ide down.
There was a man in his thirties.
I was going to give him stitches.
He actually took my hand and cried for his mother while drunk.


     “Puff—” Dou Dou couldn't help laughing. 


    “I just finished dealing with this group of people at three or four o'clock in the morning, and I had to lie down for a while.
However, a lower-level hospital in a suburban county called again and said that there was an emergency patient who needed to be transferred to the hospital.
Then I followed the ambulance to pick up the patient, and it was dawn when I came back.
At nine o'clock I was supposed to pass my shift, but I had just started to write medical records.
It was almost twelve o'clock after I finished it.
Where do I have time to sleep? I had insomnia at home in the afternoon.
” After speaking, Wu Ying yawned. 


     Zeng Li finally asked, “When did you transfer to the emergency department again?” ”


     Wu Ying said, “Don't I have to try out every single department? What's wrong with your mouth? ”


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     Ma Yiyi said: “Her mother was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to marry, so she took her to have plastic surgery.


     “It's orthodontics, not plastic surgery…” Zeng Li explained. 


     “Why didn't you go to our hospital for your teeth? I know a doctor who is not bad at his skills.
If I knew I would take you there.


     “Your hospital? ” Ma Yiyi asked. 


     “Hey, it's the top three.
” Wu Ying is unwilling to lose, she has a strong sense of group honour wherever she is. 


     “People went to A University, can you beat it? ”


     “Which doctor in University A? ”

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     “Ai Jingchu.


     Ma Yiyi originally thought that based on Wu Ying's character, she would continue to ask questions, but she didn't expect upon hearing the name, Wu Ying glanced at Zeng Li and was silent. 


     After a while, Ma Yiyi secretly asked again, “You and that person really truly have nothing to do with each other? ”


     “Really truly nothing, truer than pearls.” Zeng Li replied to Ma Yiyi with an oath, looking completely honest and sincere. 


     Ma Yiyi was sad. 


    Zeng Li glanced at her and sighed in her heart.
If there was anything, it might just be a small curiosity that stayed in her memories. 


     Nothing more.

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