Derek wasn sure what he was getting himself into

should he really trust this dragon?

he did come out of nowhere and confessed to him

you love me? you don even know me!

but he wasn going to give in just yet

”how is it that your able to exist? I mean your dragon-in a zombie apocalypse that shouldn be possible right? ” he asked

”it shouldn be possible for a zombie to have a brain yet you do-and Im not the only ”dragon ” out there ” the dragon replied

e not?! ” he shouted

”Yeah I have a younger sister and they
e know as Zagons they are the infected who turned into dragons- ” The dragon replied

”how is that possible? ” he replied

”Well- Im not really sure just some of us were special-and they
e more hybrids out there such as Zonixs Unimes Kitmies Wolbies and Malistics - ” the dragon replied

”So theres phoenixes unicorns kitsunes wolfs and whats the last one? ” he replied

”Malistics are male cats of all breeds- ” the dragon replied

”Oh-thats cool- I wish I could have been one of those instead ” he replied

”Well I like you just the way you are and you
e not like other zombies ” the dragon replied

”but why do you like me so much?- ” he replied

”Im not sure I just do and you
e the only zombie that I can have a conversation with that isn a hybrid ” the dragon replied

”I am somewhere between human and zombie and I prefer if you didn call me one of things ” he replied

”then what would you like me to call you? ” The dragon replied

”by my name- ” he replied

”and your name is? ” the dragon asked

”Derek ” he replied

”Derek? – I like it-so I guess its about time I tell you my name ” the dragon replied

”Yeah- what is it? ” he replied

”ghos ” the dragon replied

”ghos? thats a unique name-so what does it mean? ” he replied

”bound to happen ” the dragon replied

”bound to happen?- ” he replied

”Yes- just like me and you- ” ghos replied

”You mean us being friends right? ” he replied

”Yeah- friends- ” ghos replied

”wht ever your thinking its not happening-

e just friends nothing else and never will be ” he replied

”if you say so- but some day youll fall for me

its bound to happen- ” ghos replied

”its not happening ok? I will never like you like that- ”he replied

”alright fine- you don have to- but maybe someday you will- ” ghos replied

e delusional ” he replied

”eh maybe- but you
e real right? ” ghos replied

”of course Im real- you
e the one who shouldn exist- ” he replied

”but you
e the one who appears in my dreams- ” ghos replied

Dereks eyes widen

”You pervert! ” He shouted

”I didn mean it like that- but sometimes we are in that position- ” ghos replied

”You- you- are still a pervert! ” He shouted

”maybe I am- and I like imaging you underneath me- moaning my name- ” ghos replied

”Well you can keep fantasizing about that on your own because its never going to become a reality- ” he replied

”if you say so- ” ghos replied

”fine you can believe what you want- ” he replied

”hmm- if only you let me- ” ghos replied

”not happening ” he replied

”welp I tried-what do I have to do to convince you? ” ghos replied

”nothing because its not happening- ” he replied

”so you
e just going to friend zone me for life? ” ghos replied

”Yep because thats all well ever be ” he replied

”are you sure you don want more? ” ghos replied

”I don so stop it you pervert- ” he replied

”alright then well just be friends nothing else

but you can tell me when you change your mind- ” ghos replied

”thats never happening ” he replied

”but you said Im handsome- ” ghos replied

”I never said that- ” he replied

”so Im hideous to you? ” ghos replied

”no you
e really beautiful- ” he replied

”did you just complement me? ” ghos replied

”no I didn you
e hearing things- ” he replied

”don lie I heard you- ” ghos replied

”like I said you
e hearing things- I would never complement you- you
e delusional- ” he replied

”fine fine Im delusional- but you said that I am beautiful- and I am glad you think so- ” ghos replied

