back- ” Emeros replied

”Well you did- and you were already dead-

and you died again just like I did- ” he replied

”but how is that possible? ” Emeros replied

”its called being a zombie- and when you die you come back and die again and the cycle repeats- ” he replied

”but I don remember dieing- ” Emeros replied

”Well thats normal- its just because Im different- I always remember how I died-

or well I know that I did- and thats why I had those injuries- and are probably still there ” he replied

”then does that mean I have them too?! ” Emeros shouted

”most likely- and I can check if you want ” he replied

”alright then I trust you and you
e exhausted anyway right? ” Emeros replied

”Emeros- I don know- you always turn me on-

but I won do anything- ” he replied

”and Im the pervert- ” Emeros replied

”shut it and take your shirt off- ” he replied

the dragon did as he asked

he was fit and he had a six pack

and it shined-

he looked up at his chest

it was really beautiful-

and he wanted a taste-

but he looked closer and he saw a bullet wound-

”turn around! ” He shouted

”is it too much for you? ” Emeros replied

”just show me your back! ” He shouted

the dragon turned around


his wings were dugg into the part was closer to his back like someone tried to hack them off

there were brusies and scratches and scars

all over his back

and it was gooey and torn into

it was red and black

Dereks eyes widen

”F*ck ” he replied

”whats wrong? ” Emeros replied

”Well Im not entirely sure what happened to your back but you definitely were shot ” he replied

”Whats wrong with my back?! ” Emeros shouted

”Alot- theres scratches and brusies and scars as well- and someone tried to cut off your wings- ” he replied

”Is that why they feel so sore?! ” Emeros shouted

”they still feel sore? ” he replied

”when I try to move them- ” Emeros replied

”can you try to move them again? ” he replied

the dragon did and he felt like a sharp pain

he gasped in pain –

”F*ck- it still feels like they
e trying to tear them off- ” Emeros replied

”do you remember who attacked you? ” he replied

”No- but I can feel the pain- and you said that I got shot- where? ” Emeros replied

”Your chest underneath your collar bone on the right side- and its interesting that you are able to feel the pain- because I don - ” he replied

”my wings and my back does hurt-

and my chest hurts a bit- ” Emeros replied

”do remember being shot? ” he asked

”I feel the pain of it- but I don remember anything else- but I do remember fighting for my life- and begging them to stop-

though I don remember anything about them- ” Emeros replied

”I do feel the pain when I wake up but after that it stops- and but I don remember what happened- ” he replied

”I thought you said you knew how you died? ” Emeros replied

”just the pain of it- but no details- and you know that someone attacked you- and I know that was attacked too- but- I don remember anything- ” he replied

”can I look at your scars too? ” Emeros replied

”Yeah- but don do anything to it- ” he replied

”you were the one drooling over my body- ” Emeros replied

”I couldn help it- you
e so f*cking gorgeous- ” he replied

”woah- Der- you
e getting bold- I like it- ” Emeros replied

”You still want to see my scars right? ” he replied

”Yeah and you
e beautiful in your own way- ” Emeros replied

”you mean I look horrible- ” he replied

”not to me- and trust me I have seen worse ” Emeros replied

”so its bad? ” he replied

”obviously- but- thats expected when you
e skin is destroyed and goretest- but its beautiful in its own way- ” Emeros replied

e lieing about that last part but Ill show you ” he replied


the claw marks where the dragon dug in

the flesh was torn apart and underneath the flesh deteriorated and was rotten and it was gooey and it was all open and the blood was dried up

it was all red- just like before-

but it wasn bloody like before

it still wasn a good sight-

”its not as bloody as before- but still it doesn look good- ” Emeros replied

”so it still looks the same? ” he replied

”Yeah but I still love you- ” Emeros replied

”but its not fair! you get a perfect body-

and I get this one! ” he shouted

”its not all that perfect- and I can use my wings- and my back hurts- ” Emeros replied

”you sound like a old dragon- ” he replied

”Im not that old! ” Emeros shouted

”then how old are you? ” he replied

”23- or I was- but knowing that I died and came back- I could be older- ” Emeros replied

”I honestly stopped counting- ” he replied

”but isn this only you
e thrid time dieing? ” Emeros replied

”I don think so but I don remember how old I am- ” he replied

”Well you seem like a old man- but also young-

do you remember what age you died? ” Emeros replied

”I was 19- but I don feel it- more like 34 ” he replied

”maybe thats because you died so many times- ” Emeros replied

”Yeah you
e probably right- ” he replied

”Well this was my second time- so- I would be

38 the first time and 53 the second time- ” Emeros replied

”I would be- definitely older than 34- but I have no clue how old I would be but it really doesn matter does it? and youll never look old- ” he replied

”but you
e still good looking- and actually your

body looks better than it did before- my scratches where I tore open- underneath its completely healed over with scars- ” Emeros replied

Dereks eyes widen

”it healed?! but how is that possible?! ” He shouted

”even though I hurt you- my dragon energy-

poured into your body and healed it- ” Emeros replied

”you healed me?! and where you scratched me is it still open? ” he replied

”its not like how it was before but it is open-

it looks like gills- it looks cool- and of course I healed it- when I put my claws in my energy went into your body and because I didn want to hurt you it healed you- even if it didn heal right away- ” Emeros replied

”if your energy can heal then why didn your body heal too? ” he replied

”because I gave you the rest of it- so the scars that were healed- came back- ” Emeros replied

”how is it that your front of your body is completely fine? ” he replied

”because Im still a dragon- and my body has to be perfect and beautiful- and I keep my youth- I guess you could say its similar to vampires ” Emeros replied

”do vampires exist too? ” he replied

”Yes as well as werewolfs and angels and demons and witches- ” Emeros replied

”Oh my- well thats a surprise but then again you
e a dragon in a zombie apocalypse so

anythings possible at this point- ” he replied

”what about gods? ” Emeros replied

”gods? if theres gods why the hell are doing nothing?! ” He shouted

”Gods can exactly infere if they do they get banished- and erased from existence- ” Emeros replied

”how the hell do you know this stuff?! ” He shouted

”Well I was told a story about three gods and one angel- would you like me to tell you it? ” Emeros replied

”sure- ” he replied

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