Chapter 3.4 – An Exemplary Beauty (Part 1)

    When the female reporter saw Zeng Li relented, she turned around and took the microphone to communicate with the cameraman, and she was about to start. 


     Zeng Li took the opportunity to tidy her hair with her hands and regretted the moment she opened her mouth.
She was still wearing braces.……


     After the event, everyone went to dinner, and more people participated.
The entire first floor of the hot pot restaurant was filled, and the merchant also hung a banner at the door, “Warmly welcome all netizens, 20% off all dishes”, which made Zeng Li see how awkward it was.
When everyone ate, they were enthusiastic and peaceful, and they introduced each other's screen names and real names from time to time.
This was the first time that Zeng Li participated in a gathering of ordinary netizens in addition to the moderators. 


     After dinner, Ning Feng wanted to take her home. 


     Zeng Li waved her hand, “I'll take the subway by myself, it's very close.


     She walked alone for seven or eight minutes and walked across from the subway station.
When she was crossing the road, she happened to see the city news on the electronic screen on the other side of the street.
The person who was talking into the microphone was Zeng Li herself. 


     Zeng Li said in a magazine that she had read before that it was very simple to torture a woman who loved beauty.
Just shut her up in a room and don't give her a mirror.
When studying, the most beautiful female classmates in the class always like to put the mirror by their hand or on the table and take it out at any time to take a look, but Zeng Li herself doesn't like to look in the mirror, she always feels that what she sees is not her desired appearance. 


     When she was standing on the street, she suddenly saw herself zoomed in on the screen for the first time.
She really felt very awkward, and she couldn't wait to dig a hole in the ground or pull a piece of cloth to cover the electronic screen.
That screen was like a huge mirror, exposing all her shortcomings, even the panic in her eyes. 


    She looked at the screen and walked stiffly.
Suddenly the phone rang.
She buried her head to turn over the phone in her bag.
She was inattentive and hit a person.
The two people bumped into each other, and the mobile phone hit the ground and fell into two pieces. 


     Zeng Li hurriedly looked up and saw that it was a middle-aged woman wearing a blue community traffic uniform who was collecting temporary parking fees on the side of the road.
The other party was also running towards the newly parked red car on the side of the road at the other end with all her heart just now, anxious to give a fine, so she didn't notice Zeng Li either. 


     Originally, it was no big deal.
Zeng Li was going to apologize first, but before Zeng Li could say anything, the middle-aged woman opened her mouth and cursed.
As she walked to continue giving a fine, she turned her head and scolded Zeng Li.
The swearing in her mouth was as unbearable as it it can get. 


     Zeng Li was stunned, picked up the phone, face blushed, stood for a while and turned to leave. 


     She only recovered when she had already reached the subway station to wait for the bus.
She has a clumsy mouth, she has never quarrelled with people since she was a child, and she can only squeeze out a sentence or two when she is scolded to the point of pain.
It was often after the other party had finished scolding, and it took a long time before she can come up with something to rebut back. 


     In the words of Ma Yiyi, it is: “The yellow cauliflower already turned cold, yet you are still thinking about the last round? ”


     At this moment, Ai Jingchu was sitting in front of the TV in the living room with Grandpa Ai after dinner.
The old man walks around every morning, reads newspapers in the afternoon, and watches the news in the evening, from CCTV to local stations, from the prime minister's visits to hot topic in the city. 


     During the winter vacation, the patients have all went away, and Ai Jingchu was free. 


    Today's hot topic is being broadcast on the city station, and a girl is being interviewed in the picture.
The girl has a pointed chin and long dark hair.
Ai Jingchu glanced carelessly and didn't pay attention.
It wasn't until the girl opened her mouth to speak that he remembered who this person was when he saw her braces. 


     Zeng Li, 25 years old, has a compound deepening of the anterior maxillary process.
In fact, her teeth did not cause any major problems with her appearance, and her facial features were relatively coordinated.
In his opinion, there was almost no need for treatment.
It's just that Professor Li admitted her earlier.
The medical records stated that the patient and his family members strongly requested the orthodontic treatment, and since they paid the fee and transferred it to him, he had to save the face of the old senior, so he had to accept it. 


Of course, the tooth surface of her upper and lower teeth and the position of the tiger teeth are a bit disordered.
If he can close the distance a little and arrange them neatly, the patient may be more psychologically confident.

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