Derek looked up at Emeros

he was now in his arms and he felt safe-

and happy- he didn understand his feelings yet but he didn want to lose him again

he had hurt the dragon more than once and he regretted it- he could tell that the dragon loved him- if he didn why would he forgive him?

Derek didn deserve it- but he wasn going to let go-

”Emeros you told me before that you have a sister- can you tell me more about her? ”

”you want to know about little emeile? ” Emeros replied

”mhm how old is she and what she like? ” he replied

”shes 15 or in dragon years 1500- and shes really sweet and passionate and shes very creative- she likes to draw and she has a good sense of fashion- she wants to be a designer someday for dragons and other creatures- she always wanted to since she was 5- and she was so adorable back then- I believe shell be the best fashion designer ever- Ive been with her since- ” Emeros replied

”she seems great- you really care alot about her and Im sure she appreciates it-

so did you meet her when she was 5 or did you grow up with her? ” he replied

”I meant her when she was 5 I was adopted into the family- at the age of 13- I don remember much before then- ” Emeros replied

”so that would make you 23- you
e alot younger than I thought- and you don remember anything before 13? ” he replied

”other than you-No- I don remember my parents faces or names- or if I had a sibling

but I have my dragon family- and thats enough for me- ” Emeros replied

”is that why you have no empathy for humans? ” he replied

”it could be- and I haven seen many good humans- most of the ones I ate were true monsters- but I have spared a few- if they were harmless- but I have loss control before-

but don worry I wouldn eat you at least not literally- ” Emeros replied

Derek turned bright red hearing that last sentence- that pervert!

”You-You- pervert! ” He shouted

”Well I can help it- the more I look at you-

I can help but want a taste- but I know that I have to be patient- no matter how tempting you are- ” Emeros replied

”how am I the appetizing one? Im a monster – well you are a dazzling young beauty- surely you attract both men and women- ” he replied

”you really think that? well I appreciate it-

and I have been asked out by both men and women- but I never went with any of them- ” Emeros replied

”why not? I wish I was you
e position-

but everyone judges me because Im a monster I could never get anyone to like me- ” he replied

”Well I like you and you don have to worry about what others think about you ” Emeros replied

”I don understand why you like me so much- I wasn nice to you I called you a monster- and said that I hated you - ” he replied

”but you regretted it right? you gave me a second chance so why shouldn I? ” Emeros replied

”because you didn do anything wrong- and I miss judged you- ” he replied

”Im glad you can see that but Im at fault too-

I was the one who physically hurt you- ” Emeros replied

”you mean when your nails digged into my sides? Im fine and its not that bad- ” he replied

”Derek lift up your shirt let me see ” Emeros replied

”its not that bad-you don need to see it ” he replied

”Derek show me! I need to know how badly I hurt you- ” Emeros replied

”Fine ” he replied and lifted up his shirt

[graphic gore]

the claw marks where the dragon dug in

the flesh was torn apart and bloody

and underneath the flesh deteriorated and was rotten and it was gooey and it was all open some of the blood was dried up

it was all red

the dragons eyes widen

”what the hell Derek! did I do all that?! ” Emeros shouted

”thats why I didn want to show you and its been like that for years- and Im still alive- and the new scratches won do anything to me-

did you forget that Im already dead? this normal for a zombie- ” he replied

”but it shouldn be and you shouldn be alive-

even though you
e a zombie- it doesn mean that when you get hurt you won die

it makes you more vulnerable and it could kill you- especially when its like this- so its amazing that you aren dead- ” Emeros replied

”I am dead emeros- I know I am- I died many times and my heart didn beat until I met you-

and it beats now and I felt emotions I haven felt in years- thats why I didn have to eat and I don need any oxygen- you are the one who brought me back to life- ” he replied

”then doesn that mean you
e dieing now?

because I made you worse- with the state your in- you won last long- ” Emeros replied

”then let me die- and its not like I won come back- ” he replied

”I can let you die- I don care if you
e a zombie- but you won be the same- all your humanity would be gone- and I hate for that to happen because I have lost it- and I don want you to go through that- ” Emeros replied

”I already lost it before- and I didn care for humans either- and truth was I scared because you are monster like me- and I was projecting onto you- and thats why I felt bad-

because I treated you the way I was treated-

and I was terrified- because you were worse than me- I had killed both zombies and humans- but I couldn eat them- but if I could I would- but the taste of flesh and blood tasted terrible- and made me sick- I was terrified of what I was capable of- thats why I insulated myself – and Im sorry for acting the way I did- ” he replied

”its alright Der- I know you were scared and I don blame you- I know that Im a monster- ” emeros replied

Derek wrapped his arms around him and hugged him tight

”I don care that you
e a monster because Im one two- and Im glad that you care about me-

I don care about others as long as you protect me- and with you I can be happy-

so stay by myside- promise me that you always be there for me- that youll never leave me behind- ” he replied

”I promise Ill never leave you behind- you are my everything and Im glad that you are able to accept me- despite everything- ” emeros replied

e the one I should be thanking- I treated you like a monster- but you still accepted me- ” he replied

”I am a monster Der- ” Emeros replied

”I know but that doesn mean you should be treated like one- and I wish I could show you compassion like you did for me- ” he replied

”Der- you already have you apologized and accepted me that is all that I need from you ” Emeros replied

”but I want to say that I love you too- and truly mean it- ” he replied

”you already have and didn use those words but through your actions and you don have to say it until you are ready to and you know what they say actions speak louder then words- ” Emeros replied

”I-I- its just because I don want you to be treated like I was and you treated me so well-

and even though you hurt me you didn mean it- and I want to return the kindness you showed me- ” he replied

”you were able to accept me so I returned that to you- and now you are doing it again so I accept you now as well- and please don hate me again- ” Emeros replied

”I promise that Ill never hate you- you don deserve that- ” he replied

”you really believe that? but you told me so many times that you hate me and then you say that accept me and then you hate me and the cycle repeats- so do you really mean it this time? ” Emeros replied

”I do I don want to hurt you anymore after you accepted me so its only fair that I do too

and I truly mean it- ” he replied

”Im glad Der that you let me in again and Ill never let you go- ” Emeros replied

”me too Ill never let go- ” he replied

Derek hugged him tight and nuzzled against his chest

”I love you too Der- ” Emeros replied

”I-I- didn say it- and I just care about you alot- ” he replied

”thats what love is Der and you are saying it with your actions- and when you nuzzle against my chest it means that you love and accept me- and that Im precious to you- ” Emeros replied

”I-I- thats because Im close to your heart- so Im showing you that I appreciate it- ” he replied

”alright Der Ill be patient- ” Emeros replied

”Im not in love with you- at least not yet-

but I do care about you- and Im not sure if I can do more than that- ” he replied

”its alright Der- you don have to force yourself and you already showed me how much you care- and thats enough- ” Emeros replied

”Im glad and I hope that someday I can return those feelings- ” he replied

”Der- youve done enough already- ” Emeros replied

”but I feel bad that I can love you back- ” he replied

”Der I never asked you to and Im glad that you accept me and thats enough for me so don worry about it ok? ” Emeros replied

Derek looked up at him he felt his heart beat-

he leaned in and kissed him

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