when the dragon woke up tears came down his cheeks

Derek went over to him

what was a dragon doing here and why was it crying so much?

”hey- dragon whats wrong? why were you crying so much? ” he replied

”I- just had a really bad dream- and it felt so real- ” the dragon replied

”oh- no wonder you were crying so much-

I don know what you saw but- theres somethings I wish I could forget- ” he replied

”Yeah I know- Der- I really missed you- ” the dragon replied

Dereks eyes widen did this dragon know him?

and he oddly felt familiar- but he couldn remember it

”do I know you? have we met before? ” he replied

”Yes- I know you may not remember but we met when we were kids- and on that day you were crying like I was- I asked you what was wrong and you told me that you lost your mother and you kept blaming yourself for it

and I held you in my arms and comforted you the best I could- I petted your head and told you that it was alright and that I was here for you- and after you calmed down you ask me what my name was ” the dragon replied

”Emerson? its really you? I thought that I lost you- how did you survive?- wait- sorry I shouldn have asked ” he replied

”its alright Der- it doesn bother me- I was bitten by a dragon- and I already lost so much blood and was dieing- and when the dragon bit me I felt my body change- and it hurt alot

but after the change my body felt brand new-

and the wings and tail were hard to get used to- and it wasn until later I found out I grew another d*ck-but it wasn that bad and I had a new family and thats how I got my name-

it was ghos which means bound to happen- ” The dragon replied

”ghos? and why do you say it in past tense? ” he replied

”because I want you to give me a new name and if you want you could combine both of them- ” the dragon replied

”both of them? Emerson and ghos- Emeros? ” he replied

the dragon nodded his head

”Yes thats it- I mean- I like it- it fits well- ” the dragon replied

”Emeros? are you saying thats your name? ” he replied

”it is now you
e the one who said it so it is- ” Emeros replied

e strange- but I like you- ” he replied

the dragons eyes widen

he was shocked- Derek wasn like this before

and he couldn understand him

he acts one way and then changes

Derek had broken his heart more than once

he acted like he cared but he would say cruel things- and rejected him over and over again

he would accept him and then he hurt him

and the cycle repeated until he couldn handle it

and looking down at the Derek in front of him

he couldn believe it how could he truly care?

if he did why did he hurt him so much?

it was because he was scared

he didn want to hurt him but his fear took over – and thats why he couldn believe that he loved him-

the dragon began to sob again

”Der why couldn you just love me? ” emeros replied

Dereks eyes widen

was there something he was forgetting?

and he knew that something felt familiar about him- emeros? why did that name sound familiar? but he felt bad for him

why was he acting this way?

who broke this poor dragons heart?

but he realized- the dragon said his name-

it was him!

though he was clueless to their true past-

he didn want to see him like this

he wrapped his arms around him and wiped his tears

”its alright my sweet dragon- ” Derek replied

the dragons eyes widen

this couldn be real- Derek would never say those words

”Der? why are you being so nice to me? you
e just going to break my heart again aren you? ”

Emeros replied

”emeros- I am sorry for what I did in the past-

but I promise Ill never break your heart again

so can we start over? ” he replied

”how can I trust you this time? you trusted me and then you hated me- and then you let me let be your friend- and then you said you hated me again and then you said you let me be your friend again and you accepted me and then you called me a monster- and then you accepted me again- and you said that you wanted to love me back and then you kissed me- and after that- you said you just wanted to be friends- or even friends with benefits-

and that wasn what I wanted but you didn listen- and when you told me the truth-

it really hurt- so I asked to start over-

and you agreed- and the way you
e acting feels surreal- I just can believe it- if you cared why did you hurt me so much? ” emeros replied

”I didn know how to react I was so scared- I never been loved or felt it before- and I was wrong to treat you like that- so can I try again?