”I-I-aren you supposed to be mad? ” he replied

”why would I be? Ill appreciate any complement you give me- its nice to hear

instead of an insult but it makes you adorable- ” ghos replied

Derek turned bright pink

”don call me that!- ” He shouted

”its true though you
e really adorable ” ghos replied

”no I am not! ” He shouted

”how come you don appreciate my complement? ” ghos replied

”that wasn a complement- and I rather you call me handsome- ” he replied

”handsome? that you definitely are- ” ghos replied

his cheeks turned red

”I-I- ” he couldn finish the words-

he turned his face away

ghos grabbed his face and brought it towards his

e supposed to say thank you- ” ghos replied

Dereks heart was beating so fast

he was so close-

”thank- thank you- ” he replied

e welcome- ” ghos replied

he pushed himself away from him

”this doesn mean I like you though- ” he replied

”but your heart just opened up to me- ” ghos replied

”No I don like you- you
e- a pervert- just because you complemented me- doesn mean I like you back- ” he replied

”not yet you do but you will I just have to complement you more- ” ghos replied

”that won work- my heart didn beat the first time- ” he replied

”but it did- so that means it will- ” ghos replied

”that was because you were too close- I was scared- ” he replied

”thats always your excuse- you just don want to admit it- ” ghos replied

”I don know what you
e talking about-

I don like you like that- ” he replied

”maybe not yet but you will- ” ghos replied

”stop saying that- it won happen- ” he replied

”if you say so darling- ” ghos replied

Dereks face flushed again

”don – call me that- ” he replied

”aw you
e so cute- you didn react the same way when I first called you it- ” ghos replied

”that was because I didn know you- ” he replied

”so you know me now? ” ghos replied

”Yeah you
e a annoying pervert- ” he replied

”if thats what you think of me- thats what Ill be- and I won stop until you love me back- ” ghos replied

”I will never love you back- I have no reason to

e not making me want to- ” he replied

”so- you still hate me then? ” ghos replied

”Yes- knowing you are a pervert like I thought-

just makes me hate you more- ” he replied

”find then you can hate me- because they say theres a thin line between love and hate ” ghos replied

”I will never love you ” He replied

”then what can I do to convince you otherwise? ” ghos replied

”nothing- its not happening- ” he replied

”come on Derek you already let me in twice so why can you do it again? ” ghos replied

”I- just wanted a friend not a pervert- ” he replied

”then let me be your friend then ” ghos replied

”fine you can be my friend- but nothing else alright? ” he replied

”Yeah Ill be your friend and nothing else until you
e ready to let me in- ” ghos replied

”seriously ghos? thats not happening ok? ” he replied

”Yeah I know you told me that before- but I made your heart beat- ” Ghos replied

”You- you- I was just scared- ” he replied

”if you
e so scared of me why haven you ran away from me? ” Ghos replied

”Because you won let me go- your grip is so tight-and your nails are sharp- and digging into my waist- ” he replied

Ghos loosen his grip around him

”Sorry- I just don want to lose you- you are so precious to me- ” Ghos replied

”I-I- don understand- how can I be so important to you? - ” he replied

”I don know- but my instincts tell me that I should protect you-and for some reason you make my heart flutter- ” Ghos replied

”I don understand you at all- you couldn protect me before what makes you think you can? ” he replied

”I know- and Ill never let that happen again- ” Ghos replied

”But how? and don you just want to do the same thing to me? ” he replied

”No- that isn the same thing- you were forced- and I don want to force you-

Ill live forever as a virgin if I have to- ” Ghos replied

”Wait- you never done it before? ” he replied

”No- why would I when you
e always in my dreams? ” ghos replied

”wasn there a time before that? ” he replied

”Nope even when I was younger, I dreamed of you- and- - ” Ghos couldn finish

”And what? ” He replied

”I- just- remembered- Derek- I don think this is the first time we met- ” Ghos replied

”It- isn ?! ” He shouted

”Nope- we met when we were kids- ” Ghos replied

”When we were kids? ” he replied

”Yeah, you were crying so much that day-

you just lost your mother- and I comforted you the best I could- ” Ghos replied

”I- remember that day- that was you? ” he replied

”Yeah- I know I went by a different name back then- ” Ghos replied

”Emerson? ” he replied

”Yep- its me Dere ” Ghos replied

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