there was two ways a person could be changed

either by being bitten or f*cked

unluckily for Derek the second option

had happened to him and it wasn what he wanted

its scars him so he doesn associate with other zombies plus he is smarter than them

e all brain dead

he knows he is one but he doesn want to be

he had no choice – if that zombie didn

plant that seed in him- maybe he wouldn have been changed

no that isn true he still would have changed

but it would have been slower

as soon as the zombie put his d*ck in

his butt was infected

and he would have changed over time

but the zombie didn let that happen

and planted the seed inside him

and it was painful

it was all torture to him

but this wasn with his own will

it was forced

and it didn feel good at all

he had cried through it all

the zombie pulled down his pants along with his underwear

the Zombie shoved his d*ck inside

it hurt like hell and he felt like he was being torn apart

and as he rocked against him- it didn feel any better- because the virus was spreading

it burned like acid and he felt as if he was being eaten alive

which he rather had happened

and then the zombie planted his seed

as soon as it entered him his body started to change and it hurt so much

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” he screamed in agony

and soon after he had killed the zombie

he couldn hold himself back

but the zombie desevered it

he ran away from it all

he was so terrified

he never wanted it to happen again

and he wished that someone had saved him

but no one came

he wished he had someone who could protect him

and he wanted a friend- nothing more

and that was because of that

but it seemed hopeless

he was in between the zombies and humans

he would never be with the zombies

but he wasn human

and others could recognize that

he hated being judged by others

it wasn something he chose

and one day a dragon appeared in front of him

he didn expect it

What was a dragon doing in a zombie apocalypse?!

why did fantasy cross over?!

it didn make any sense

he inspected the dragon

he almost looked human apart from the fangs

wings horns and a tail

the dragon looked down at him

those blue-green eyes stared into his soul

he turned away from him

the dragon grabbed him and held him in a tight grip

”come on look at me theres no need to be shy ” the dragon replied

he looked up at him

”I am not shy! I just was scared ” he replied

”why are you scared of me? I just want to protect you and isn that what you want to? ” the dragon replied

”Well you are to late for that it already happened and thanks to that I was turned Into a monster- ” he replied

”can you tell me how you were turned? ” the dragon asked

Derek shook his head

”No I rather not remember it – it was too painful- ” he replied

”when you were bitten? ” the dragon replied

”I wasn bitten- ” he replied

”then how did it happen? ” the dragon asked

”my a** was infected-because- he- he- ”

he couldn finish the sentence

”because the zombie stook it in? ” the dragon replied

he nodded his head

”and planted his seed in me- ” he replied

”the zombie- what?! ” the dragon shouted

”planted his seed in me- ” he repeated

”thats not fair! I wanted to do it first! ” the dragon shouted

Dereks eyes widen hearing that

he wanted to plant his seed in him?!

how did the dragon know him?!

”You- you- why?! ” He shouted

”because you are special- and I want to make you mine- ” the dragon replied

”I-I- No go away you pervert! ” He shouted

”Im not going anywhere darling- ” the dragon replied

”why not?!- I am not going to give my body to you- ” he replied

”Well I never said that I wanted to do it now ” the dragon replied

”You- don ?! ” He shouted

”No I would never force you- you are too special and I know you deserve the best

so Ill wait until you
e ready- ” the dragon replied

”but- I never would want that- and why are you saying such nice things? you don even know me- ” he replied

”I-well I just know that you are important-

and I want to cherish you- I just feel like you are something I need- and I don want you to get hurt again- I want to protect you- ” the dragon replied

”Well you can I don want any of that-

you couldn save me the first time

so your protection is worthless

and I don feel the same about you

all I wanted was a friend- ” he replied

”then we will be friends-and I wasn asking you to be my love right away- I know these things take time- ” the dragon replied

”You-you will really be my friend? or do think getting close to me will make me like you? ” he replied

”both and I know youll fall for me sooner or later- ” the dragon replied

Derek rolled his eyes

”Yeah right- I wouldn fall for you- ” he replied

”why do you say that? Im handsome aren I? ” the dragon replied

”Yeah- I mean- I have no reason to- you could be just trying to deceive me- ” he replied

”but you believe me don you? ” the dragon replied

”I- do- but- maybe I am an idiot feeling I can trust you- ” he replied

”You can trust me- I want to keep you safe- ” the dragon replied


the dragons eyes widen

he looked down with a pout

”I- I- wish I could have saved you-but I couldn

Im sorry- ” the dragon replied

”I don need your apology it doesn mean anything- and I could never love you- ” he replied

tears came down the dragons cheek

”You- you don really mean that- ” the dragon replied

”I DO INFACT I HATE YOU! ” He shouted

the dragons heart shattered

”fine- you can hate me all you like- ” the dragon replied

”I will-because you aren a good person- you-

just want to- use me – and- I don want that- ” he replied

”that isn true- I would never use you- ” the dragon replied

”how do I know that? you just want to f*ck me- ” he replied

”No- I love you too much to do that to you- ” the dragon replied

Dereks eyes widen hearing that

”You- you- really love me? but you don know me- ” he replied

”then let me get to know you better- so I can get to love you truly- ” the dragon replied

”I-I- fine- but well only friends ok? nothing else ”he replied

”Youll change your mind about that some day- ” the dragon replied

”like I said before I would never fall for you- ” he replied

”keep telling yourself that- youll be mine sooner or later ” the dragon replied

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