I see how badly I hurt you and I just want to hold you close and comfort you- and tell you how much I- ” he couldn finish his words

and began to sob into his chest

the dragons eyes widen

the dragon hugged him and stroked his hair

”its alright Der- I shouldn have reminded you

you wanted us to start over and forget everything- and I couldn – Im sorry- ” he replied

Derek looked up at him

”you aren the one who should be apologizing-

its my fault you
e like this- and I still don completely understand my feelings but

I know that I don want to hurt you again- ” he replied

”you truly mean it? will you let me in this time? ” Emeros replied

”I do and I will accept you truly- just as you did

and I want to try- to love you- if you let me- ” he replied

”of course I will- its all I ever wanted- but its so hard to believe- ” Emeros replied

”Emeros look at me- I want to show you how precious you are to me- my sweet dragon- ” he replied

the dragon blushed

”Der- can you say it again? ” Emeros replied

”my sweet dragon- I promise you that always be close to my heart and I learn how to love you truly- ” he replied

Derek nuzzled against his chest

the dragons eyes widen

”Der- do you truly mean that?! ” Emeros shouted

”I thought that was obvious its what Ive been trying to tell you- so will you accept me? ” he replied

”Yes! Der I love you so much- so of course Ill accept you- ” Emeros replied

the dragon nuzzles against his neck

and begans to kiss all over it

Dereks eyes widen

”emeros?! what you
e doing?! ” He shouted

”I was just showing you how much I love you- ” emeros replied

”you know that isn fair- because I want to eat you first- I- mean I can say it back- ” he replied

the dragons eyes widen

”did you just say you wanted to eat me?! ” Emeros shouted

”I-I-didn mean to say it outloud- and when you nuzzled against my neck and kissed it-

it turned me on- ” he replied

”Oh Der- you should have told me sooner-

I gladly take care of it- ” Emeros replied

Derek turned bright red

as a image of exactly that

appeared in his head

flashback [sexual content]

the dragon reached down and unzipped his pants and put his hand in and began to stroke it Derek let out a moan

the dragon pulled down his underwear

he leaned in and put his lips over the head of his cock his fangs sunk in and he began to suck down and when he wiggled his tongue around he felt unbelievable pleasure

he rolled his eyes back letting out a few more moans

he released shooting his cum down the dragons throat

the dragon swallowed it down

he pulled back licking his lips

”Der that tasted so good- how about giving me more? and let me have a taste of that a** of yours- ” he replied

[end of memory]

”do you still want to do more? ” he replied

”Is that what you want Der? or do you want to be the one on top? ” Emeros replied

”I-I- don know!- I know that Im turned on by you- and I want to do things- but- not now-

I can say it yet- so I don want to do that until then- ” he replied

”alright Der- but can I do what I want? ” Emeros replied

”I-I- Yes- but- no f*cking- ” he replied

the dragon reached down and unzipped his pants and put his hand in and began to stroke it Derek let out a moan

the dragon pulled down his underwear

he leaned in and put his lips over the head of his cock his fangs sunk in and he began to suck down and when he wiggled his tongue around bobing his head up and down

he felt unbelievable pleasure

he grabbed the dragons hair

pushing him deeper

the dragon continued lick it up and down

Derek let out a few moans

he really was enjoying this

and when he reached climax he shout his cum down the dragons throat

the dragon rolled his eyes back

he swallowed it all down

and he pushed back

”Der- I really enjoyed that- ” Emeros replied

”my sweet dragon- I enjoyed it too- and I want you to do it again- but I want to be the one who does it first- and then Ill let you do it-

but one d*ck at a time- at least until I can handle it- ” he replied

”youll let me do it?! ” Emeros shouted

”after I do it first- and now nots the time- ” he replied

”aw why not? ” Emeros replied

”you just deep throated me- and I can do anymore- Im exhausted- ” he replied

”how do you have such low stamina? ” Emeros replied

”Im dead- why would I have more?- did you forget that Im a zombie? ” he replied

”No- I just thought that you would be livelier- ” Emeros replied

”horny- yes but I don have enough energy-

and why would I feel more alive when I died?

and you may have brought me back- but

I don feel energized- at least not anymore- ” he replied

”wait are you saying that you died again? ” Emeros replied

”we both did- and we both were brought back- ” he replied

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