A dragon in a zombie apocalypse?

getting to know eachother better

he looked up at the dragon

”don dragons live longer than zombies? ” he replied

”Well thats true but you
e not like other zombies- plus you haven had to eat any brains as of late? ” ghos replied

”I- what does that have to do with anything and how do you know that? ” he replied

”Well you
e more human than anything- and If you had I would have noticed- ” ghos replied

”Well I don eat human brains because I can digest it- the first time I tried I threw up afterwards- but I do eat animal brains sometimes- ” he replied

”so you
e like a vampire on a diet or a vegetarian zombie- ” ghos replied

”I guess you could say that- do you you eat brains too or just gems? ” he replied

”just gems- but I can eat human brains or animals- but I prefer gems- ” ghos replied

”Oh- do you ever feel bad for the humans? ” he replied

”not really- they
e just a food source for me-

and they don taste as good as gems but I will eat them if theres no other choice- and I don just eat their brains I eat their flesh and bones-

organs and everything- its usually a good meal- but some have different tastes- ” ghos replied he was going to finish but stopped looking at Dereks expression

Dereks eyes widen and he backed away from him he was shaking

”You- you- then does that mean youll eat me too?- was everything you said a lie?! ” He shouted

”No Der don look at me like that- I didn mean to scare you- I would never do that to you- even if you were fully human- even though I don feel anything for other humans-

you are different- I would never harm you- ” ghos replied

”how- can I- trust you?- ” he replied

the dragon grabbed his waist

”Der look at me- you trusted me twice before and you accepted me- so why can you now? ” ghos replied

”I-I because- you
e a monster! ” he shouted and tried to pull away but the dragon pulled him back in and tightened his grip

digging his claws into his waist

e not going anywhere Der- you are mine remember? ” ghos replied with a growl

”No!let me go- Im not yours-! ” he shouted

”Der look at me- don be like this- you love me don you? ” ghos replied

”No! I don love you- why would I love a monster like you?! youve tried to manipulate me- I can believe I trusted you- You
e not my friend anymore! I hate you! I hate you! ” He shouted while sobbing and punching him

the dragons heart shattered

”Is that what you truly think of me? a monster?

fine if thats what you want to think you can-

but I wasn lieing when I said that love you- ” ghos replied

he losen his grip around him and wiped his tears

Derek looked up at him confused

why was he acting so gentle now?

the dragon only acted that way because he didn want to lose him- but he overreacted

and he showed him his trueself hoping that

he wouldn judge him- but he was wrong

and the dragon was heart broken once again

the dragon let go of him and turned away

but Derek grabbed his hand

”Wait!- Im sorry- you really care about me don you? ” he replied

”what do you think?-youve told me more than once that you hate me and then you accepted me as your friend and then you showed me that you accepted me- and I believed it-

but I was wrong about you- you called me a monster- I missed up- I believed that you would still accept me- but you- won will you?

instead youll just give me false hope- ” ghos replied and walked away from him

Derek tried to stop the dragon but it was too painful-

the dragon walked away but he didn leave

he layed down in the corner curled up

tears came down his cheeks-

it was the first time he had felt like this

it was so painful-

Derek wanted to comfort him but he himself was terrified his body shook and he began to sob he- messed up- now his only friend hated him-

the dragon turned around

”I don hate you- I could never hate you- Im just disappointed- I hoped that you could love me back- but maybe I was wrong- ” ghos replied

Derek moved closer to him he fell on his knees

”please let me try again- emeros- ” he replied

”as long you don judge me again- I know that I am a monster-but- you make me feel so different- and I wanted to protect you and be your friend- and maybe someday your lover-

but- you really hurt me this time- ” ghos replied

”and for that Im truly sorry- I didn mean to respond that way- but I was so terrified-

and I acted unrationable- I can see that you have some good in you- and I took it for granted-and I was willing to accept you-

but I got scared again- and you really scared me this time- but I realize I was to quick to judge- and I realized how much you care about me- so I want to try again- can we start over? ” he replied

the dragon grabbed his hand

”Yes lets start over and be friends again- ” ghos replied

”alright then well be friends- for now-and maybe we can be more in the future- if you let me- ” he replied

”of course I will- thats all I wanted- as long as you let me in again and don give up on me- ” ghos replied

”I will never give you up Never gonna let you down- Rick rolled*

”Did you just Rick roll me?! ” the dragon replied with a snort

”Yeah- I did what you gonna do about it? ” He replied

the dragon tackled him

”You little bastard you
e lucky I still love you ” the dragon replied

Derek turned bright red

”Pfft emeros you still love me after everything? ” he replied

”emeros?!- when did you come up with that?! ” Ghos shouted

”You didn respond the first time I called you it- and it fits you well- ” he replied

”What does it mean? ” Ghos replied

”an optimistic person who see the good side of things and accepts life as it comes and take full advantage of it- and represents creativity curiosity charm friendliness cheer and a social able personality- ” he replied

”hmm- Ill accept it- from now on my name will be Emeros- ” Ghos- now Emeros replied

”Alright and you can still call me Der- ” he replied

”Der I love you- ” Emeros replied and hugged him tight and nuzzled against his neck

Derek turned bright red

”Emeros- we
e just friends remember? ” he replied

”I know but- I- thought you liked this- ” Emeros replied

”I- don mind it- I do like you being close to me- but sometimes I get scared but when its like this I feel safe and comfortable- and Im glad that you care about me and if this is the way you show it then its alright- and you can say you love me over and over again-

and I like you saying it- but I can say it back- ” he replied

”thats alright Ill wait for you, and Ill cherish you to the fullest- because I love you so much Der and thank you for the new name- ” Emeros replied

e welcome and thank you for still accepting me- ” he replied

”I will always love you no matter what- so you don have to worry- you are so important to me- ” Emeros replied

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