A Lost Memory; Alitheia

Episode 2: [Newman heights]

rushes over to Junior, but soon cut-off by Jiro entering the room.

”Hey guys? Macys throwing a tantrum, ” he informs them politely.

”Macys throwing a tantrum? Also, where did you learn about tantrums? ” a now distracted Junior queries.

”Yes, she was yelling and saying ”when is that fool coming back? ” and Akira said I threw tantrums when I don get what I want, ” Jiro relays in-between playing with Rubiks cube in hand.

”Oh no! ” Juniors pleas desperately before speeding out the door.

”Uhm- Jiro? ” Kacey questions politely. She never had much experience with children, as she was the only child, although a few interactions babysitting for the neighbours had now come in hand.

”Yeah, Kacey- Nee ” he says, looking up and down from his fiddling with the Rubiks cube.

”Can you take me over to where my boxes are? You would be really helping me out, right now ” with a smile.

”Mmm, okay! ” he obliges and starts walking towards the door.

”Thank you, ” she lets out a sigh and follows after Jiro as they walked out.

She hangs back for a second, pensive of the happenings prior. Had it been an illusion of some sort?, she thought.

Kacey and Jiro enter into the elevator, fiddling with the gold round buttons Jiro curtly says, ”Its the olden day ones so you, have to press all the floor numbers. ” As he punches a sequence of numbers following, one hundred and ninety-nine, one floor below them.

Walking out, following Jiros lead, Kacey notices the difference in the interior from her floor. ”Yeah, yours is fancier, Kacey- Nee, ” he looks up at her with a grin, and she ruffles the top of his head in response. He shakes her hand off, ”Im not a kid, ” clearly embarrassed.

The design of the hallways decor had hung lighting, long red rug like those of hotel suites and cream painted walls. They passed numerous silver painted and rose-style encrusted doors on each side.

Jiro pauses at one of the silver doors, the cube in the palm of one hand, and knocks twice with a balled fist of the other. Before returning his concentration, he steps back and a voice sing-songs ”Im coming, ” and fiddles once more with the colourful contraption.

The door shoots open to reveal an oval faced, blushed girl. Large rounded eyes, hazel green eyes, filled with a sea of passion and curiosity. In wide pursed lips, she answered, ”Oh, and who might you be? I was excepting someone else, ” with a high-pitched British accent.

”You were exc- excepc-, ” Jiro stammers on the new word, attempting to pronounce it and pausing in-between, ”excepting the fool? ” He finally manages, and Kacey cheers him on.

”Hey, you got it! ”

”Yeah, ” a modest reply.

”Fool? What fool? ” nervous and feeling of just being caught out, she shoots Jiro daggers and him, as well as Kacey, jolt back. Both replying with a similar sheepish grin, ”Sorry, ”

”Oh no theres two of them now, ” she scoffs sarcastically under her breath, Jiro hears this and counters in Kaceys defense.

”Hey, Kacey- Nee is the new owner, Fitz- Neesan ” and proudly states.

”New owner? ” baffled and retorts ”Also, I told you to call me Macy ” adding a fake smile.

”Im fine, ” he shoots and simultaneously clicks the cube to fill a full colour side of yellow.

”I wasn asking whether or not you were fine with it ” she spits back, thick brown eyebrows woven in a w in-between and moving closer to Jiro.

”Okay, so Im Kacey Troy ” she intervenes, covers over Jiros, fear stricken face with her arm.

Turning to him, ”Jiro it looks like you
e almost done there, so can you finish up down at the elevator and wait for me? ”

”Mm, okay! ” after walking away, she extends a hand to the girl. She was shorter than Kacey and more curvy in her black shorts and petal pink cropped hoodie.

She takes her hand, smaller than Kaceys and replies ”Macy Fitzgerald ”, ”Man, your hands are so soft ” Kacey exclaims.

”Man? What an odd expression, you
e not British, are you? ”

”No Im- ”

”I figured, ” Macy interjects, adding ”Yes, they are, ” eyeing her white tipped nails, ” now do come inside ” moving aside.

Kacey looks down the hallway in search of Jiro, empty, she figured he must have left for home and proceeds to step inside.

Macy seemed to be a few years younger than Kacey, although her persona she carried was of a mature madam.

”Cool place you got here Fitz ” Kacey marvelled, stepping inside and closing the door behind her.

”Thanks ” a cheerful smirk, but quickly creased into a frown. ”Don call me that ”.

”Call you what? ” Kacey feigning innocence, but quizzical expression, made Fitz assume she was an airhead.

”Never mind, ” with a sigh.

The room laced in rose gold pink walls and furnishings from bed duvets, curtains and miniature sofa against the windowsill wall.

She settles on the sofa, and calls over to Kacey to join her.

”Is that a person? ” Kacey asks, squinting her eyes, to see through the window and without turning around behind her, ”Yeah, thats Colchester ” Fitz replies.

”Whats he doing? ” flopping down on the sofa beside her. ”All the way up there? ” The young man had been walking through the woods, at the edge of a cliff across the mansion.

”It seems his tasked with patrolling the area for to-, ” interrupted by a knock on glass sound behind them.

Both Kacey and Fitz let out a screeching cry.

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